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Checkout Lane Hell: A Bear-hugging Custy

Creepycusty I work at a warehouse club store who's name is the initial of a common sex act otherwise known as fellatio. (Believe me, my husband and friends get a big kick out of where I work. I have heard it all from, "Gee, I never knew I could buy them by the wholesale," to flat out rude ones from custy asking if having a membership card at our store entitles him to free B.J.s)

Now I'm a fairly damn perky person. Sorry about that, it is just how I am made. It takes a lot to get on my nerves and I'm just a natural people person. So I will go by Perky.

One of the things that make our store different is that the cashier is on the same side of the conveyor belt as the customer. Believe I wish it wasn't. For some reason this leaves the cashier open to all sort of just weird shit. Custys always feel as if they have to stand right on top of you. No ideal about personal space. And don't even get me started on the stinky ones.

Now as I said, I'm pretty friendly and perky. I also have this sing-song voice, and from what I've been told by co-workers, friends, costumers is that it makes me seem very open and friendly.  I guess it comes off as too friendly sometimes. Cue creepy old man. So I'm ringing up this older man,about 60ish and I'm in a rather good mood. I'm chatting and joking with him and I guess he thought I was flirting with him. I didn't think so, but at the end of the transaction he says, "Can I just give you a hug?" I was somewhat floored. I've had costumers ask all sorts of weird stuff, but never for a hug.

I was sort of shocked, and before I could reply he wraps me in this huge bear hug, practicably pulling me off my feet and then plants a fat wet kiss on my forehead!  Seriously my forehead was wet! GROSS.

The woman behind him in line thought it was hilarious. She was like, "You should have seen the look on your face when he did that...hahahaha" I smiled and laughed it off with her, but I was fuming inside both at him and her.

Hello I'm glad you thought it was funny, but I'm sure as hell you would not have been laughing if some stranger did that to you.

And what is with it with these costumers who think that they can put their hands (and in this case mouth) on you just because you work in a service job? UGH. I'm dreading that man coming in again. It's been about a month and I haven't seen him, and I'm hoping I won't have to put up with that again.




You shouldn't have to put up with that you aught to report that to management. They should ban that dude from the store or cancel his membership. Being an upbeat friendly person is not an invitation to be manhandled.

Cherry IScream

What an utter douche. In what universe would he think that would be welcome? I'm with Skittles, report his ass. Wonder what your company policy is on self defence?


Wow. But yea.. things like that have happened to me, and I'm a very non-touchy person, even with friends. I'm a waitress and I've gotten touched, grabbed, etc.. mostly by drunk assholes.. but the worst is when it's an older person, or someone who is genuinely showing gratitude, and I can't go into "IMA CUT YOU" mode. Older people tend to GRAB onto my arm/wrist while talking.. I've had my face creepily stroked, more than once! and yes, I've had gross old men kiss my forehead.

Not even going to bring up hugs because that just happens way too much. I'm just *that* adorable. :snark:


What the... Skittles and Cherry IScream are right. Report him. Make sure he doesn't come back.

I've never seen anything quite like that, but I've had older people disregard my personal space at work for a totally different reason. Like many grocery stores, the aisles are too narrow for anyone but Mary-Kate Olsen to move in front of their carts without moving into the little enclave where the next cashier is ringing people up. I would gladly move out of the way for them, but they would give no warning about coming up behind me (and my butt would end up against theirs) or, even worse, poke or shove me to get me out of their way.

In either scenario (yours or mine), the verdict is the same: PEOPLE NEED TO UNDERSTAND PERSONAL SPACE.


I used to put up with that at my old job. I'd cross my arms at the wrists and hold it out a little and that seemed to give them the message.

But noone, NOONE has a right to put their hands on you as if you were the merchandise.
That is clear harassment.


Oh, god, I hate when my "bubble" is violated! What that custy did was totally inappropriate.


Wasn't it great how he molested you in front of me. You should have seen your face as I idolly watched hahaha....

Green Grin

I ring up a sweet old lady all the time who will grab onto my hand. I know she's being nice but she is in my bubble! If someone actually hugged me I would probably freak the fuck out. I don't like being touched.

Strange Ambition

That lady would not have laughed if the same thing had happened to her!


Eww.... sorry you had to endure that!


I think he was really trying to be nice. He was just a bit too enthusiastic. If it was just a quick hug, no problem. I have several regular little old ladies who give me hugs. I like my personal space, but I'm not too upset when it's invaded; as long as it isn't in a hostile way.

I think it was the fat, wet kiss that really upset me the most. Ugh. That was uncalled for.

BackHole Whore

I remember when I worked at a bowling center a customer kept flirting w/ me. When I was waiting on my ride he came up and grabbed me and bear hugged me and proceeded to french me. It was gross as fuck and I screamed. He took off and my boss had me wait next to her until I got a ride.

Customer Service Slut

I do not like my personal space to be violated by anyone. Sometimes, not even my fiancee. I have a serious issue with touching. If someone kissed me at work, I don't care where, I think I'd drop kick them in the balls.

Number one, you don't know where their nasty ass mouth has been. They could be sick. Who freaking knows. Number two, what gives someone the right to touch you? Especially a complete stranger? Luckily for me, I give off a kind of don't-fuck-with-me aura, so I've never had that problem. I do feel very sorry for you, though. I hope you never have to deal with that again.

College Fried Wench

What the--?! I can almost understand a hug if I dial my brainwaves all the way down to zero if one asks (which he did) but kissing someone? No. No no no NO. Not on the American side of the pond. And this wasn't even something like les trois bises (the French custom of kissing people on the cheeks to greet them? French class was a long time ago) where culture differences can be used as an excuse. Sounds to me like he just wanted to snog on a girl, so get his ass banned before he tries something worse.


Can anyone tell me why the fuck it is older people have no sense of personal space and always want to touch you? Never have figured that one out, so if anyone has an answer, enlighten me.


There's only one customer at my work who I will allow to hug me. Mainly that's because we've connected through our grief (she lost her husband, I lost an unborn child).

My husband works at that store, too. I often hear horror stories at the end of the day. The latest seems to be about hours being cut due to budget woes, yet people are being hired. Fuckers.


When I was a LOT younger, I used to get grabbed around my waist from behind at college a lot. It freaked me out and I didn't know what to do, so I taught myself to jerk my elbow back. There were a lot of young men slightly doubled over behind me for awhile, but the learned to call me by name before tapping me on the shoulder instead. It was just the way things were back then in that area. They meant no offense, but that was how everyone greeted each other.

Fortunately, I haven't been "mug-hugged" by anyone, but if you should ever find yourself in this situation, I highly recommend this youtube video: It seems like it would convey the exact message you would want to send.


At least he asked? I had a very strange gentleman just grab me on the metro, one day, hugging me and not letting go for a long time. When he finally did release me, an angel of a man offered me his seat and very pointedly stood between me and the hugger until the hugger left. I was intensely grateful.

Honestly, I have no clue why custies feel entitled to make bj jokes or any type of sexual joke at poor slaves. I had a dude come up to our stand when I was working at the fruit market asking for a big cucumber "big as a man" with much winking and innuendo... Uuuuuuuugh. Because that's so attractive.

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