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Queer Geek: Coworker Party To Remember



That is awesome! I will have to remember that next time I'm teaching someone blues dance or giving a friend a hug. ;)


awwwwww....that's cute!


What -- I'm almost afraid to ask this -- what's a "body slide"?

Working Lady

It's exactly what it sounds like WMDKitty - we get oiled up and jump on the table and slide our body over theirs. Obviously we have a certain technique to prevent genital contact or any unwanted behaviour... though our clients are way too well behaved for any of that nonsense :)

I thought it was cute too. Until the guy said I should consider marrying him and detailing the kind of life we would have. Still a nice client but I filed him under the "slightly delusional" heading.


awwww he was lonely.

At least he was nice and flattering!

Not one of the kind who talk down to you like you're garbage, every time I meet one of those I wanna clock em!

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