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Cashier Rant on Underage Custys

OCTOCAROL 310From Costcutter Bitch:


This is my first posting , so I'll keep it short.

I live in the UK and we are very strict on the sale of alcohol or tobacco products. If we think you look under the age of 25 we are legally obliged to check ID. If we sell to a minor then we could face up to a £5000 fine and a loss of license. If you don't produce, you don't get served. It really is as simple as that.

My store is on one of the most prestigious universities in England, so forgive me for thinking that the customers would have SOME type of intelligence, or at least some phoney respect ( yes I know its degrading but seriously, please and thank you never killed anyone). Now I'm 19 myself and I know that I will be asked to produce so I always carry my ID. I don't get upset if people ask me. They are doing their job! What is to be upset about?

I once served this girl that looked about 18 but since we are on a university campus alot of the surrounding schools come to us trying their luck, since we are used to younger looking customers. I asked for ID and she produced her student card. Now student cards have no DOB. I asked her if she had any other form of ID, a passport, driving license, and she just said 'I'm in university! you have to be 18 to go to uni.'

Now I patiently explained that no, it doesn't work that way, and she just snapped that her student card is proof. I kept trying to explain and she kept going until I just snapped. I was fed up with being polite and now I was going to let her feel as stupid as she was being.

I asked her to show me where the age restriction was on the university prospectus (we have these in our store for people who are looking around) She obviously couldn't find one , so I said that's because there isn't one! You can be 5 and go to university!

She FINALLY got it and started to leave, not before one last very childlike tatrum (no wonder I asked for id) tantrum by throwing her purse on the ground and telling me i was a stupid bitch who was out to get her. I told her to act her age, not many 18 year olds throw their things to the ground in a rage - so obviously I was right to ask for ID, and out of the thousands of people there why would I single her out?
I actually got a few 'well dones' for that.

--Costcutter Bitch

Office Hell: Dumbass Coworkers and Clients

RHSEPT 518 Hey all,

Just Jess here again. I am currently not working retail at the moment, I got a job in an office, but I just have to vent about what just happened.

I work in an office as all the workers social marketing administrator (it's really not that special, that's just my title) I basically update people's facebook and write their blogs, and about 50% of the time answer the phones. Its a great job overall, but there is just one coworker who pisses me off every day.

Let me give you a little background. I am 24 years old... everyone else here is AT LEAST 45... My parents are 44. So everyone here is older than my parents, but this one guy, let me call him clueless, can't do ANYTHING. He has been in the business for over 20 years, and I basically have to babysit him. He doesn't know anything about computers, which he tells me everyday, but he won't listen to me when I try to help him with the computer. Recently he has been trying to get his former site redirected to another site. He needs to contact the hosting site to get this done. He has needed to for 2 MONTHS. He has not done it. I CAN NOT DO IT. But who gets in trouble because its not done. Oh, right ME! Luckily my boss is cool and when I explained it it was ok, but still. GRRR I hate this guy. He always comes in late and all he does all day is play solitaire.

Anyway, to end this rant I will give you a story about a client I had to deal with. A potential client contacted us indirectly (he signs up on another site and we are given his information to contact him) After I contacted him, he sent me a reply saying not to contact him anymore. Fair enough, we get that a lot. But then he said if we contacted him again he was going to report me. WHAT THE FUCK!!!! YOU signed up for this dipshit. And I only contacted you once. It would be like clicking the box to have a newsletter be sent to you and then reporting the site for sending the newsletter! Urgg!

Well, I have worked in all sorts of retail, so maybe next time I will look in my imaginary file cabinet and pick out an old story. Stay strong RHUers!

--Just Jess

Retail Rant: Store Discount Card Problems

Arant4From Ninjette:

Hello Retail Hell! I haven’t posted in awhile, but work and school have made things rather hectic. Still, that leaves no shortage of wonderful stories to go around. Today I would like to rant to you all about discount cards! Those godforsaken discount cards…

Here’s how it works. At Books-A-Zillion what we need to make in discount card sales depends on how much money you have in your register. However much you have, 5% needs to be discount card sales. No problem right? Well here’s the deal with that. Our discount card used to be five dollars. Then they ran it up to ten, and by the time I started it was a whopping twenty dollars for the year and its benefits are filled with ‘buuuut’ clauses. You do get fifty dollars in coupons buuuut most of them are ‘buy two cups of coffee get a third (small, plain cup) FREE’ or ‘you get $10 off of this purchase buuuut you have to spend at least $40 first’. You know, those sorts of deals. And again, if you buy enough and you were going to spend that much anyway, it’s worth it. But a lot of times they’re spending money they wouldn’t have otherwise…which again, I know is the point. Companies gotta make money somehow. I might work in retail, but I’m not a sales girl and I dislike selling, upselling, and just making people spend more than they should in a recession. Still I do make an effort to sell the card because if you come in often enough it really does end up being worth it.

What irks me most about the discount cards is how much stock corporate puts into them. And I know they’re busy. I know they don’t have time to look at much else but the numbers. But dear god they’re thick! I’m not a saleswoman. Rare is the day when I can make a 4% let alone a 5%, but you know what? I’m absolutely fantastic when it comes to working the floor. I can put up shipment, run customer service, and organize very quickly, and I’m good at it. But does corporate see any of that? Take a guess. I’m not great at selling cards, so to them I’m absolutely worthless. And I know that it sounds like whining, but it’s not just me. There’s a woman who has been working for this company for fourteen years. She is the highest paid person in our district, but she earned those raises. She did her time on the register. Now she is basically a manager without the nametag. She’s the reason the store runs as well as it does. Hell half the time she’s the only one who knows when tables and fixtures need to be reset and she’s the only one who
Arant7 does them. Yet our district manager had the sheer audacity to go up to her and say that she is the highest paid person in the district and she needs to be running a register and making cards same as everyone else, because it’s not fair. This is the same man who strove to assure us at the last store meeting how cards weren’t the only part of the store and that he knew that. If it had been me I’d have quit then and there, but then she has been here fourteen years. Fantastic way to show your employees how much you value them and everything they do.

Books-A-Zillion seems to be under the impression that it can just hire and fire as many employees as it needs to before it finds ones that will be miracle-workers, fantastic both on the floor and with cards. But it doesn’t recognize the cut-throat environment that it’s created by doing this. Moral is low because we know for a fact that none of us are safe if we happen to miss cards for the week. The floor is starting to look an absolute mess because the people that do make cards know they can’t be touched, so they don’t do anything if they can help it, and the people who are bad at cards have an attitude of “Fuck it, I missed cards. I’m probably going to be fired soon anyway. This place isn’t my problem.” We actually had a person who quit because he was stressing so much over the cards and getting yelled at because of them.

Siiigghh! This place is a hellhole guys. I would quit, but I’ve just put in my college applications and I just keep thinking I should hold out for a few more months….wish me luck!


Not All Children Are Hellspawn in Stores: Tale of a Retail Angel


From Kisa:

Hi there RHU! I comment sometimes, read lots, work crusty service but in call center hell more than anything else. This is in response to the recent story about leaving rejects or putting them away.

On a recent trip to Hellmart, my 4 1/2 year old daughter noticed that a good 15+ packages of little boys underwear were all over the floor and spread out from their display. Seems like someones hellspawn had gotten into them, and then dragged away or something of that nature. It was crazy!

She insisted on cleaning them up, making sure they were in order. With a little help from me, to read the labels on the price tag to make sure the sizes and characters matched she fixed them all up. That's her in the picture, I didn't think to snap it at the start of her 'cleaning up after messy people who be like piggies'.

After that, she insisted on checking out the rest of the kids section to return any randomly misplaced things to the proper section.

Clarence winter hats thrown under the dresses? Gone and hung back up with the rest of the hats.

She continued on through the store that way, anything she found out of place we needed to hunt down it's proper place to put it back. Until we were almost to the checkout and she noticed some stray jello cups. I don't know what aisle those go on, nor did I want to backtrack. In the end, she settled for handing them to the cashier herself and saying "I found these, but, we don't know where they go. Can they get put back away please?"

My aunt works at hellmart, and was surprised and laughing as we went through the store that day. She'd just gotten off work and was surprised to see her (my daughter) wanting to clean up random messes. She couldn't help but talk about it to any of her co-workers that we passed.

Sure, it made the shopping trip take a fair bit longer than I intended. It was a good thing I wasn't particularly rushed, as from their reactions over how 'sweet' it was and their thanking her. They must have appreciated it at least a little.

Then again, maybe they were just happy to see a kid who wasn't doing something hellspawnish and causing major trouble?