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Blogskull51 First off I want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!

It's Gas Slave Emma with yet another wonderful tale of obnoxious custys.

So a few weeks ago I began wearing Hijab to work (For those of you not in the know, Hijab commonly refers to the head scarf that muslim ladies wear, but it really means the entire practice of covering oneself I guess [Google rules!]) partly because I wanted to be more appropriate and approachable for the muslim crowd and my boss, but mostly because I just really love the idea, style, and look of it.

I'm not converting. I'm very happy spiritually. But Oh My GODS, people seem to not be able to comprehend that it's a personal decision.

Case in point, regular customer comes in this evening to buy his cancer sticks and looks up whilst counting his money.

"What is that a new rule this year? That you have to wear that thing?"

I look at him incredulously. "Um, no. I've been wearing this since mid-December."

"Oh, So you a terrorist or somethin?"

I roll my eyes. "No."

And another one.

"What, so is Jim Bob forcing you to wear that?" -another regular custy.

"Um, honey, if you knew me, you'd know the only people who could ever force me to do ANYTHING would be the police or the courts."

I can understand that I probably will have to get used to hearing "So are you muslim/a terrorist now?" for a while, but ugh it's getting irritating.

AND! I went shopping to get ice cream at the local Puppy (Hah!) grocery store with a good friend whilst wearing my cover and I almost had to smack a few people, including the cashier! for calling me a Sand N***** as I walked by or attempted to pay for my groceries.

I did end up reporting the cashier. That was uncalled for. Totally uncalled for.

Keep on truckin, RHUers,

--Gas Slave Emma



Burger Bitch

Yes, because all Muslim's are terrorists!

People need to be more open minded, possibly a saw and some medical instruments can help with that.


if only custies would know how many times I imagine the pumps blowing up as they get back into their cars after stupid comments like that

Sales Agent Man

Seriously, the cashier called you a Sand n-word?! You should've reported them definitely. If anyone at my store did that, the manager would chew them out and then throw them out on their ass.


when i was in the middle east, i felt more welcome, accepted, and safe than i do walking around my own city, even at night. people need to stop being so ignorant


"Oh, So you a terrorist or somethin?"

I vote that the next time soneone says that, you look them in the eye and say yes. I mean come on, what do they honestly think you are going to say?


It's only when you do things like this do you realize how racist and/or ethnocentric Americans are in general. That is, if you are in the US. The Terrorist comment makes me think you are.

Coffee Slinger

We have a newish girl at my horder's who's Muslim and she too wears the headscarves. When i first saw them, i thought they were beautiful and made a point to not only tell her as such but also ask intelligent questions and what did i need to know to not offend her. She turned that courtesy around when she learned i was pagan and asked me the same. If people would be willing to LEARN rather than just judge, we could all get along.


Alas, though, Coffee Slinger, that won't happen. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. Also, with that, get a mob of people together, they all end up sharing the lowest I.Q there.

Good for you, Emma! I'm so happy to hear about culturally tolerant people, it warms my cold, dead little heart.

As for the terrorist remark, I'd just have given this little grin and say 'I guess you don't know.' and would leave it at that.


I think the headscarves are pretty too. We have many muslim, middle/near eastern people around here. I understand the covering up, the female modesty, but personally, I think the face covering is a bit much. To me, it kind of diminishes one as a person. Not saying its wrong, people can do as they like, that's just my two cents.


I would answer "yes" to the terrorist question too. Be totally dead pan and make eye contact with them until they squirm.

As for the cashier, if I were her manager I would have fired her ass on the spot. People are beyond stupid and rude. I'm glad you reported her at least.

Gas Slave Emma

My manager actually told me that, if someone calls me a terrorist again, I should start doing that stereotypical "Middle Eastern" Ayiyiyiyiyiyi yell thing you see in older movies. (Note: Jim Bob [manager] is middle eastern and I'm so white I glow in the dark.)


My (ex) was working with several middle eastern women in his department when 9/11 happened. I immediately became concerned for them because the statement is very true that Terah said: "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. Also, with that, get a mob of people together, they all end up sharing the lowest I.Q there." I was told that the company put on extra guards to be sure that ALL employees were safe, but the silent implication was that the M/E employees were being protected. Fortunately, this was a very professional office building and there weren't even rumors of prejudice, just concern that employees were getting home safely and not being harassed at home. Other office members were volunteering to follow them home and be on call if they felt threatened.

As for the grocery clerk: I hope they fired her ass. That was totally uncalled for. If she said it to you, then she's most likely said it to others. The fact that they haven't reported it has only been her luck. If the manager has let her get away with it, its time to write a letter to the DM or corporate.


What a shame that happens in 2011. I'm American and I'm embarrassed that this happens.


Oy vey *eyeroll* People can be such tits. Where do you live? I'm just curious if it's a Bible-belt type area, those areas are notorious for having an abnormally high percentage of racist redneck fucks.


I seem to remember one time when there was an asian couple that I was serving and this black guy, of all people, in the queue, started making 'Paki' comments. I simply turned to the couple and said, quite loudly, 'I think this backs up my belief that the one thing that unites all ethnic groups and cultures is that they all have their own share of arseholes.' Many folk in the queue started chuckling, including the asian couple, and the black guy just glared at me before walking out.



So, so true. And it's weird, it's like there has to be a constant number of assholes, and they're all, like, evenly distributed, so no matter where you go... assholes.


Speaking of Bible belt, i just read news of the new drive-through sex shop in Huntsville, Alabama. They can only sell for 'medical' purposes..

Can anyone explain to me this stupid law.. why??!!

Is it the land of the free if you can't even sell a 4-inch stick to your fellow citizen??

Art & Amaretto

*headdesk* Shit like this makes me weep for the future of humanity.

Honestly, it's an accessory. Yes, one that generally has religious significance, butt NOT always. (I imagine not having to muck with your hair is a bonus.) And there are some really lovely hijabs out there these days!

Grr. Don't let the dumbasses get you down. One day we'll all drink amaretto from their hollowed-out skulls...


@jr: Sex toys for medical purposes is a throw back to Freud era medical practices(medicne and psychology were not separate practices then). Women would be prescribed orgasms to treat hysteria. The practice continued to the 50s I believe and some areas still act like it's the age of prohibition.

A bizarre side note hysteria was thought to be caused by the woman's womb being detached, and wandering around the body disrupting her humors. o.O


Yea' know, it's essentially a goddamn scarf. Can't people get over themselves and their freakish racism?


Wow... that's just wrong that they would say things like that to you, Emma!

I can't believe that people are so rude to make comments like that to your face. Personally, Emma, I think you're awesome for choosing to wear a hijab despite the stereotype. Don't let stupid people get you down!

Also, if you haven't seen them yet, there are some great videos on YouTube showing different ways to wear the hijab that are actually really pretty and fashionable.


To be honest, I've always thought that hijabs were pretty. In the movie "Charlie Wilson's War", Julia Roberts' character wore one because she was visiting the Middle East and I remember thinking that she looked beautiful. So (and this is coming from a fellow WonderBread girl), Emma, I say go for it, no matter what your reasons are for wearing it. Hold your head high and don't apologize for anything. Oh yeah, and keep reporting racist fuckheads like that cashier. <3

Hellbound Alleee

Lucky us for being able to make a personal decision to wear a hijab without centuries of cultural and family pressure behind it.

And a big fuck you to all of those crusties and coworkers who cannot NOT be assholes. WHat, are they all in elementary school? For crying out loud, you'd think you were talking about *gasp* sex or something in front of them.

Imagine what it feels like to a girl whose choice is determined my her culture, having to hear that she's a terrorist. Imagine what it's like for gals who wore those before 2001 with no problem, and then saw all the retarded people come out of the woodwork.

Chicken Flinger

I can't believe people's reactions! I'd be interested to know the general area of the USA you live/work in. I live in Arizona and had much different reactions.

I wasn't wearing a full hijab, but I was wearing a fully covering scarf on my head in a fairly similar fashion. The reactions I got were silent pity. I think they all thought I was bald and had cancer or something. Nobody said nasty things to me and nobody looked afraid. They all looked at me like I was dying. It was weird.


"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. Also, with that, get a mob of people together, they all end up sharing the lowest I.Q there."

Close, but I personally find Terry Pratchett sums it up best.
“The IQ of a mob is the IQ of its most stupid member divided by the number of mobsters.”

NC Tony

As they said in Forrest Gump, "Stupid is as stupid does". There are always going to be ignorant people out there who speak before engaging their brains (I was going to say speak their minds, but in this case that would be an oxymoron), and don't understand when people get upset at their idiotic comments.


I used to work in a petrol station that had an ice-cream bar attached to it. Because I was the ice-cream girl I had to wear a head covering for hygiene reasons. This is in NZ and I would still get people asking if I was gonna blow the station up. Also got a young teenager asking me if he could have "my colours" (the head scarf was red, oh and I am very very white!!).

People are stupid and strange at times.


unfuckingbelievable. people fucking suck


Agreeing with all the people above.

I may just be being picky, so excuse me, but it doesn't really do anything for your 'personal decision' argument if you refer to cigarettes as 'cancer sticks' in the next sentence. To reiterate your point, just because you don't approve of something or someone doesn't give you the right to pass judgement.

Unless cancer sticks are just a very odd form of sweetie. In which case, I am a fool. :)


Wait, you are wearing a hijab even though you aren't Muslim? Isn't that a little disrespectful of the other culture's trappings? I mean, if you want to wear a scarf and cover your head, that's sort of a cross-culture traditional and modest look. But a hijab is a religious sort of garment. Maybe not as all out as wearing a nun's habit, but pretty odd to me.


@Tycha - I think it depends if she's wearing it mainly at work (where it appears she is interacting with a lot of Muslim people) or if she's doing it all the time. At work, it's respectful (like doing it when visiting the Middle East) - all the time, then maybe it's a little co-optive.


You're wearing a veil! Sexy ;D

Buck Bait

I could go into a big long speech...I don't feel like it.

I gotta disagree with you. If a person who was wearing a cross wasn't Christian, I'd tell them no. If they're not Indian/hindu, I'd tell them to take the sari off. Not Jewish and wearing the Star of David? Nope. Don't do it.

Unless you're in an area where you need to wear it for safety, or perhaps a special event where it was requested that you wear certain apparel - don't do it. You're misrepresenting yourself and disrespecting a culture.

You got frustrated about the attention you received - Well, the unfortunate truth is that you probably knew what kind of reaction you were going to get. Here's the problem: ignorance shouldn't be counteracted with annoyance or anger, you should educate them instead. Your frustration only reinforces their negative attitudes. Blatant stupidity, tear them a new one. People who refuse to be uneducated deserve it.

In short: you CHOSE to wear a hijab, therefore you CHOSE to deal with the reaction from the public. If you do not want to deal with that attention, then don't willfully draw that attention to yourself.

Buck Bait

*refuse to be educated...

....your token Texan totally hit up the bars earlier, my bad. But I suppose I'm just being stereotypical ;)


Not…to sound rude or…in anyway arrogant but remember to wear that wrap because you chose to and not because you believe you need to to get closer to a person of a faith.

In other news: yeah, people are jerks. I like the wraps too but as a fashion and not in a religious context. I don't wear one because I DON'T want someone in that religious context to feel I am mocking them or their culture or using them as a 'fashion gimmick'

Gas Slave Emma

@SophieDarling I call 'em Cancer Sticks cuz they probably are giving me cancer. I don't mean it as a negative thing, well, any more negative than it can sound from a smoker calling them as such...

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