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Humor Me sent in this Wally signage fail. In case some of you are not in the know, Jews don't find ham "delicious for Chanukah." In fact, they don't eat it AT ALL!!! 

And here we have two photos of Chanukah ham signage from TWO different Walmarts taken in TWO different years!

That's right folks, photo above is Humor Me's pic, which is from a friend's friend who took it recently and posted it on facebook.

Photo below is a photo I posted here on RHU TWO YEARS AGO!! Looks like the sign makers need some guidance.  Here's the link to the original post.


Happy Hanukkah to all you Jewish RHUers out there! May there be lots of yummy jelly donuts and latkes on your table, but no Chanukah ham.




Heeheehee, my mother made a ham on Hannukah once. Yes we are Jewish, no we are not Kosher, but she never made a ham before in her LIFE, why start now, and on Hannukah?? We just stared at her, speechless. Guess it coulda been worse, coulda been Passover ...


Why not go all out and serve bacon salad and jello for dessert!


I am stunned tht they did not put crab meat along side the ham. Or maybe a nice plate of shrimp cocktail.

Writer With A Day Job

Hey, Walmart goyim...Hanukkah is not Christmas! I don't care how close they might fall together some years, Hanukkah is not our "Christmas equivalent," either in celebratory traditions or religious significance!


@me: We're not kosher in my family either. Nothing like porkchops with the latkes! :9


"Hannukah is not our "Christmas equivalent"

Damn straight, Hanukkah's been around waaaay longer than Christmas. So there, you copycats ...

Hellbound Alleee

Hanukkah and Christmas are both evolved traditions from much older celebrations involving a festival of light. And both took advantage of the availability of certain resources and the general climate. But yeah, Hanukkah came first. But the Festival of Lenae, where a group of nine ladies tore up a male sacrifice, came before Hanukkah and Christmas. Yet they all served the same purpose.

(You can guess on what my area of study centers.)


@Hellbound Alleee -- Isn't religious history fascinating?


I'm Jewish and far from kosher...BLT's=Yummy lol but Even I don't serve Ham on Hanukkah :/


Well.....on the upside, ham prices seem to be falling.

Queer Geek

I guess someone wanted to surprise everyone with a special kosher meal.

NC Tony

To quote "Attack of the Show"

*to be said in deep voice with echo*


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