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Movie Theater Hell: Crazy Popcorn Lady

Popcornmachine From Just Jess:

Hi all... First time poster etc.

Burger Bitch's post about the lady who said she was allergic to ice reminded me of a lady I encountered when I worked at a discount movie theatre.

It was a Saturday, which was our busiest day of the week, so we were constantly making popcorn. (We only had one machine, again we were a discount theatre).

It was right before the next set of movies started so we had made enough popcorn to fill the machine. It was literally flowing over.

Then this "healthy" bitch comes in. I will call her HB.

Let me just start by saying that I don't know how other theatres work but we put in a cup of this seasoned salt when we popped our corn.

HB: Can you make some new popcorn without adding any salt?

Me: Sorry, we just made some and there isn't enough room for more in the machine at this time.

HB: Oh, I would really like some with no salt. I don't eat salt on anything. Come on you guys do it all the time.

Now let me say that we will make fresh popcorn for people if they ask, but like I said the machine was overflowing.

I decided to ask the manager and they said fine.

As the popcorn is being popped (it takes about 3 minutes) she starts asking me and my coworker if we put salt on anything.

HB: I don't put salt on ANYTHING. I always ask that there not be salt on my fries. Do you put salt on anything?

Me: (stupid me for answering a question. I really should know better) Just on my popcorn and sometimes my fries.

HB: YOU SHOULDN'T PUT IT ON ANYTHING! It's really bad for you. I should know..." Blah blah bullshit bullshit.

Whatever lady. She continued on the entire time. I even put the bag under the kettle to catch the popcorn so she wouldnt get any salt.

I give her her popcorn, and what does she do?

Come on RHUers, you know the drill.



She went off for several minutes about how we needed to not put salt on the fucking popcorn and then she just dumps it on there! Not just at work, but in our personal lives!

I guess it's one of those do as I say not as I do things. I think she just wanted fresh popcorn, but we had just made some!

Grrr At the time I was super pissed because we were busy, but now I just think it's a funny crazy custy story.

Over time hopefully the rest of you will stop being mad at these stupid custys and start laughing at the ridiculous things they do!

Until next time!

--Just Jess




It never ceases to amaze me how ridiculous people can be in public...

Burger Bitch

I would have snapped and shouted "Y'KNOW SALT ISN'T GOOD FOR YOU. YOU SHOULDN'T PUT IT ON ANYTHING!"


Lol, Burger Bitch! :D


This will sound odd but I prefer my food and drink to be lukewarm. Ice in the coffee and soup but not soda or cocktails, dinner that has sat out for 15 minutes, room temp beer, things like that. I've put stuff straight out of the fryer in the freezer to cool it off. Then this bitch pulls something like this and people think I'm the weird one.


At least you're honest about it Tina..

Kentucky Fried News

The popcorn you're eating has been pissed in, film at 11.

Fellow Slave

Those moments cause me to die a little more inside.
Especially since you were attempting to help the customers wants.

Goodness, a swift kick in the backside from the custy might have hurt less then that gesture would have for me anyway.

Guess I'm not enough of a hardened robot slave yet.


The world is full of weirdos.

Weird aside about salt:
As a child, my dad had high sodium so in my family we never ever put salt on anything. I grew up thinking salt = bad. My friends think i'm weird because it never occurs to me to salt things, but as i've been hanging around more "cooking" type people, i've been getting in the habit but only recently.

I went to the doctor recently and found out I had minor thyroid issues due to an iodine deficiancy.... because I don't get enough salt.


Kentucky Fried News cracked me up!


I have to limit my salt due to CHF but I would never EVER go into a movie theatre and expect popcorn without salt - EVER.

I used to work at McDonalds and we could make unsalted fries in a pinch, but there is no hope in a movie theatre.

That bitch figured out a way to get fresh popcorn without actually asking for what she REALLY wanted. Ridiculous. I would've called her on it. Politely.


The local news station here in OK ran a big to do here a few months ago about how to get the "Fresh" fries at a restaurant by ordering them with out salt, and then asking for salt on the way out. The two clowns on the screen are sitting here laughing it up about how clever the whole thing is. I wanted to barf. I wanted to drive down to the station and bitch slap them on live news. I am guessing that this woman must have seen the news here and taken it to heart.


@atombomb145:Good to see you! Hadn't seen you in awhile :-)

The thing about media "helping" consumers by reporting on such things has always been a boil on our ass. "How to get a discount" (by being a whiny brat), "How to get fresh food" (by forcing a slave to make a fresh batch even though they "just" made one), "How to get the best service" (by being a royal pain in the ass), and the list goes on. It used to be you got the best by being the most polite, and now it seems like its the other way around. Something definitely went wrong in the last 50 years or so.


You have to eat some salt, especially iodized salt, because it's an essential nutrient.

I don't like a ton of salt, but popcorn is usually salty.

Projection Peon

I'm so glad we tell people that if they want salt free popcorn, they will have to buy the entire batch we just made. That will normally shut them up when they realize how much it would cost them.

And back in my fast food days, salt free fries meant we dipped the fries back into the fryer, along with forgetting to put any packets of the salt in with the order.


B-but you need salt to live! That's why we crave salt (also sugar, but we tend to get enough carbs pretty easily)! D:

People are silly. :>

NC Tony

I second what Burger Bitch said, calling her out (loudly) in her own words. And, because of my automatic smart ass mode, if she had asked me if I put salt on anything I would have come up with something along the lines of "Every now and then I like to have some salt covered salt, lightly sprinkled with salt. Now, that's good eatin'!"

@ Humor me: I know where you're coming from, every time I see/hear these reports or news articles about "How to (get whatever it is that you probably don't fucking deserve)" I want to strangle the people responsible for writing that shit. These are coming from people who have never worked a day in retail in their lives, and have no idea how much harder they're making our lives, especially when their "helpful tips" are things that are a) illegal, b) against store policy or c) literally impossible.

Freeman, I've got a great idea for your next book!


but you need salt in your diet. In fact if you don't have salt you will die. Excessive salt will kill you and no salt at all is just as lethal. Apparently nutbar health custys wouldn't have a clue about good health if it beat them half to death (oh the puns)

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