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Arant2 Obvious here again,

So my boss is one of the owners of the company and I manage all other employees besides her partner and her. Today she decided I should be taking images to post a poll on the company’s Facebook. She didn’t leave me instructions on how she wanted the pictures or anything and then complains I did them wrong I AK for advice and she just says redo them. After an hour of this she finally says Fine! I’ll do them! And grabs everything and stalks off.

Oi vey.

Now on to a story from my past:…

Once upon a time I worked for the Cal State University system when I was a freshman there (about 5 years ago). I worked in administration and the cranky parents we got were the worst!!! If you know about HIPPA laws you know I can’t give out any information even to parents without express implicit permission on a signed legal document from said student. Please keep that in mind.

Me: Thank you for calling CSU…, this is Obvious how may I help you?

AP (Angry parent): I want to know how my student is doing.

Me: Certainly. May I get the student ID number?

AP: mumbles off number.

I pull the records in my system.

Me: I’m sorry sir, but your child has not waived the HIPPA law and I am not allowed to give you any information.

AP: Well I want to know!

M: You could try asking your student, or tell them to come up to the admin office and we will be happy to have them fill out the paperwork.

AP: H won’t respond! I’m paying for college I want to know what classes thy are taking! I want their grades! Let me talk to your manager!!!!!!

Rolls eyes at manager who sits next to me. She shakes her head laughing, she doesn’t want him either.

Me: I’m sorry sir, she is not available. Would you like to speak to the Dean of Admissions? She’d be happy to explain to you exactly why I am not going to break the law, and get myself and this entire university sued because your son or daughter do not want you to access their information. Is there anything else I can help you with???

AP: No. oddly no longer screaming at me. He then hangs up.

I looked at my manager at the time and she just busted up handed me a cookie and then told me to go home for the day I was pissed. She even put on my hours I worked a whole shift instead of only a partial! I miss those days sometimes.




Were you working in the health center? Because otherwise I don't see how HIPAA applies.

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)is about medical records and privacy. I think you might mean FERPA, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Joe the Cigar Guy

"My daughter is drinking? And partying? And having lots of unprotected sex? In her freshman year? Of COLLEGE? WHHAAAAT?"


I think it's FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) you're thinking of, not HIPAA . . .


*will learn to read previous comments before she posts*


Ah the old, "I'm paying so it's my right to know," argument-has that ever worked? My guess is that the parent on the phone was one of those overprotective, hovering parents and the kid went to college far, far away to get away from him, and the parent is panicking.


yea, I was about about the HIPPA, because thats just medical. I had to sign those when I job shadowed at a local hospital (school project and I was interested in medicine at the time). Its nice to know about the HIPAA, though wasnt aware that existed.


I had parents call about their son, who they hadn't heard from in 3 months, and his phone was diconnected. They didn't even know where he was living. I did some research, since I couldn't tell them anything, and the student had been lying to his parents, telling them he was getting As and was ready to graduate. Turns out he was kicked out of school for bad grades.


At one point my brother had 'disapeared' from the face of the earth, wouldn't answer his phone, write back or anything and was studying in another country. At the time he was 23, so a 'responsible' adult, but it wasn't like him at all to do that and my mom was worried sick and tried to call his school. I don't know if or what they answered but I'm pretty sure she would have understood if they couldn't say anything. That's when you ask if the school and give a mesage to the student..


*ask about
really need to check what i write

Dark Lord of Marketing

I feel your pain Obvious. I'm the only graphically talented person in my company and 80% of my day is remaking things I've already done with the only instruction being "do something different than that". Tis the curse of the artistic, everyone else believes what you do is easy...


With parents like that, I don't blame the student for not giving permission. I didn't give permission for my parents to access my records, either, for the exact reason that I didn't want them to try to dictate my life. And for me, because I'm autistic, that might not just have been access, but outright educational power of attorney (because obviously autistic people can't make their own decisions). My mom would probably have tried to switch my major from engineering to journalism or something, because she's convinced I should be a writer and girls can't be engineers. Well, face it, Mom--I'm going into science, and there ain't a thing you can do about it. Nope, I don't blame that student one bit...

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