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Dland Now broadcasting/typing live(ish) from somewhere underneath the magic kingdom... Anyhoo, it's Mouse Mastered again.

I survived thanksgiving and Black Friday, mostly because I had those days off. I did camp out for a blu-ray player at best buy, but beyond the lack of sleep, my holidays were okay. I've got a brief rant today.

So, I'm back at my usual abode and to be honest, everyone's been really nice the last few weeks. Maybe it's the lack of people and general easy-mindedness of the guests, but I've had no complaints, even though there have been some generally and understandably frustrating moments for both guest and me on the counter.

That all ended today, though.

I was working as a filler handing out meals when a guest came through.

Everything was fine, for the most part, he left. He came back though, telling me I had forgotten his dessert.

Again, not unusual, I just sort of commented aloud "Huh, I could've sworn I put that on there." as I glanced toward his table, before bending down to get his food.

Apparently, this was the wrong thing to say.

The guy strolls over to his table, then starts beckoning me to come to his table.

I refuse, because, well, I can't leave my spot.

He tells me, rather irately as I hand him the dessert (chocolate cake), that apparently I had "told him it was there" and "I shouldn't waste his time" and starts berating me to come to his table and see his tray.

I refuse, just telling him "I'm not here to waste your time. I know I forgot your dessert, I never said I didn't believe you," and he just cut me off and starting ranting that I shouldn't waste his time.

Whatever, I handed him the cake and he went on his way.

Apparently he was one of those guys that just can't be pleased, because the cashier came up a few minutes later and told me he was a jerk to her too.

I did wind up getting a laugh out of it, though. A guest that was in line asked me what happened, and when I told him, he said to keep my chin up and such.

He came back to get some extra plates and he told me, grinning as he left with the plates, "Thanks. But next time, don't waste my time."

We both burst out laughing. So, thanks to the mystery guest who cheered me up, and I hope everyone else had a magical thanksgiving and whatnot.

Now it's time to brace for Christmas.


Until next time,

--Mouse Mastered




insert tired meme here


I soooo wanted to get here and say that first!

Mouse Mastered

Oh, holy shit. I was wondering what the whole meme thing was about then I realized what my story was about.


I can't help myself

I really can't

I tried

I honestly did



Tell him he probably shoved it up his butt with the other drugs he was on.


Cake, lie.

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