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Dumbass18 Hello!

Shellgirlsince14 back with more stories now that I have survived finals AND work.

Our gas station has a machine-wash. It's a very simple machine that has 4 wash types and uses the basic knowledge of a stoplight to assist motorists through the wash. Drivers must drive up to the little box & either deposit money or enter a code, after which the light flashes green to prompt motorists to drive into the wash. Once the front tires are on the sensors on the ground, the light turns red as the wash begins.

If a person drives too far/over the sensor, the light flashes yellow with the words BACK UP so the person can back up and be in the right position on the sensor. When the wash is done the light turns green again to prompt the driver to drive forward, under the blowers as they blow air onto the car to dry it.

A timer is located on the left side of the machine to give the driver a sense of how long they have to go under the dryer before it turns off. As long as they drive FORWARD and don't back up the dryer will remain on for that period of time & there are numerous signs in front of the wash before they enter prompting them NOT to back up under the dryer when the time comes. Seems simple enough.

So one of the MAIN problems we have with the car wash is the dryer. People ALWAYS, regardless of the signs AND verbal warnings when they buy washes from the cashier inside the store, feel a need to BACK UP under the dryer. *click* off it goes, and now I'm STUCK with a bitchy customer who has a clean, yet damp, car due to their lack of following directions. In these cases I usually hand them a towel and say sorry, your car is clean & if you had followed the directions it would be dryer too.

I can't tell you how many fights have gone down because of this, I've gotten to the point where they can do whatever they want, I will NOT budge because we have signs and when they drive it will air dry anyways so why do they deserve to go through again?

Another problem with the wash, people always enter with lose/damaged items and then claim our wash "broke" said item. Dumbass8

Thank GOODNESS we have cameras outside AND inside the wash to help show them that look! It was damaged BEFORE you even entered the wash…so of course the damn bristles will knock it back off. There are signs everywhere about how cars with loose or damaged parts should NOT enter the wash since there is a chance it will cause damage, not just to the car, but also to our wash.

Again, this is one more thing I deal with on a daily basis. Belligerent customers claiming the carwash "scratched" their beaten up car, or "broke off" their duct taped on side mirror, etc. And now, story time!

The story I'm about to tell you occurred when our car wash had JUST been replaced. It was barely 1 month old, BRAND SPANKIN NEW!

A female driver in a brand new Lexus goes into the wash, suddenly we, my mom and I, hear a loud noise and run to the wash.

We see the car door of the Lexus pushed all the way to the front of the car while part of it was jammed into the brush arm and the girl in the car looked lost for words. Immediately the girl yells to my mom "Your carwash OPENED my door!"

Thank god we have video cameras in the wash. My mom tells her not to move the car, calls the cops and we look at the video. The stupid girl had a parking ticket on her front windshield (the little tickets you get when you park in guarded lots).

While the machine was washing she got the bright idea of opening her door to try to grab the ticket, the wash went to reposition itself & luckily only took the door back with it since she jumped into her car as the machine was heading back to the front of the wash. We went through HELL with her because she INSISTED, even though we had video proof that we showed the cops when they arrived, that our wash had opened her car door and damaged her car.

Needless to say we took her to court and she lost. Dumcusty15

New story, this one happened today actually, so it is a fresh one! A lady comes inside, buys a wash ticket and heads to the wash. After a few minutes, she comes back and complains that she drove into the wash & nothing happened. We check her number and it shows that it still has not been used up so I go with her to the back to help her with the wash.

At the box, there is another car being washed, so I take a minute to explain what I did in the first paragraph of this entry to her.

1st off I explain to her that she needs to enter the code on the ticket into the box near me.

She looks at me dazed and goes "OOOOOH!!! No one told me I had to enter a code anywhere."

I stop and look at her thinking really? Why do you think the receipt says CARWASH CODE ##### on it?

SO as I continue explaining the wash to her she looks at me completely confused and says "Oh my goodness! I didn't realize you had to be a freakin rocket scientist to use this wash!?! It's so complicated!"

Again, I just stared at her thinking REALLY?!? How the heck did you get a license my dear!?!

So I literally had to walk INTO the car wash with her and walk her through every step of it, from signaling her when to stop and screaming "PUT IT IN PARK NOW!" to signaling to drive forward, pointing out the timer for the dryer, and signaling for her to move forward SLOWLY.

She made it through and was super grateful for my help, but I was still shocked that she genuinely felt the instructions I was telling her were "too complicated" and that the wash was designed for "rocket scientists".

I wish I could say she was joking but she genuinely looked/sounded flustered by the things I was saying so I'm not sure if she was having a bad day or if she finally managed to crawl out from under a rock somewhere.

Either way, my head still hurts when I think of how she thought our car wash was complicated.

The girl's wash basically looked something like this video I found on youtube. My dad wouldn't let me put the video footage we had on youtube due to insurance/security purposes, or else I would have given you the actual footage since she was a ditz and deserves to be humiliated for opening her door while the wash was working.





Grendus the Self Check Guy

Heh, I was just thinking about that clip. On the bright side, as I recall the guy who did that won the $10,000 prize. I don't think your lexus girl was as lucky (the guy in the clip, at least, admitted he was a bonehead).


yeah we had no such luck. i mean she did have to pay for the damage to our car wash since her door actually somehow managed to jam itself into the arm of the wash which she proceeded to rip out in an attempt to drive forward. it was a mess. if people can't can't handle a drive through car wash they seriously should NOT be driving.


I almost peed myself laughing just now. How in the heck could the wash have opened her door? xD


When I got my Ford Escape, brand-spanking new in 2001 with 23 miles on it, it was my baby. I took it to the car was every 2 weeks without fail. I think the car wash we used even had sponges because I didn't want to use "brushes".

When my oldest daughter, who was learning to drive, wanted to take it through the car wash, I was nervous. She assured me... "What could go wrong?" Sure enough, it ripped out my antenna from the roots! I was furious! Naturally, they had a sign that said that any damages were not the responsibility of the car wash. $58 later (HOLY CRAP!) I refused to let her ever drive it through the car wash again.

People who can't follow simple directions or pull stupid stunts like that need brain transplants. You have to wonder if they grabbed electrical outlets as kids or smoked a little too much of the whacky weed. I'm not a college graduate and never will be, but I'd like to think my common sense will far outweigh whatever education they have had.


Is it just me or are Lexus owners the worst entitlement bitches EVAR?

Book Baby

Our water here is notoriously "hard" and if you don't dry your car by hand, it will leave water spots. Now, most people do NOT care about this, but I DO. My 300C is my baby and my five year old car still looks brand spanking new (runs the same way!) because I take care of it. I hand dry it each and every time.

I wash my car weekly and you would NOT believe the idiots I have seen at the car wash! These people are considered smart enough to DRIVE and yet they can't figure out how to get into the car wash without a ton of crap in the back of their trucks or to have ALL the windows rolled up before the wash starts? Dear god, help us ALL.

Green Grin

I can almost hear the judge crying on the inside as he listens to the idiot girl insist that the car wash opened her door.

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