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Douchebag Drive Thru Custy and Bitchy Coworker Get Told

BADASSAWARDS3 LaughingBarista gets a Badass Retail Slave Award AND a Retail Balls Award for this story where she confronted a douchey customer and stood her ground with a horrible coworker:

Today was the day of idiots.

And that includes the customers AND the employees!

Our owner has a new store opening the town over. There's an old store there but it's outdated and doesn't have a drive-thru. The new one is going to be really nice and has everything that he wanted. Since the old store doesn't have a drive-thru but the new one does, he has sent many of his employees to our store to learn how to use the drive-thru. Essentially, it's the same as using the front but you have to be faster, learn how to use the headset and remember to be as specific as possible in transcribing customers' orders.

We had one girl, Jana, over. Really sweet girl and she got the jist of things very quickly. She made a few mistakes here and there but we're all human and that's no big deal. Then comes Asshole (AH for short) in the drive-thru. CAPS for emphasis on just how loud he was.

AH: I'll have a large iced coffee with milk and a plain bagel toasted with scallion cream cheese.

Jana: Ok, so that's a large iced coffee with milk and a plain bagel toasted with what kind of cream cheese?


Jane: Ok, so the coffee and a plain bagel toasted with chive cream cheese?


Jana shoots me a nervous look and repeats the order as she said it before. For those of you who don't know (although I'm sure you all know this), scallion and chive are the same thing. However, our cream cheese says chive on the packet. Now, he may have felt as if Jane was being condescending and correcting him. However, she was extremely pleasant the entire time and definitely was repeating the order for verification purposes.

Me: I'm sorry but there really is no reason to scream at us. She was just repeating your order for verification purposes.


Me: It's not that you're not speaking loud enough. That you're fine with. She just didn't catch that one part.

AH gets mad and asks for a coworker, Jane.

Me: I'm sorry, are you asking for Jane or James (old manager that just recently left)? [Most of you could understand my confusion. Both names sound similar just in regular talk. You can imagine how similar they sound through the drive-thru.]

AH: Are you fucking with me? JANE.

Me: I'm sorry but both names sound really similar in the drive-thru.


He drives through the drive-thru, without his stuff, and storms into the store.

AH: WHO JUST MADE A JERK OUT OF ME? All of us just stand there looking at each other?


Me: I'm sorry but we were just verifying your order.


Me: I work here to put myself through college.


Me: Get out of our store. We don't need your business.

AH: Blahblah *incoherent talk* Blahblahblah.

I walk to the back to collect myself because I'm a little upset by all of this. Back there is awesome manager (AM) and Jane.

Jane: So what happened?

AM: That guy you know (apparently she knew his name but I don't remember it) was rude to Jana for no reason. She just asked him what kind of cream cheese he wanted and he said scallion. When she repeated the order and said chive cream cheese, he lost it and said "NO, SCALLION!"

Jane: Well I wouldn't have repeated that. That was her fault. She shouldn't have said that.

Me: She was just verifying the order.

Jane: That was her mistake. She really shouldn't have done that.

(Mind you, it's policy for us to repeat the order for verification purposes.)

AM: She really didn't deserve that treatment and LaughingBarista was just defending her.

OCTOCAROL 329Jane: They were wrong.

I walk away to work again and get called to the back. Jane decides that she's quitting on the spot because she's saying that I said "Listen here, you don't know what you're talking about and you're wrong, blahblahblah."

I never said such a thing. AM was there the entire time I talked to her and verified that I didn't say that. However, Jane said that I said this while AM's back was turned. You know, because her hearing doesn't work when he back is turned to us.

Jane then went on to saying that I am always rude to her and that I'm never nice to her. This is certainly untrue. I appreciate all of my employees and have done multiple favors for Jane (including working for her on my days off, letting her leave early or come in late, etc etc).

Even though I know I never said such things, I apologized to her for anything that may have hurt her feelings. It was never my intention (maybe I said something that struck a bad chord with her) and I didn't mean to do anything. I was sincere. She brushed this off.

When AM asked her if I apologized (because Jane was saying that she was still quitting because of me), she said "Oh yes, she did" but acted as if it doesn't matter and that I am the devil and do everything wrong and treat my employees terribly. (AM asked the employees about it and they all said that I am a good assistant manager and treat them well.)

I am pretty hurt by her accusations and think that it's shitty that she said all of this crap about me. I'm also hurt that she took that man's side over the employee who was honestly just doing her job and was very nice to that customer.

Here's to hoping for better new employees!





Anime Con: Classless Custys Observed at Restaurant

Fortune_by_vampireketsuki-d41as1t1 NumismaticNerd here again, with an interesting tale.

Now I've heard people complain about Otaku (not here, but in person) being some of the worst to serve for whatever reason, but here is a perfect example of how we're not. A little background, my city hosts the country's largest Furry convention every year (anthrocon). It also hosts the usual comicon and such, but those are just glorified dealers' rooms, where if you go one day, you've gone the whole thing. We also host three cons of our own, a main convention for all ages in spring, a festival based off of Japanese Street Fairs in October, and just last weekend for the second year, we've had an adult only anime con.

The hotel that hosted us loved us, or so they said, but it's not the hotel that I'm talking about. Right next door to the hotel, if you can find it through the remodeling, is a small but expensive Chinese restaurant. Now we're at an Asian Culture Convention that happens to be 18+, so where do most Otaku go? That restaurant.

I went there and ordered what I wanted, and after a very small wait, got it. There were probably a dozen or so tables full of Otaku, and one table full of other. Out of my range of vision, but in my range of hearing, I overheard the Non-Otaku older couple start to ask questions about the menu, something like 'does the Szechwan beef come with the same vegetables as the brand new special Szechwan chicken.'

I thought to myself 'of course it doesn't, one is a special because of being new and comes with more' but I didn't say anything. The waitress seemed new, and spoke English less clearly than most in the restaurant, so misunderstood the question, answering that yes, the sauce was the same.

The couple thought that she was saying the veggies were the same and placed the order. By that time I had finished my shrimp and scallops and was working on my rice, debating whether to get some Lychee for dessert. When their meal came, the couple threw an ABSOLUTE fit. They demanded the manager, and the new girl seemed to be near tears. The manager spoke very broken English as well, so there was a disconnect there when the couple tried to explain, talking very fast and loud. Gee, if I had someone that didn't understand me clearly, I'd slow down, you know, silly common sense...

So after the couple got the Szechwan chicken with beef instead (how the manager and them finally got to an agreement and understanding) I overheard them talking amongst themselves that they were going to dine-and-dash.

That's when I spoke up.

Getting up pretending to have to look for the restroom, I passed their table, setting a 'Buy One Get One Free' coupon on it, in hopes they'd use that instead of not paying at all. I more of dropped it on the table 'accidentally' before returning to my seat.

I saw when I got back to my seat that my check was there, and after looking at it, decided firmly against the Lychee. Oh well, there's always next time. Cracking open my fortune cookie I grinned.

The fortune was perfect for the two classless jerks behind me. 'Character is to Man what Carbon is to Steel' and they didn't seem to have any character.

I kept my ear towards them as I happily munched my cookie, waiting to pay. They left absolutely no tip and left with the coupon, paying less money than I did for my single dinner for all three meals. If I would've had enough, I would've paid the difference, but this was the last day of the con and I was broke. I tipped well (30%) and took all my junk with me to continue the con.

And since I don't know how else to end this, I'll finish with the Otaku Stand Up Comedian, Uncle Yo's comment:

The Geek shall inherit the Earth! Live, Laugh and GLOMP!


PS: (The picture is my Balljointed Doll, Seria, holding the fortune in question. To see more CLICK HERE)

Mysterious Shopping Cart Circle Photo

Have they had enough? Is this Rise of the Carts? An alien Cart Circle? Drunk assholes? Who the fuck knows, but it's crazy! Photo is supposedly from a Costco parking lot in Goleta, California, 2007.

From Sparky.


RHUer Needs Advice On Dealing With A Creepy Custy's Sexual Advances


From Concerned Slave:

So I'm a long time reader first time blahblahblah.

This may not be a retail story since I work for a privately owned business and make less than minimum wage (paid under the table) but it is a crusty story.

The business I work at offers leg massage with their pedicures, so I'm used to massaging customers; usually it's pleasant, we have a nice conversation, they relax, and they might even give me a tip. I'd never had an exceedingly bad customer.... that is,  until yesterday. Just for a bit of background information, I'm a seventeen year old girl and let's just say that I'm rather "developed" (i.e I look like fucking betty boop ). I'm used to getting catcalls and street harassment; but this custy experience JUST TAKES THE FUCKING DOUCHEBAG CAKE.

Yesterday while I was at work an older man strolls in; it's a tad bit unusual for us to have a male customer, but not a huge deal. He asks for a pedicure, and of course, I go to massage him. That's when the freak show starts. As soon as I begin the massage he looks me dead in the eyes and asks me how old I am and if I'm into erotic massage. I quickly tell him I'm underage, and that's when he starts trying his hardest to get me to have sex with him.

These are just a few direct quotes from mr. fucknugget:

* do you do this for your boyfriend before you have sex?

* which way do you drive home at night?

* do you live by yourself?

* how often do you and your boyfriend have sex? Carolanne 056a

* you don't have sex? well, you know what I say man can't live by bread alone ( AND THEN HE FUCKING LEANED INTO MY FACE ) every man needs a little water.

* what do you keep in these pockets? ( he then proceeds to GRAB MY FUCKING HIP )

The entire time I massaged him he insisted on leaving his legs wide open in my direction ( our chairs are tiny and sit below the massage seats to make it easier to work on the customers' toenails)  so that I constantly had a view up his shorts, and wouldn't stop talking to me, no matter how often I told him I was uncomfortable with the conversation or how many "fuck off" looks I gave him.

After the horror was done, my boss starts to clip the guys toenails. When he's done, fucknugget insists that they're uneven and GRABS MY ARM AND PULLS ME INTO HIS LAP so that I can see them "from his angle" he also decided to touch my breast before letting me go.

My boss saw it all. And didn't say a fucking word. I know that if I told my mom and her boyfriend, they'd do something, but I'm terrified to lose my job. Is there anything I can do? Cause I'm terrified this guys gonna walk in there again and do the same thing again.

--Concerned Slave