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ScienceNinja Hi Rhu, Just decided to check in with something that made my day

A three year old boy came up to me, with four dresses in his hands.

I took them off him, as he told me that they were a present for his mummy.

His mum was standing just by the tills, so she was watching over him.

He gave me the right money (most dresses are £5 at the moment, so it was only £20), and I gave him his receipt and as I was going to bag them up, he said "can you put them in a bag please so mummy can't see them?"

I gave him his bag, and he skipped off, happy as Larry. His mum later told me that he'd saved up his birthday and Christmas money, along with some money she gave him!

He said his please and thankyou's, and was probably one of the most polite customers that I've ever served

There is hope yet for the future generation.

Keep on fighting them retail battles,

--The Science Ninja


Self Scan Queen

That is seriously amazing. Definitely made my day!


kids are either terrible, or the best customers ever

Burger Bitch

I love amazing children.
Most of the High School kids we get are always polite, it amazes me.

Writer With A Day Job

I'm not a huge fan of kids in general (I know, I know, I'm a monster), but stories like this still warm the spiny cockles of my blackened heart.


Awwww....I would have melted and personally thanked the mom for doing an amazing job! I once had a boy that came up to me to pay his familys restaurant bill. He was maybe 13, paid the entire bill and tipped me 20%. I was quite surprised.


WOW!! Somebody did a good job with that child. I hope they keep up the good work. What a pleasure.

Green Grin

I (usually) love it when kids come up to buy something themselves at the grocery store. They're always so serious about the whole thing. I make a point of pretending their parents aren't there, refer to them as sir or miss, and hand over the bag and receipt to them. The parents seem to get a kick out of it too.


D'AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWW! *dead of the cute*


Who is Larry and why is he happy?


Quick, if you ever see the kid, ask for a DNA sample and lets clone the little guy.


And this is the "chlorine" in the gene pool we keep referring to... :-D

College Fried Wench

@Writer With A Day Job: Way down into the sub-cockle area. Maybe even in the liver, maybe in the kidneys, maybe even in the colon, we don't know. :)
Sorry, had to, Denis Leary popped smack into my head when you said "cockle."

This story is absolutely adorable. If I have a son, I really hope he's that adorable and sweet.

Bitch Boy

I make sure my son always says Thank You when we go shopping together. Sounds like someone else is too. :)


And the Parent Of The Year Award goes to that lady!

NC Tony

Awww great, now I gotta clean up my melted heart! Seriously though, that's sweet.

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