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Queer Geek: The Gameshow NAT

Dumbass Welcome back RHU! Queer Geek again revealing the new type of NAT that is on the horizon The Gameshow NAT! Yes, folks with the troubling economy and desperate people doing anything and everything to get cold hard cash, Gameshow NATs are slowly creeping up there with the scammers ready and available to sell items to unsuspecting stores. Here’s how it works.

Gameshow NATS go on a some show, whether it be a daytime talk show or some outdated gameshow, win some free crappy stuff they don’t want and try to return it to a store under the pretense it was given as a gift or purchased with any proof of purchase. One such incident occurred at work where a custy returned some designer items won on a show known for encouraging contestants to come on down. Well custy used the old gift story and got some cash back for her efforts. Though I can’t fault the custy for her slick move, she did pull a fast one that I haven’t seen before. I do blame the television studio for leaving ticketed information on the items so that some unsuspecting, poor retail slave has to deal with likes of her.

For the record, you do know that if you go on these gameshows or Oprah’s ritzy favorite
BlogSkull14 things episode, you are expected to pay taxes on all your crap you’re accepting. Remember all those cars she gave away years ago? Well surprise surprise the audience had to pay taxes, registration fees, insurance, and whatever state taxes involved as well. Same with this lady, she knew she would be stuck with some crappy gifts that she would have to pay taxes on a show she voluntarily decided to go on that does not give cash back for their prizes won.

Let this be a lesson learned. If you’re willing to make a fool of yourself on a gameshow for crappy prizes, then you deserve the crappy stuff you were given. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, sell it on e-bay or have a garage sale!

-- Queer Geek

Scheduling Mix Up Turns Positive

ScienceNinja From The Science Ninja:

Hiya RHU!

Thanks for all the support for my last post, I just got bored on my shift, and Morgan Freeman started talking to me. So, yeah.

I'm writing on the incompetence of my manager. Ronnie.

Some background first. We're currently in half term over here, which is basically just a week of school for the hell of it. I usually only work 5 hours a week, on Sunday's. But on Monday this week, I got a call from Ronnie, could I open on Tuesday? Sure, gives me extra money. Going into my shift, I found out why.

She'd forgot to schedule anyone.

My AWESOME supervisor was trying to sort out the shift pattern for the next day, who was on tills or whatever when she asked Ronnie who was on the next morning. And it was no one.
And today, I've just been called in again!

That's two times this week! Which makes me wonder, does she do this all the time?
Not that I'm complaining, I've almost tripled my hours this week. Which means more money for my savings.

I guess every cloud has a silver lining.

--The Science Ninja

Rude Custy's and Apologies

BlogSkull1 From Token Female:

Hello all, Token Female again.

Unfortunately I have nothing that's happened recently to post, since I'm currently out of work. The market I work at put a new policy into place about a year and a half ago that basically states that all employees must work at least one day a month, and considering I'm in the UK for 5 months to study, I'm getting booted from the system. The policy's a pain in the ass, but I'm enjoying myself over here, so I'll deal with the no job thing when I get home.

Anyways, although I don't have new material to post (not even any good stories from the other side of the counter on the other side of the pond), I was reading through Thrift Store Slave's post about apologizing for things that aren't your fault earlier today and it reminded me of a story of my own - well, actually two. Here's a good title for the pair of them: "Why Token Female became the grocery department's token female employee."

Back when I first started working at the market, I was 14 (I had working papers). You started up on the front as a bagger/cashier - couldn't be in the deli or meat room because you had to be 18 to use the equipment, although you could technically be maintenance, grocery, booth, or produce at that point (or technically florist, but our florist department is tiny so it's honestly a one woman job except for Valentine's day when everyone and their brother wants roses wrapped specially for their sweetheart), but you started up on the front because maintenance, grocery, and produce frequently got called up during rushes to help bag, and if you were in the booth, you'd often go cover for Front end managers or run a register for someone's break, or help out in a rush. Anyways! I was on the front end until I was 17, which is when I transferred departments.

I feel as if I may have told this story already in the comments somewhere, so if you've already read it, sorry. So, back shortly after I started ringing on my own, I get a veeeeeery interesting (read: rude) customer come through my line. A teenage boy brings his cart into my line, since I was just finishing up with a customer and had nobody else in my line at the moment. I kind of give him a nod and start ringing through the items in the cart.

Mom comes up with a few more items, apparently having sent him to secure them a place in
Storytime5 line while she grabbed eggs/bread/milk/whatever it was (honestly can't remember). One of the baggers comes up and asks what type of bags they want, and the transaction proceeds pretty smoothly (if silently). We get to the point where she's paying with a card - she slides it through the machine, I do my part, and I'm just waiting for it to finish processing.

JUST as my finger hits the enter button on my keyboard to finish the transaction and print the receipt, mom goes "Oh! I have coupons!" and whips out a small stack of them. I say to her, "I'm sorry, your credit card just went through, I can't take them" which was entirely true because the receipt was printing. Granted, I could have sent her up to the courtesy booth to get things sorted out, but I was new, I still had my BRIGHT YELLOW "Trainee" badge on, and I wasn't aware that the booth could handle it.

Even if I had, though, I wouldn't have sent her up there anyways, considering she turns to her son and tells him, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, "This is why I always go through Awesome Cashier #1. She'd take care of it." Hate to say it, but she didn't get a "have a nice day" after that - I handed her copies of the receipt to her and turn to the next customer while she heads out.

1) Notice my BRIGHT YELLOW "Trainee badge" - it contrasts quite a lot from the maroon apron I wear.

2) Awesome Cashier #1 was busy/on break/otherwise unavailable to help you out. 3) Uh... sure, badmouth me all you want, but typically it's good etiquette not to do it in front of whoever you're badmouthing.

4) If you wanted to go through Awesome Cashier #1, you should have told your son that or sent him to get the items you wanted, and then dealt with the small line she had while my register was completely free.

Carolanne61 5) Shoulda thought about those coupons BEFORE you put your card through the machine. There was long enough to mention that before I hit the enter key, and if you had entered it, I would have canceled the card transaction, run your coupons through, and then done it all over again. Nothing I can do about it once the transaction's been completed.

Story #2!

This happened a few months later, so I was more confident as a cashier and moving faster. I was 15 or 16 at the time. This guy and his 3 to 4 year old daughter come through my line with their week's worth of shopping. I do my standard greeting, open the back of the cart, and start ringing their groceries (our registers were set up with a shelf you could stack your items on or park your cart over and drop the back of it so the cashier could get at the groceries - no conveyor belts anywhere. The cashier unloaded your cart for you and then rolled/slid the items down to the bagging area).

Dad takes his daughter out of the cart, which is fine, some kids don't like to be separated from their parents and I'd rather not have a wailing kid at my register, thanks. He then proceeds to sit her down on the shelf on the register used for writing checks or signing credit card receipts. I forget which one of them asks for stickers, but at the time we gave out free animal stickers to kids if they were well-behaved or asked nicely for them, or the parents asked for them. We were, unfortunately for me, out of them at the time, so I say something along the lines of "sorry, we don't have any right now." Thought that would be the end of that. Nope.

Daughter starts grabbing at the little screen I have that's facing me so I can make sure items are ringing up correctly without having to adjust the larger screen the customers see, and to make sure I'm punching produce/bakery codes in right and spinning it around to face her. I spin it back towards me so I can see what I'm doing, but she promptly grabs it and spins it towards her.

This goes back and forth for a while before I just let her have it and ring through the items, glancing up at the bigger screen every now and then to make sure I had punched in codes right. I'm pretty sure the entire time I keep telling the two of them "sorry, no stickers" because I'm flustered and don't feel comfortable enough asking the little girl or her dad to stop - at 15/16 I was, for whatever reason, really nervous around small kids unless they were babies or well-behaved. I also honestly thought that dad should have asked his daughter not to touch at the time, but that's beside the point.

I had apparently annoyed dad with my apologies, because he raises his voice at me to
Refusedouche tell me to stop it and that he wants my manager (he didn't actually yell, which is lucky, I guess). I get the store manager over because the front end manager is busy and the store manager happens to be right there anyways, and he takes care of the situation.

Meanwhile, I'm staring at my hands and finishing up the transaction because I was embarrassed both from the repeated apologies and the fact that I had needed to get the store manager over to deal with the situation caused by my inability to shut up when I'm flustered.

Customer gets out of the store, and I can't remember if the store manager told me what was going on or just let it go (I think he just let it go), but those events made me start thinking that I wanted to get off the front end.

When my hours started getting cut in the summer of 2007 because the store manager at the time had hired 13 - yes, 13! - new part-time employees during our slow season, I jumped ship on front end and went to the grocery manager and asked "Hey, do you need another pair of hands?" Maybe I was a little sensitive to let those two bad encounters stick with me the way they did, but it's a little too late now.

Hopefully I'll have more interesting things to share at some point during my stay here in the UK.

Keep on trucking, RHU!

-Token Female

Coworker and Manager Hell

Warholstyle Hi everyone ISP slave again.

Well since my first post I decided to sit and think of more stories from the past now that I have time to type them up at work.

So I shall start at the beginning, at Theftway.

Boy thinking back…I’m not even sure WHERE to start. There were so many things wrong with that place. First off when I started Management consisted of the manager (Clueless Fat Ass), his wife (Mostly nice), their “friend” (Smokey McSmoke), a guy a year or two ahead of me in school (Grossanova), another guy grossanova’s age (kevtron) and a girl a few years older than me (Forest). Now throughout my (almost) year there I had plenty of interaction with them all.

Grossanova (GN) is the one I worked with the most. For the most part he was ok to work with, he would help me get my work done, chat with me etc. The problem was he was a TOTAL PERV! GN would constantly hit on ANY girl that could stand his presence for more than 2 minutes. One of which being Forest. He was obsessed with this girl and everyone knew it because he would constantly remind us.

We were in the freezer one day getting some stocking ready to take to the floor and the light went out (not a total shocker) and before GN opens the door so we can see he decides to say “Oh man I wish this had happened when Forest and I were in here!” *Shudder* Another time one of my best friends (I’ll call her Fuming Florist as she works in a Floral place now) was walking away from him he called after “Hey, Fuming Florist! Love the View!! She whipped around, saw it was him and looked like she was going to vomit and started walking faster.

As for Kevtron (KT) well wow he was just a straight up terror. No one wanted to come in when he was working. He would yell at you, berate you, never pay for anything he ate but expect us to (I’ll be the first to admit that no one paid for EVERYTHING but I never saw him pay for a single thing). There was this one time; I was in the bread and cereal isle. I was “perfect facing” (like zoning where you pull things to the front and straighten them well we had to do this to one isle per day perfectly and make sure every product was pulled forward) it and everything was going smoothly and then I got to the Jell-O.

Now at least at bullseye hell they would leave the off brand Jell-O in the cardboard cartons they are shipped in so that they are easily straightened and the name brand Jell-O has those plastic things that push them forward. Well they didn’t do that here, we weren’t allowed to. It’s “tacky” as they would say. So every time we had to perfect face the Jell-o it was a huge time consuming task because you basically had to remove it all and carefully put it all back making sure it was all straight and the correct flavor. So back to the story, I’m doing this and Kevtron comes along.

KT: That looks like crap!

Me: I’m still working on it…

KT doesn’t understand English apparently because he just repeats himself like the
Storytime16 entitled ignorant fuck he is.

Me: Again KT, I’m still working I’ll get to it.

KT then raises a had and slaps the Jell-o that was done and knocks it all over the floor.

KT: Clean it up *walks away*

It took every ounce of restraint I had no to take the milk crate I was sitting on and bludgeon him to death with it.

It took me over an hour to get done with the half I had left and then another 45 minutes to fix what he wrecked. >=(

The last manager I want to talk about is the owner Clueless Fat Ass or CFA.

Now to start off this story there’s a few things you should know.

This is near the end of my time at Theftway, I’m terrified of this man, and there was a less than trustworthy girl (LTTG) working the register.

Also as I said before no one that worked there (including me and I’m ashamed to say it) paid for everything. Now when I say that it’s not like we took $100 of merchandise it was more like we had a pop or candy bar (while we were working because we weren’t allowed to take breaks unpaid or otherwise). Now after that being said here’s the story.

GN: Hey ISP Slave CFA wants to see you in his office.

Me: Okay…

I go into the office and there sits CFA and Smokey McSmoke (SMS)

CFA: Sit down and don’t you dare raise your voice with me!

I was so startled I couldn’t speak but I took a seat.

CFA: Ok ISP Slave…is there anything you would like to admit to?

Now I’m terrified because not only am I scared of him but I have no idea what he was talking about.

Me: *meekly* No?

CFA: Well would you mind explaining to me why there has been around $50 missing from the register EVERY night that you work?

OCTOCAROL 154 Me: CFA…I have no idea…I’m a stocker I never touch the register.

CFA: DON’T PLAY FUCKING STUPID WITH ME I HAVE IT RIGHT HERE IN BLACK AND WHITE!! [date] -$55 you worked 4-8, [date] -$50 you worked 4-8, [date] -$60 you worked


SMS Interrupts

SMS: Uhh, CFA he didn’t work that night

Oh thank the lord SMS isn’t a total bitch!

CFA goes back over his notes

CFA: Oh well it appears you didn’t…

Me: *Sitting there stunned trying not to break down and cry*

I would never ever steal money but I thought I knew who was doing it but I kept my mouth shut because I had no proof.

CFA: Well what do you have to say?!

Me: I didn’t nor would I ever steal money from you.


Me: YES! Because I swear it’s not me!

CFA: Go get back to work!

Now I’m not proud of how I handled that or that I sometimes took a pop without paying for it (I felt bad every time I did but I was an un experienced slave and didn’t really know how the world worked…be gentle *puppy dog eyes*) but I never ever would steal money.

Well longer story short they cut my hours down to where I had to quit and the money loss didn’t stop until LTTG quit.

As for the other managers they’re a story for another time.

Sorry this was so long.

More stories in time!

Until next time everyone…

Reboot before you call.

-ISP Slave