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OCTOCAROL 044 From: Retail slave:

Douche clean up at Check lane 3!

No, I'm not talking about feminine care.

I was busy cleaning my area (custy service) until a man's deep voice made me jump. Storming up he yells right into my face, "HA! It's YOUR store's fault for not accepting my money! I have my credit company on my cell right now!"

"Sir I'm sorry-"


Me continuing.."Let me ask my supervisor what's going on since I'm not entirely filled in yet."

While slightly rolling my eyes, I called for her but she told me to meet her in the front.

My boss half smiling & rosy in the cheeks looking guilty..."Yeah, you're just going to check them out at the front. The cashier said she couldn't complete the sale, he's probably right though, it probably will go through..for your sake."

Those words weren't reassuring.

Thanks a lot! I'm guessing there was a credit issue which has nothing to do with me and he's barking & flipping out at me making a scene in front of the whole store, awesome!

I'm ringing them up and due to my short sprung headache I sort of numb out his, "this is bullshit & we're not shopping here anymore."

Typical crap custys say when they get pissed.  

The mother was lecturing me about how my store systems work and that it could not have been an error with her credit, her husband makes more money than I do tenfold & works for our store's communication systems blah-dee, blah-dee, BLAH!

At this point my blood boiled, pumping piss & vinegar through my whole body.

The daughter, a teenager probably around 15, was the normal one, "Oh my gosh mom it's fixed.. you guys are totally freaking out! How embarrassing."


Trying to crack a smile all I could say was "Have a goodnight!

--Retail Slave



Queer Geek

I completely relate to this since I deal with many credit/debit card issues at my job. First of all every banking system is different, it is easier to charge a card than returning the credit back. Some banking and credit card institutions can take almost two weeks to post a credit. Don't blame the retail slave if your money is not posted by that time. It's the custy's fault for wanting to charge on their card. Use cash people. It saves you the trouble!

Second, banks and credit card limits have security limits for a reason. If you're going to charge thousands of dollars on your card and your credit card company flags it, be grateful that no one is stealing your identity.

Lastly, credit card companies have limits. If you're maxed out, then the fault lies with the customer so be sure you can afford to spend that kind of money on your plastic.

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