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Waiting on Rude Celebrities

Arant23 From Beauty Slave:

My little store has seen more than its share of celebrities, being that we're close to the studios and everything. Celebrities like coming to my mall too because it's not filled with paparazzi and most of the time we're too jaded to care.

The majority of them are quite sweet and pleasant, and when you give them a puzzling look like you're thinking where you've seen them before, they nod and go  "yea, I'm that person."  They don't get any special service or anything, but it's just kind of cool knowing what a red headed country singer like or how sweet a former tween star turned adult actress really is in real life.

It's also funny to see how some reality TV stars try to hide their identity from us when they're famous for being on a reality TV show. I really wanted to tell that one, "I actually didn't recognize you, but I recognize your name from reading gossip websites."

Anyhow, generally they're pretty cool experiences and cool star sightings. That is until I met her, Ms. Diva ChaCha who has only became famous a little over a year ago. 

I was a big fan of hers because she is a talented actress and I love the character she plays on TV, but damn, she is such a biatch in real life! She is one of those custys at the check out that we all hate! Not only was she on her phone the entire time, she also managed not to acknowledge me or any of my questions at all! No grunts, or nods, nothing! The only question she answered was what the CID number on her AMEX was, so I know she heard me the entire time. Plus she looked like she was smelling shit the entire time, with the shittiest face ever!!

Her bitchiness was so evident, my coworkers actually commented on it! And bitchy to me!?!?  Freak, I've met Mike Tyson before at a Coffee Bean near my college back in the days and he was nice enough to take a quick photo with me! 

But her?!? Just a plain ol' bitch. I so wanted to make a snide comment to her like how bad her complexion was and how she should consider buying some skincare items instead of more makeup to cover her blotchy skin. And how her ugly skin is soooo evident on my HDTV!

K, just wanted to rant since her ass was trending on Twitter earlier today.

--Beauty Slave

Have you had a celebrity encounter?

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Barista Hell: Coffee Bar Crustys Tales

Storytime16 Greetings, everyone! 

Stepford Snarker here, coming to you from the land of food, festivals, and flashing.

The other day, I had to work in the coffee bar part of the store for my shift (oh, joy!).  While it was a fairly slow day, I have a few custy stories to share with you folks.

Coffee Snowflake (or, if you prefer, Sneauxflayke)

At the coffee bar, we typically have four types of coffee available. Three of these-- a dark blend, a decaf, and a medium blend—are always available. The fourth coffee, the coffee of the day, is rotated. One day, it might be, say, French Vanilla, and the next, it might be hazelnut. Whatever coffee is available, it’s available for the whole day.

Well, I had just made fresh pots of all of the coffees. A customer came over and said she would like a cup of coffee. Well, when a customer does not specify flavor, I ask which she would like, and list the available flavors. 

She looked at the fresh-made coffee, looked at me, and said, “Don’t you have French Vanilla?  I really like French Vanilla.”

I responded, “I’m sorry, but we are not offering French Vanilla today. We’re offering (lists three regulars) and hazelnut.”

I kid you not, the woman replied, “Well, can’t you make a pot just for me?”

Gritting my teeth, I responded, “Ma’am, I am sorry, but that’s not possible. We might have French Vanilla available tomorrow.  However, I cannot dump out a pot of freshly made coffee, just so that you can have the flavor you like.”

Later, I recounted the story to one of the assistant managers, who we’ll call Dahlia.  Her response was to laugh and said, “Wow, what a crazy bitch.”

Coupon Queen Couponbitch2

Manufacturer coupons. I love and hate them. A lot of times, companies will stick coupons for the item (“save $1 off this product”), and custies will make a big deal if I don’t peel off the coupon that very second.  And then, there are the custies that don’t even bother to read the coupon.

I was ringing up a customer, and she was buying a Popsicle-type frozen treat.  She pointed out the coupon attached to the product.  I looked at the coupon and saw that it had expired December 31, 2010.  I apologized and explained that since the coupon was expired, it could not be used.

“Well, why not?” she snapped. “If the coupon’s expired, is the food still good?”

I calmly examined the package and read off the expiration date for the item, then explained that if the store accepted an expired coupon, it would not be able to get the money back from the manufacturer. My words went in one ear and out the other.

“Well, if it’s there, it should be accepted!” she snapped.

I apologized, albeit reluctantly, and repeated my brief explanation. I then gave her the total without the coupon. Scowling, the woman paid.

Captain Oblivious OCTOCAROL 207

When working at coffee bar until closing, the last hour of work involves cleaning. Lots of cleaning. Wiping stuff down, emptying out tea and coffee, refilling and replacing, etc.  I end up looking like a chicken that’s had its head chopped off, the way I’m rushing around, trying to get everything done.

And yet, even though people see me dumping stuff out or scrubbing down machines, they will bring stuff over to the register at coffee bar (no light to turn on or off to show I’m unavailable) and stare at me until I ring them up.

So, this happened last night, while I was in the middle of trying to scrub out the drip pan for the creamer machine (gooey and disgusting). A customer came over, and, with a sigh, I set aside the pan to ring him up.

“You must be the model employee,” he remarked. “Keeping yourself busy like that.”

Slightly annoyed, I explained that there was a list of things that had to be done before closing, and that I was just trying to finish up everything so that I could leave in time. I couldn’t help but think, “Who does he think is responsible for making sure everything gets refilled and cleaned up? If I were just trying to keep myself busy, scrubbing the creamer pan wouldn’t be my first choice.”

At least he didn’t say, “Here, let me give you something to do.”

--Stepford Snarker


Douchebag Restaurant Manager Memories

New Freddy 073a Hello all, I work at a library after years of trudging through restaurant/bar job. As such, my insane little sister has dubbed me Chapter Raptor, and the image is so cute I'll bring it with me to RHU.

On to business: Douchebag Managers.

Now of all the higher powers that I've had to deal with over the years, the MegaDouche has destroyed my faith in humanity. I had never before quit a job because I couldn't deal with someone. I had also never wanted to do a jig on the grave of a closed down store. But the MegaDouche is a head-up-his-ass-cause-his-shit-don't-stink jackwipe.

He believed he was God of the restaurant business because he started his own store and could do no wrong. He threw tantrums, yelled about the most ridiculous stuff, and threatened our jobs constantly.

When I say tantrums, I mean throwing a salad bowl at small girl who had just started working there, yelling obscenities at a customer over the phone while in the middle of the lobby, or nicknaming another girl beaner (both girls quit within the week and I am more than slightly ashamed I stuck around after those incidents).

Oh, but wait, there's more. The store is in a small town with a large college. All but five of his employees are students. He decided one day that he would ignore ALL of our schedules. Every coworker was scheduled during times they had class and everyone was scheduled close to 40 hours a week.

Now I have a history of being kinda spineless, so I didn't say anything about having to miss class once in a while or working myself to the bone. But Megadouche decided it wasn't enough. He removed all breaks until the scheduling situation was fixed.

Let me rephrase this: NO BREAKS!!!

This may not be so bad for those who work one shift a day, but it was hell for us who worked double shifts. Just imagine, you are in a busy store, surrounded by food. You're hungry, tired, and have been working ten hours already. If I wanted to eat, I had to hide food in my apron and sneak it when customers and MegaDouche wasn't looking.

But the final straw was when a water pipe burst. Everyone who happened to work that night had to stay up to three hours later than usual to clean.

I quit the next day when he told us that we weren't getting paid for the extra work. I have worked many places, and have never seen anything as bad as this.

--Chapter Raptor