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What a douchebag. He's the kind of person that makes me look bad. We try to serve our customers, but after talking to him ALL of us seem incompetent :K


I'm not sure I like what this guy is doing. I'm sure it looks funny, but if I was the manager of that store and I found out what he was doing I would insist that he leaves. I have a feeling that store got lots of complaints and could very well have lost business because of him. And I agree with "me" it makes the rest of us retail slaves look stupid.

If that man ever shows up where I work, highly unlikely I know, I will personally make sure he is asked to leave.

Misanthropic Barista

Yep, douchebag. I'd like to meet him, so I can kick him in the nuts. Jackass.

Care Plan Pimp

Reminds me of Improv Everywhere, when they had dozens of people wear blue shirts and khakis and walk around a Best Buy.

Joe the Cigar Guy

Funny...for about 2 seconds.


I would have been ok with this guy if he had just worn a red polo shirt with khakis and walked around Staples. But by wearing the same shirt, with the company logo as the other employees wear he is portraying himself as an employee of Staples.


I wear khakis for my work uniform, so when I have to go somewhere right after work, I bring a shirt to change into. One day I had a bright blue shirt on and happened to check out walmart. Got stopped 6 times.

"Do you work here?"
"Nope, sorry."
"'re wearing a blue shirt and khakis"
"Doesn't change the fact that I don't work here."

But this guy did it deliberately. Do not like.


I don't have a set uniform for my job. We just have a business casual and a lanyard with a nametag/store name on it.

And I get stopped quite frequently, no matter where I am. If I'm in my own store, and it's a simple question, I'm happy to answer. If it's something that's gonna be a little bit more work, I politely explain that I'm not working today and then point them in the right direction to get someone the help they need.

The real confuser is when I go shopping anywhere else with my car keys around my neck (US Navy lanyard apparently looks like a store logo) and I get plenty of customers demanding I tell them where stuff is.

One afternoon I was shopping at a different location of the store I work at, keys around my neck, but dressed in a tank top, short skirt, and flip flops- all of the above completely against the dress code when a woman barged up to me demanded "what does it take to get some help over here?" I wanted to tell her the first step was to ask politely and then to find someone who worked there.


I usually dress pretty professional, slacks nice blouse, clean shoes I'm often mistaken for working at a lot of places. If I can help the person--for instance I like red, and I have a lot of red tops and not thinking about it I often wear red tops and slacks at Target. I'm always being asked by other customers at where items are. If I know I will tell them. If I don't know I tell them I don't work there. I have never had anyone insist that I do work there after that.

I Don't Believe In Magic

I don't think customers care. They just see someone and ask. I have to wear all black where I work. I walk into Sephora on break, with my purse on, and my cell phone out. I try to look like a customer. And people still ask me for help. One lady even yelled at me for daring to wear all black in the store when I don't work there. And another time, this time talking on my phone, I walked into Old Navy, and a lady started asking me for help. I'm wearing all black, some slacks and a blouse. All the Old Navy employees are wearing jeans and blue shirts that actually had staff printed on the back. But I'm the one she asked for help. They see what they want to see. Barring all that, that really was stupid of that guy to go in there with the exact shirt on. People don't care what kind of problems they can cause for us.


I wear just random kinda beat up clothes when doing random shopping, like going to Target, for instance. Last time I was there I was wearing a blue shirt and beat up jeans. For some reason I kept getting asked where things were until one person finally clarified why they stopped me. I apparently looked like I worked there because I was putting things back that I decided I didn't want. Yeah, not being a pig crusty apparently equals working somewhere around here.


The guy is a jerk! People already think we are being useless, and this just makes it worse. I was shopping in Target a couple weeks ago and wearing a navy polo and khakis (my work outfit from Wmart) and I got stopped several times. I was also carrying a coffee and my purse and eating a donut. A couple of the people were polite, but one man actually told me that if I didn't want to work, I should give my job to someone who would work! I explained that I didn't work at Target, and he said "not anymore, you you don't". Then he claimed he was going to get me fired. I finally said "you know what, go for it" and walked away.


Take a chill pill guys. I've worked in retail for almost 7 years, and I thought this was funny as hell. And if you honestly have never considered wearing a red shirt into target or a blue shirt into best buy just to get a few laughs, then you are taking retail way too seriously.


Jon Benjamin is the voice behind Archer so I love him no matter what.


I don't know why, but I'm really surprised at hearing that people who mistake a fellow shopper as an employee and then are nasty when told that they do not work there. Some people are just assholes. I don't know what I would do if confronted with a jerk like that. Probably just laugh and walk away. I have also had people mistake me for working at stores when I have had my kids in tow. LOL.

Queer Geek

Oh this high-larious. I wrote poem about the dreaded phrase, "Do you work here?" which I'm sure many slaves have been asked.


Didn't lol at all. That was boring.


Like everyone else, I get stopped when I'm wearing my official uniform (black trousers and a simple plain blouse) for work during my breaks as I can see why (guess I look official or something), before and after my Shift, even if I'm carrying around my lunch, have my phone out and carrying a basket. Most of the time I'll direct people where they go, if I know, otherwise I'll just tell people that I don't work there. Most people are understanding and haven't met up with anyone who thinks I'm lying.

But I don't find what this guy did as funny. There are customers out there who won't -get it- and will cause trouble. It's not fair to have the people who work at Staples (or anywhere) made to look as though they have bad customer service just because that guy thinks its funny to psyche them out. Retail slaves are working their but off to keep their jobs at the moment and poor store performance just gives them more -stupidity- to deal with.

I wish he had then been forced to go and apologise, though undoubtedly not as it was all a -joke-. It just reminds me of the crap of the television show where a woman went around to show the bad service people were getting in clothes shops. And then how she would -improve- it.

Ok. Rant over.


There's still a difference between wearing a plain red polo and khakis and doing this skit; and wearing an official Staples shirt and doing it. I get where he was going with the joke, but really in the end I feel it was in poor taste.

Where I work, we just recently had inventory and so the whole inventory crew came in and was wandering around, looking official and purposeful and counting. Many customers stopped them to ask questions, and instead of saying "I don't work here" and shrugging helplessly, they explained that they were there to do inventory and did not work for , then pointing out an actual employee who did.

I also get stopped plenty of times when I go to Bullseye for my lunch break, even though my company's brown polo is nothing like their red shirt. :\


I'm a waitress and I tend to keep my black apron on til I get home. I get this all the time even when the color doesn't match or the employees don't wear aprons. Once at a plant nursery a guy wanted the same type of plants as I was buying and got mad because I told him he couldn't have the one on my cart. It's a good spring sale and these baskets go fast.


I wore a red Nike shirt into staples once by accident. It even had the swoosh on the chest. People looked at the swoosh and then asked me where to find stuff and got pissy when I said I didn't work there. I guess swoosh = staples?


It made me laugh but I would never wish that on anyone and I certainly wouldn't want him in my store. I would have been in much better taste if it was all staged instead of taking place in a real store with real clientele. My employer should sue him for tortious interference with a business relationship.


Does no one know who this guy is? Seriously- first of all, his name is H. Jon Benjamin, not John Benjamin, and he's the voice of the store clerk on Family Guy, Bob from Bob's Burgers, and Archer from Archer. He's been doing comedy for years, and his voice is extremely well known. He also did something called Home Movies as well. He's just taking the piss out. I think it's hilarious. It's absurdism.


This is why I don't own wear polo shirts on a regular basis. <<


I used to work in a movie theater and wore black pants and a black polo with an ad for an upcoming movie on the back. One day after work, I visited a nearby shoe store. A customer stopped to ask me a question, and I had to tell her I didn't work there. Not only does my work uniform not match the shoe store dress code, I smell like popcorn! How did that not tip you off?


I thought it was funny - am I in the retail minority? Ah well, H. Jon Benjamin is pretty much hilarious, no matter what he does. I appreciated the skit, simply because it shows how snotty people get when faced with the old "I don't work here" line. I've heard much worse while on break at the Bullseye (in uniform, carrying my purse, with headphones in my ears). This guy actually got off pretty easy, even with a company shirt on.


This used to happen to me all the time when I walked around the mall on my break. I was used to it and didn't really mind, even when my dress code didn't match that of the store I was in (we wore all black and had bright blue aprons with our store name emblazoned across the top). Once, I was in an Umbra store with my boyfriend while on break. I was eating a pretzel with one hand and holding his hand with the other. A woman said to me (without looking at me) "Get me those curtain rods from the top shelf." I apologized and told her I didn't work there. She looked me up and down and snapped "You're wearing an apron. Get me the curtain rods." At this point, an Umbra employee (dressed business casual and wearing a lanyard) came over. The woman kept going with me about my apron. I said "Well, yeah but it says [Store Name] on it. I work there, not here. I'm just on break." And she said, "But you'd have to READ it to know THAT!" Yep, there are many things I can do for you lady but I cannot READ for you.


Geez. People need to lighten up. I thought it was funny.

Random Dude

I can't decide whether this was funny or irritating...

I mean, it's one thing to wear a red polo and khakis, it's entirely different to wear a Staples employee uniform and walk around in a Staples store.

Although the people's dumbfounded reactios were funny.

But that one chick seemed legitimately pissed. It really wasn't funny seeing her get angry and upset...because all it does is perpetuate the "retail employees are dumb and unhelpful" meme that all too many customers believe nowadays.

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