Jit's Double Whammy Retail Hell: Nats and Asshat Managers
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That's right you fucktards... we're putting coal in your fucking stockings.... a whole semi-load full! I hope you're wearing them when the truck shows up too shitheads. >:-E

Hellbound Alleee

It might be better if Santa opened his sack to deliver the more traditional whupass: he always had a companion (like Krampus or Knecht Ruprecht) with him to beat the children, stuff them in a sack, and drag them to hell. Let's have a good old-fashioned Christmas!


im sorry, but i kinda agree . . . that is not a funny joke. i have a child and i dont care if he said that around children or not, having that mind set at all kinda freaks me out. i bet every parent that saw that who took their children to that store to see santa will be pissed.


Someone needs their sense of humour checked.

I mean, what the hell? "That kind of mindset"? Are you fucking high? You're assuming from a single sentence that this guy is some sort of raging paedophile? I know you are, why not just come out and say it instead of beating around the bush? People like you with your paranoid asshattery, that condemns the innocent for saying something completely innocuous, are the reason society is so fucked up these days.

Pizza Pimp

Corperate stores don't care about their employees. He's been working there for 20 years, offends two people in those 20 years, and he's out the door. Wtf seriously? I know that's probably a common policy but does that make it right?


I dunno, I think I would have gotten in trouble for saying something like that to a customer of any age as a cashier. I mean....it's kinda just not appropriate.


I think the joke is actually quite funny, but that's the way my humor runs. I wouldn't have been the person to complain.

That said, the comment he made would ONLY have been appropriate in a setting of close friends or people he knew well, not to total strangers. That kind of comment WILL get you fired from most places, or at least written up. It's inappropriate in a professional setting.

I'm frankly surprised that he lasted that long without getting fired. Around here (and I live in a fairly liberal-minded college town) that would most certainly get you in big trouble.


I once had a Santa (when I was an adult) tell me to come on over 'cause he'd give me a Christmas goose.

People need to get over it.
Have a sense of humor. christ.
Happy fucking hilidays. You got someone fired. Congrats.


I didn't really think the joke was funny, but I wouldn't have tried to get the dude fired. Depending on the mood I was in I might have vocalized the reason why I didn't think it was funny, or I would have just let it be.


Not a joke I find amusing, but at most I would just raise my eyebrows and walk away.

Way to spread the cheer! Fire Santa! Happy Hellidays!

Jaded ExRetail Slave

OKay their minds were in the gutter. Congratulations for getting Santa fired !

Queer Geek

This does not surprise me. Working for Macy's is Hell on Earth. From the dumbass custys like the couple that got him fired to the poor management and lousy pay, the big red star can suck it! He's better off.


I LOL'd. It was a funny joke.

Some people need to get a sense of humor...


I found it funny, and I think that people should get their minds out of the gutter. It seems most likely, being a Santa joke, that he's jolly b/c he knows which houses to stay away from.


Looks like he's going to be fine. Plenty of people are pissed off on his behalf, and he has a new job already. (And hopefully Macy's will get plenty of negative PR out of it - which they deserve.)



If he has been telling that joke for 20 years, surely someone working at that store knew about it,. No one mentioned it until now? I think that couple needs to get a life.(Preferably one where they will never feel the need to get someone fired over a joke).


@ Tarat

Yeah, that's how I saw it too.


I'm glad to see things seem to be working out for him after this. It really is like Miracle on 34th Street, isn't it? I wonder if the negative publicity for Macy's is worth making that one couple happy, as if anything really could. How many people do you think will stop shopping there entirely in support of him? It's not like they have anything you can't get somewhere else, especially in San Francisco.


Tarat, that's what I was thinking too. I'm glad to read though that the story has a happy ending for for him.

NC Tony

What did Macy's think was going to happen? That he was just going to go away? I don't understand these big chains that do stupid things like this that give them negative publicity. Sure, people will still shop there, but the drop off in people that will stop shopping there in protest over this sort of stupidity is going to affect their profits. What really gets me is two stupid old people complained, and get a guy who's (apparently) never had any problems in 20 fucking years fired. Never mind coal, those two should get reindeer shit for Christmas.


I don't think it was a pedophile joke. I think it was an adult joke, but not referring to actual little boys or girls. Come on, if someone is being dirty they'd say "you're a naughty girl, aren't you?" but not "naughty woman". Adult dirty humour, yes. Pedophile humour, no. And it's hilarious and no reason to get a guy fired over it.


It looks like he only made it to older people. Yeesh, people want to see pedophiles everywhere. Please, people with a healthy attitude towards sex make semi-dirty jokes.

Burger Bitch

I got a chuckle out of the joke and if he had said it to me, I would have laughed.



I recalled my order of coal and ordered reindeer shit as per NC Tony's orders.

As for Santa... When one door closed, another one opened! :-D


@ Humor_Me

In Santa's case, it seems to be a better door. He helping a toy drive now, instead of a giant corporation.

As I said early, that wasn't a pedo joke. It was either mildly risque, or as I stated, he's happy b/c he knows what houses to stay away from.

It does suck that he was fired so quickly afer 1 complaint in 20 years, but I do believe that he's better off, and if I lived in the area, I would totally go see him and offer my congrats....and probably ask to hear the infamour joke in person.


I got the joke, but I could also see how it could be misconstrued. I would never say something like that on the job, but only because I've been working in customer service long enough to know that people are morons and will think the worst of you if you give them the opportunity.

THAT BEING SAID. Way to go SOP (stupid old people), you got someone fired on during Christmas. I hope it was worth it.

Malmart Peon

Honestly, he told that joke to adults who were sitting on his lap. They were all ready perverts.

The Admiral

So he's not real, then?

Good one, Logan!


People are jerks. One complaint and the guy is out the door. Eff you Macy's!


Dude, fuck Macy's. I live in San Francisco. If he had the fucking job for 20 fucking years and lived in FUCKING SAN FRANCISCO, where even our baseball team is made up of (non-local) weirdos and is called the San FranFreakShow, and he's been making the joke to adults only (what he says, and as a nanny, I think it's funny and DON'T think he was talking about children...)

DUDE. It is a holiday tradition for my family all over the state to gather in front of that Macy's, in Union Square, and do some shopping (Chinatown, or Sears, or the mall around the corner, or whatever.) I am going to write a big ass letter and go in personally to complain. Because if they listen to some stupid old couple, they'll listen to almost every email that comes in (my store does). I hope the managers get some hell over all the complaints rolling in.


Hehehehe. Not hilarious but it made me snicker


Good one, Logan!

I gotta try that one!

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