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I just can't imagine that coming out very well.


Don't be hatin'! I use their pancake mix and its AWESOME!

I have almost no cookware thanks to my last landlord who refused to ship my stuff that got left behind. He wanted me to pay for half the new carpet that he installed even though my security deposit said "PAID IN FULL". I still haven't been able to replace most of my baking pans, etc. I can mix this on my largest measuring cup and it comes out great.

Kiosk Slave

I love the Krusteaz pancake mix! Crusties suck though. You have to pay attention to the spelling! =)


While the pancake mix is probably great a good pie crust is a little more complicated. Pancakes are mixed more like muffins which is really easy. Pie crusts have to be mixed just the right amount with just the right amount of fats and liquids to get it flaky. I see this as coming out chewy and hard to work with. But as the product is usually good I might try it once, as long as I had back up ingredients just in case.


MMMM, I can't see a mix you just add water to producing the flaky crust that the picture boasts...

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