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Arant13 From Slave With No Name:

Hey there RHUers!

Long time reader, first time blahhh blah blah blah. I've been working in retail in my parents' business for about 10 years now, so I've encountered my fair share of threatening custys, NATs, and rude-ass bitches.

I'll write about more of my stories another time, but this one happened today and it just made me so upset that I had to share.

I was working with my mom in her boutique in a fairly upscale suburban area. Our custys are usually pretty polite, since they live in the area. It's pretty rare that we get rude custys, but it does happen.

This bitch that came in today was not only rude, but she took the motherfuckin cake.

It had only been an hour since we opened, and we'd only had two customers (one of whom was channeling Snooki at her finest, but I digress). Now, I was already pretty tired, since we rearranged the entire store last night and my mom and I didn't get home until 11 PM and had to open again this morning.

I was standing at the counter when Fat Bitch (FB) walked in and loudly announced what a cute store it was. Thanks and all, but I could already tell that she was gonna be an obnoxious fuck when she started commenting on every single thing that she touched, which was also everything.

I went into the back to get a drink of water, and walked back out to the counter where my mom was assisting. FB then looked both of us up and down and in her nasally voice, started talking:

FB: "Oh you're her daughter!"

Me: "Yep, I am =)"

FB: "You're so much...bigger than your mom! She's so skinny, but you're not!"

Me: =O

FB: "My daughter's skinnier than I am, but I guess you're not like that, are you?"

Me: =OOO

Now, I may be bigger than my mom, but I'm still skinny by American standards. She's 5' 6" and 110 pounds and I'm 5' 8" and 133 pounds. This is 10 pounds more than I used to weigh in September, and I gained this weight because of medication I had to take for one of my various problems.

FB's comment wouldn't normally bother me, but her "big" comment came after a string of criticizing comments during Christmas from family/family "friends" on how I was getting a gut and how I used to be so skinny and blahdifuckinda. Sorry I had to take medication, guys, but last time I checked, you're not so hot either. So fuck you.

Anyway, so my self-esteem was already kinda low and FB just tipped the scale so that I ended up crying after she left.

I've laughed in customers' faces, yelled at customers, and I've even cussed at them, but NEVER have I felt this bad about myself and cried because of a custy. FB is very VERY lucky that I was at a loss for words or else I would've torn her a new one.

Also, even if I were fat, she must have the manners of a crusty and their hellspawn being fucked sideways on a horse on Black Friday to say it to my face. God help her if I ever see her again, because I will fuck that bitch up.

Anyway, thanks for letting me get this off my chest. I still have more stories from the crusty vault of shame for another time, including a small man with an even smaller temper and an inferiority complex.

Until then, hang in there, fellow slaves!

--Someone who needs suggestions for a name =)




If that bitch seriously thinks you're fat?! You're at the low end of normal for BMI already!!! There is NO WAY you are AT ALL fat. And having been on medication that causes weight gain, I know how that goes. Dumb bitch needs to keep her mouth shut...clearly she's just jealous cause you're skinnier than she will EVER be.


I agree with Katie, your VERY slim for your height. What are you, a size 6? And where do you live for that to be considered fat, Orange County? And I bet this bitch was a size 22, huh?


I agree, she needs to get over herself. She was probably just jealous of how good you must have looked, and had to put you down in order to make herself feel better.


As for a name, how about Boutique Baroness considering titles are passed down and your parents run the joint.


...the Awesome Boutique Baroness?


You can always lose a few pounds; stupid goes straight to the bone.

Writer With A Day Job

That is so unbelievably Not Cool. Just commenting on someone's body in general is horrifically rude, regardless of what "flaw" they're picking at. Beyond that, as others have said, you're well within a healthy weight range for your height (although BMI is bullshit, but that's neither here nor there). If I'd witnessed this interaction, you bet your ass I'd have torn that bitch a new one for you!

And I also think Boutique Baroness is a great name. :)


Awwwwwwww...... obviously I've never seen you, but 133 at 5'8 is NOT fat. I've struggled with this before, too, I'm around the same height and was around the same weight for a while, so I know it really takes a hit on your self esteem, but seriously, take the opinions of random strangers and family members who are probably jealous with a grain of salt. Especially if the gain is from medication. There is no need for them to make you feel that way.

I have a somewhat similar story... when I started my job at the bank, they took my pic to put on my nametag. Like three weeks after I took the pic, a customer comes up to me, looks at my tag, and goes "Hey, that you in the picture?" (um... no.... why would my own picture be on my own nametag?) "I only ask because you've lost a LOT of weight since then!"

Riiiiiight. If anything, I'd gained a bit. Way to make me love part of my uniform. :/


I'm 5'8", and my doctor told me my ideal weight is 140. You're definitely not fat!


Holy crap, what a bitch! I have no clue how people feel like saying something like that is at all appropriate, especially when you're not fat at all! For your height that's a perfectly healthy weight. But even if someone is overweight, still, when is it acceptable to berate them in public? NEVER. I hope that woman never comes back into your store.

I third the Boutique Baroness name. It sounds badass. =)


So, this bitch walks into your store and proceeds to insult you (and basically your mother) and you didn't throw her out the back and into the dumpster? I can understand if its your first time and I think you came to the right place to learn how to do that. You have been voted "Boutique Baroness". As someone who was on medication that gained her 50lbs (still working that off!) its none of that cunt-sucker's business (or even your family for that matter) how much you weigh or where the weight came from. New line for people like that: "Its none of your business how much I weigh or where the weight came from. GET OUT and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way. Commenting on a stranger's appearance is never acceptable. Obviously your mother never taught you any manners." And be sure and do it with the volume, dignity, and stature that a baroness would carry.


It's NOT cool to comment an anyone's weight, so I'm sorry. Especially since it is medication related and there is nothing one can do about that.

There have been so many times on this site that custies have been insulted and made fun of and berated because of their weight. It would be nice if that stopped, too, in light of the fact that it IS rude.

I recently gained weight because I'm pregnant but I've decided not to tell many folks and, right now, I just look heavier. We joke that we'll just let the custies think I'm fat because it gives them something to talk about with each other. HA!


...Thank you DW. <3 As someone who really loves this website, and reads it every day, and as someone who is fat, and a new member of the fat acceptance movement, the insults used here have been getting more and more hurtful. I'd hate to stop reading this blog, it's very carthatic, it's funny, and it's got a good sense of community...but so often there's pointless insults about people's weight. I personally believe a person's weight is their own business, and that personal acceptance of yourself is the important thing.

So thank you for pointing that out, DW, because while I'd been thinking of doing so, I hadn't quite had the courage to say something yet.


172 cm and 60 kg is very thin! How can your family also be so rude..? Or maybe they were just joking? Don't take that seriously.

Burger Bitch

Since when is 130lbs fat!?

That's definitely a good weight for your height, that woman needs to pull her lip over her head and swallow.

Art & Amaretto

Oh. mygod. 0_0;

For one thing, your family is a bunch of cruel brainwashed wankers, because 133 for 5'8" is PLENTY skinny. Sheesh.

For another, that woman has NO manners. NONE. There is no reason to comment on a stranger's appearance to their face unless it's a compliment. I'm terribly sorry she made you cry. Just imagine that Dante's Inferno is real and she'll be condemned to try on too-small bikinis in overhead florescent lighting (or something) for all eternity.

Mouse Mastered

PFFFT. I'm 5'7 and 180. Now, I'm a guy, so it's different, but there's no way in hell you weigh 50 lbs less than me, be taller than me, and be fat.

Also, @BB: I have to remember the "Pull her lip over her head and swallow" comment.

formerly officefirl

I am 5'2 and my weight fluctuates between 115 and 135...and I don't even look that bad when I am at my heaviest since I carry most of my weight in my bust. You are no where near fat OP...I'd actually say if I saw you in person you looked better with a little extra meat on your bones!! I hope you run into her while she's ordering a diet coke with her McDonald's and can laugh in her face! Keep your head up, she's just jealous!!


In the immortal words of my sister, re this ill-mannered lady: "Dumb bitch!"


@DW: CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :-D Yet another mini RHUer on the way! When you get the courage, tell us when the due date is so we can start marking our calendars. Nice to know the world is slowly filling with the enlightened :-) <3


DW, congratulations, and... thankyou. I've often flinched away from a story because of the derogatory way people throw descriptions of weight around. I'm... severely overweight due to ...a lot of things (genetics, hormonal, ankle problems to name a few) so I guess I'm overly sensitive, but... it still hurts when people seem to link 'fat' with 'nasty' or 'lazy' or 'inferior' and 'thin' with 'popular' or 'healthier' or 'better' - the stereotypes which have never helped us gain any self-esteem at all.


Wow, I know there's a difference in male and female weights but I'm 84kg and 180cm tall (so a little taller and ~20kg heavier) and I'm not seriously on the jiggly side.

She's insane.


I'm 5'7" and 130 lbs. I'm part of the skeleton squad, and not willingly. You are actually underweight for your height, as I am. That woman was full of crap.


O_O 133lbs is FAT for 5'8"???? I'm 5'6" and my recommended weight is 150lbs.. That's just insane!


I'm the same height and weigh about 5 pounds less. At 5'8 and 123 (what you said you used to weigh) you'd actually be pretty skeletal. Being much skinnier than you are would actually be unhealthy.


While I like the "Boutique Baroness" name, something like "Slenderista" might be more helpful for the self-esteem. ;-)

Live healthy, be healthy and don't worry about the numbers!

Boutique Baroness

Thank you so much, everyone =) I realize more and more everyday how stupid and rude some people are. I'm trying to get my self-esteem back up to a healthy level and you all have helped so much! Screw rude family members and custys.

P.S.I've decided to take all of your suggestions for a name, since it does sound bad-ass =)


Hell I'm in the navy and for our height 170 is still sonsidered in standards. 130 is tiny. Next time ask her if she needs help locating plus sizes


Ugh. What. A. Bitch.
For overweight people, if they comment on your weight you can always tell them that you're sorry they have to be so jealous. If they're skinny, tell them you wouldn't want to be anorexically thin because you know thin people's bodies are easier to dispose of. This would work best when administered with an evil smile.

Queer Geek

Embrace this mantra girl. Big is beautiful!


Wow. I'm 5'8" and 170lbs. I'm trying to lose weight and I keep getting told by friends that I'm not fat. There is NO WAY you could possibly be fat AT ALL. Sheesh.


@Ivy:"Dexter" would be proud!


It's not cool at all to pick on someone's weight, much less a stranger! I'm a fat chick and I know I often feel bad about my weight, but I'm positive I'd never ever say something about someone else's weight. That's just plain rude. (I get it from my own family enough! lol)


Hey, I've just found this website and this is the first article that's made me want to post.

She is a terrible terrible person and the second I read your story I totally wanted to give you a huge HUG.

Lemme put it this way - I'm shorter than you and heavier but nowhere close to overweight. And my family sounds like yours, they love the line "you used to be so skinny, if you just tried..." That is painful enough to go through from people who know you and [hopefully] have your best interests at hear [though they are severely lacking in tact].

As for your meds, if that's what it takes to be healthy, screw everyone who makes a rude comment. Really, truly. Don't let ever anyone make you question taking care of yourself. Good luck with everything!


Shiiit. That's just mean. I'm 5'4" on a good day (when I'm wearing shoes), and I weigh more than you I think (haven't weighed myself in ages), and I've gotten complements about how skinny I am. Here's my mantra for people who encounter people like this. Bitches be bitches, just laugh at them. :D

Also, she's probably just trying to make her own fat ass feel better.

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