Gross Custy Encounter AT Hellmart
Holiday Parking Lot Maddness


Queer Geek

I'm a Dexter fan too and some days I feel like sociopath and I want to murder evil custys who deserve it.

NC Tony

I've never watched Dexter (don't have Showtime), but I have watched a lot of horror movies, and generally have a sick mind...


That would work if they didnt fight back. Many shoplifters wont hesitate to punch you in the face and run. And then there are some that carry knives, scissors, boxcutters, or other sharp objects that could do some damage to you. This is why many corporate stores tell you not to stop them. They dont want to pay your medical bills.

Burger Bitch

Dexter is my all time favourite show, this sign gives me great happiness.


@Tina you have to disable them so they CAN'T fight back. You offer them some drugged candy or cookies or if all else fails, shoot them with a tranquilizer dart. (Or drop something heavy in their head..whatever works). THEN you take them in the back and experiment! I don't watch Dexter ...but I do read a lot of James Patterson, and I watch CSI.


Has anyone seen the movie Law Abiding Citizen? If you like Dexter you should like that movie.


@Tina I agree with you retail doesn't pay anywhere near enough for me to tackle NATs.


Law Abiding Citizen was very good! On my list of things to look for in the bargain bin one day.


I had a co-worker confront a shoplifter who cleaned out our entire section of tights (??). She went right up to him, grabbed one handle of the bag and started flinging tights back over her shoulder. This guy was trying to get away, tugging on the other handle and appeared to be reaching behind his back (!!).

He finally dropped the bag and ran off. She stands there staring blankly for a second, then looks at me and says, "WTF am I DOING?? I risked my life for TIGHTS?? He could have had a weapon, could have hurt or killed me!" But she was an awesome co-worker, and not someone you wanted to mess with ...

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