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Xmas2009 239

Wishing all our badass RHUers a fun (and vomit free) New Years Eve with friends and family. If any of you decide to go wild and streak naked in the snow, please send photos! =D

Here's a toast that 2011 will be magical, healthy, prosperous, and happy.

May it bring you everything you dream of....

What is your New Years wish?


Love, Laughter, and Liquor,

Carolanne, Jason, and Freddy






Vomit free lol. Trust me if I go streaking nekkid in the street no one wants pics evar! ;)

Joe the Cigar Guy

In the words of the late, great Brendan Behan: "I have a total irreverence for anything connected with society except that which makes the roads safer, the beer stronger, the food cheaper and the old men and old women warmer in the winter and happier in the summer."

Happy New Year!


We had a "warm"'s 54 today! That's downright sweltering in a northern Illinois winter! Therefor all the snow is gone...and we had well over a foot of snow! Everything is a big muddy mess... I suppose we could all go mudwrestling...


Spritzy, I'm in STL and its supposed to be 60 (!) here. Crazy, I know. At least I dont have to wear a big heavy coat tonite!


Now theres a tornado warning. Maybe I should just stay in tonite.

Mouse Mastered

A class B evacuation.


Happy New Year RHU!

No vomiting for me. Sparkling apple cider all the way. ;) Delicious and hangover-free. <3

NC Tony

Happy New Year RHU! May the new year bring less stupid customers, smarter co-workers and managers (unless your co-workers and managers are already awesome), firing of the stupid, useless, lazy, power hungry co-workers and managers, and everything I posted on my retail slave wish list from a few weeks ago.

Fellow Slave

I'll be a traditionalist and wish for sleep.

Burger Bitch

No vomiting here.
Have to work extra early tomorrow.
Though, work might make me vomit.

Malmart Peon

Spritzy: I know, right?! It's foggy as all get-out! Happy New Years RHU! :D


Everybody be safe, and have a good time -- I'll be hiding under my bed.


We had freezing weather and it was warmer in the midwest and south where my daughters live than it is here in the desert. Somebody bring my warm weather back!

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