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Mcsparkles I apologize for being so silent as of late, but... I've felt a bit guilty. Y'see, while many of my fellow RHU'ers had to work Christmas, I... had a four-day weekend. Well, at least they made me work New Years Day, and let me tell you, It was about as fun as drilling a hole in my kneecap.

A customer came to my speaker, and placed an order, something to the tune of 19 bucks. He pulls up to my window and says:

"I came through here earlier, and the cap wasn't secure on my sprite, and it spilled. I was so mad I threw my whole order out. Can I get my order free?"

I... I was floored... I've had my share of crustys, but they've been relatively tame. Then I'm hit with THIS? This is the kind of crusty I've only read about in storybooks. I was so surprised, I stuttered "...Lemme get my Manager."

Now, there were 3 Managers working. Thing 1, Thing 2 (they both have the same name), and Ms. Awesome. I got Thing 1, and told her the situation. I was expecting her to tell the custy "What are you, crazy?"



THAT was another blow! This is usually a manager who doesn't take shit from anybody, and here she is, just... caving to the customer's fancy for no good reason! We didn't even have any proof that he had ever even BEEN THERE. I talked to Ms. Awesome about it later, and we both agreed that neither of us would have done that.

The next morning, I'm back at work. There's about 10 minutes until my shift starts, and Thing 2 is running Drive-Thru and Front Counter by herself. She asks if I can clock in early to help her.

As soon as I get behind the counter, she shoves the headset at me. Doesn't even give me a chance to clock in or put my stuff away. I rush to take the one order in line, and return to the front.

Thing 2 is nowhere to be found.

Meaning that now, I'm running DT and FC all by myself.

I see Pequeño, the next manager, show up, and I think "Oh, goody, someone to help me!" Then I remembered that she was supposed to have been there 15 minutes ago to do her pre-shift paperwork. Which means she's gonna do it now, meaning I've got about 15 more minutes of working by myself. JOY.

Lastly, a little note to all the fuck-faces who think it's a good idea to dump their milkshakes and sodas in my drive-thru.


Seriously, it attracts bugs, it gets sticky and stinky, and it makes a mess. Would you dump soda in your own driveway? No? THEN DON'T DO IT HERE! ESPECIALLY WHEN THERE'S A HUGE FUCKING WINDOW, AND I CAN OBVIOUSLY SEE YOU!

*phew!* Well, that's enough blathering for today.

--McSparkles OUT!



Chicken Flinger

Actually, I DO dump my sodas and milkshakes in my own driveway and I've never had a bug problem. Not saying I don't believe you, just that I do exactly what you think people don't do at home.

I don't frequently dump things out in the drive thru line though, unless it's melted ice to make room for a new drink cup but that's rare.


while it's totally out of line to dump stuff out in the drive through, at least they're not throwing at the person in the window.


...Where did the manager go? That really doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Was there an urgent meeting on the roof of the store she had to get to?

And as far as the customer THROWING AWAY HIS ON MEAL, in what universe does he think he should be entitled to a free meal. The only time the cover of his drink would have become unstuck was when he put it in his cupholder, making the spill his own fault. I honestly don't know how people who think like that are allowed to drive, never mind do anything on their own...


I had to read the first comment twice. There are people that actually dump their sticky old beverages on their property? While I think it is classless and rude to dump them in a parking lot, to do it in your own front yard?

Sorry, I am at a total loss but am glad Chicken isn't my neighbor because yes, of course it will attract ants. I am surprised she isn't overrun with armies enjoying her leftover tasty sugary treats.

Burger Bitch

I always tell people not to dump sodas and shit in my DT.
My worst fear in the entire universe is bees, and sodas tend to attract those asshole mothers.

Seriously, a bear walks into the store and I can handle it, but not a bee.

Also @Chicken Flinger: Yeah.. Yeah it definitely does attract bugs. Maybe dumping the stuff down the sink would be a better option? =/


"I was so mad I threw my whole order out."
What are you, a child? Throwing a fucking temper tantrum? That is, if he was telling the truth.


A free order because he threw his own food out? Jesus, even we don't do that. And we're the happiest rainbow sunshine bend over backwards for guests place in the world.

NC Tony

I would have laughed at that guy, hell I laughed just sitting here reading this. He threw his whole order out because his soda spilled? I've had sodas spill on me before, and you know what I did? I dealt with the spill the best I could and went inside and explained, very politely "Excuse me, but I spilled my soda, could I get a new one please?" with my receipt in hand, just so they knew I wasn't pulling a fast one. Didn't even ask for it free, just wanted a new one. Didn't get mad and throw my food out. Just got a new soda. Sounds to me like Thing 1 needs one of those spines I mentioned back in my Retail Slaves Christmas wish list.


I'm completely not surprised. My first job was for this company, and my manager would give anyone a free meal just to shut them up in the name of "customer service." Most memorable one was a guy who ordered well over $40 worth of food, his family ate it all, but apparently we had made one of the burgers wrong so he wanted a refund.

...and he got it. I was just stunned.

Kunoichi Cook

I would never have gone to get my manager, especially bc he didn't demand to see one, he just asked you if he could have more food. I would have laughed in his face.

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