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From Cujo: I live in a huge vacation area and there's something about the tourism industry...'s almost like the second that people cross the state line they realize we forgot to pack our brains!  And the second that the ocean comes into sight it becomes well we're already almost there, no point in turning around and going back for them...

This picture makes me wonder:  If the SHOPPING CART is smart enough to park inbetween the lines, then how is it that the out-of-state driver is somehow not able to?





Because that's a NY license plate, and most people here are bad drivers... :P


Are you in MA? because I think I see a MA licence plate and if so i completely agree that people tend to lose all decency when they enter my state....especially Ny'ers

Token Female

@ShipsALot: Damnit, I was going to say that...

@Bumblebee: There is a reason that some people call us all "Massholes." A lot of us don't know how to park, either, not just the New Yorkers.


I'm in Fl. It's like the tourist spot from hell. Over all I'm ok with most tourist--some of them, thought, I just want to smack.

Misanthropic Barista

I live in Southern California, where NOBODY knows how to park. We don't need tourists because EVERYONE is an entitled asshole around here.

Misanthropic Barista

*except my fellow RHUers of course

bizhub bitch

LOL! The car facing the camera is pushing it too. Juuuust along the edge. I have the feeling that the owners of the Beamer didn't want the person in the pick up next to them to possible door-bang their precious car. And, that kind of selfish behavior leads to hogging a space and a half, extra selfish WIN. (not)

Token Female

If you notice the bluish car (that's what it looks like to me, at least) that's at the veeeeery edge of the picture, they're just on their side of the line as well. Nobody in this picture can park!

To be honest, though, sometimes I can't park either, but I usually take the time to straighten out and make sure I'm in the lines, even if it takes me an extra 3 minutes in the car. I do tend to wind up close to the inside of the lines, however.


Actually, I've had it happen where the first car in the row parks over the line, and then every car coming in later has to park a little over to accommodate. (It's particularly noticeable in the lots where everybody's in a big pickup or SUV and the lines are drawn for subcompacts.) Then the first guy leaves, and it just looks like nobody else can park.

Cujo, the bad driving puppy pimp

Bumblebee I am in MA :)
And I'll let you in on a little secret: My state has some really really bad drivers. Awful! But I'll tell you what separates us (and I say 'us' because I am absolutely a bad driver) is not so much the driving style as the attitude.

Basically, bad driving looks the same in Mass as it does anywhere else in New England, but the big difference is that MA drivers drive badly ON PURPOSE. Yes, we earn the name 'Mass-holes' at every possible oppurtunity.
When I lived in Connecticut I noticed the driving was suprisingly similar except for one difference: In CT, the lady who cuts me off does it because she's not paying attention. She'll be reapplying her lipstick while texting and pulling blindly into traffic and she had no idea that I'm there. That's why if you honk at her, she gets startled and slams on her brakes.
Whereas in MA, when the lady cuts me off, she does it knowing full well that I'm behind her, and as such, if I start losing control of my vehicle trying to avoid ramming into her I can rest easy knowing that she'll speed up.
She may be a jerk, but at least she's aware of my presence, which is a hell of a lot less frightening than the driver that has no idea that there are other people on the road besides themselves.

Bad driving is still bad driving.
And I feel bad for people who park over the line like that because in parking lots like this (Stop and shop) where there's closed circuit television (I know for a fact), I have NO PROBLEM taking that space that they're trying to discourage others from using. And when I take that space, I park so close to them that if they have a passenger, both people will be entering through the driver's side door.
I PRAY for the day that someone retaliates and damages my car out of spite for parking too close to them, because then I WILL OWN THAT BMW.

NC Tony

It's even worse when people park like that in MY FUCKING APARTMENT COMPLEX. It's bad enough I have to deal with that shit in public parking lots (and I've dented my fair share of doors when I come back to find I have two inches of space to squeeze into my car, when some inconsiderate asshole parks next to me), but when I come home I expect my fellow tenants to park so I don't have to park next to the goddamn dumpster.

It's because everyone wants to be all fancy and back into their parking spots, and they park all crooked and over the lines, with half of their car sticking out of the space. Always makes me wish the cars from James Bond films were real, I'd drop some tire deflating spikes under their tires, maybe cut off the piece of their car that's sticking out or into the other space.

Of course North Carolina drivers are even worse when they're actually on the road. I call driving "dodging the landmines of stupidity".


To my fellow MAssholes...i love this state, and while i do admit to retaliatory tailgaiting...i also realize that bad driving is bad driving, hence why i'll liberally use my horn to let someone know when i think they're being a dumbass.:D


That indeed looks like the "new" NY plates - the brilliant governor recently attempted to balance the state budget by changing the dates people needed to buy new plates. I can tell you that if it is someone from upstate NY, you're best off staying as far away from that car as you possibly can. Drivers from upstate NY are, on average, two orders of magnitude worse than your average Floridian. I've driven in both and there was no comparison, the average Floridian is Michael Schumacher in comparison to the average upstate driver.


I lived in upstate NY and they didn't seem any worse than average. My uncle said the drivers in MA are terrible and road-ragey, but I didn't see it for myself.

From what I've seen, Floridians and Quebecois are tied for the average worst drivers.

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