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RHU POLL: Your Worst Closing Time Moment

Closeda1 Hi, RHU! Long time, no post!

I just moved into my own place (yay!) and got three kittens (double yay!), so I have been without Internet and busy for a while. But, I am back with a quick story.

I was ringing up a customer on July 4th three minutes after close and she was up to 50-something dollars worth of clearance shit when Douche and Douchette (40 year olds trying to be 17 kind of deal)  walk in and walk right past my manager who politely explains to them we are closed. They say 'whatever' and saunter around my store.

They complain about our cheap shitty earrings and how they'll turn Douche's ears green. Whatever, fuck them. The lady I'm ringing runs off to grab one more thing and Douche and Douchette throws a pair of five dollar earrings on the counter amid the pile of stuff from the other lady.

Jason 082z

I can't pause a transaction and go onto a new one and I'm certainly not going to cancel out 50-something dollars worth of stuff that I just spent the last five minutes ringing up.

I explain to him that I will be with him in just one moment. Douchette goes 'wow' really loud and Douche is like 'I know, fucking everyone's gotta be rude cause they're closed.'


I couldn't even respond. And my manager just blinked, as dumbfounded as I was. They left in a huff and the lady, who, though was making us late to close, was pretty nice, was like "You aren't rude. He just needed an excuse not to buy those earrings for his girl."

Anyone wanna share some bad closing time stories?

Till next time!





When I was managing the closing shift at Racy's on 12/24, I had a jerkwad guy(I swear he looked like George from Seinfeld) stick his hand in the door as I was locking the door. He whined "I just want to buy a few prsents, jsut a few things, yadda yadda". I lowered my voice into a growl and said "Sir, my associates have been busting their butts since October-working insane hours and waiting on half the planet who wanted to buy presents.They NOW have the right to go home and spend time with their loved ones. GOOD NIGHT sir!" He stammered 'where am i going to buy presents?" I told him to try the 7-11 and I locked the door with him standing outside, his mouth a big "O' shape:)


Last summer, a storm knocked out the mall's power and I was set to watching the mall doors and not letting people through. Inevitably I got asked where the closest mall door was so I added as part of my "I'm sorry, we're closed" spiel. Up walks a woman who I proceeded to tell her that we're closed and pointed out the nearest mall door. She starts arguing with me and demands a manager so I get one because I'm not putting up with this. Thankfully, ten minutes after she leaves, a group of people from upstairs comes to shut my gate.

Grendus the Self Check Guy

My store is 24 hours, but one time I did have to close the self check down during rush. I had a group of college age guys try to walk past me to get in line for one of the two registers I hadn't managed to shut down with a package of plastic cups and a belt. I told them politely that the self checks were down and they would have to go to one of the registers. Cue five minutes of "C'mon. No, c'mon. It's just some cups man, c'mon. That line's so long man, c'mon". I finally snapped and yelled "look, I don't know what you're hearing, but no means NO! GET IN LINE!"

Now granted, the lines were fucking long. This was during our "one cashier at night should be plenty" phase, and we only had two day shift cashiers who'd stayed, but I needed to get the self checks closed so I could open a register. Seriously pissed me off.

I also had a guy stand and argue with me for three minutes about how he wanted me to check him out when I was trying to close my register so I could open self check. He was like "but those lines are so long" and every time I told him I was about to open self check he would whine "but I don't like the self check". Yea... not my problem. Go to another line, or suck it up and use self check, because I'm not checking you out.

teaching copy slave

this actually happens quite often that we'll have a customer come in 5 minutes before we close (9pm) saying "we're thinking of buying a laptop" Now most of the time, we'll tell them that we're closing in 5 minutes, and then maybe give them basic info on 1 or 2 computers, but one particular night a manager allowed/forced the tech to give them full service, and try to sell them a computer, and I had to wait til 9:30 or a little later, and then the person didn't even buy a computer! so aggravating, when I'm the cashier, and all i can do is stand there and wait for the custy to buy something or leave.

Care Plan Pimp

Had a swarm of custys come in once just before the closing page, and surprise, they went right for my jewelry counter. They herded around it, getting greasy fingerprints everywhere and asking inane questions while everyone else in the store closed. Eventually they noticed the mall gate was shut (my counter was about 30 feet from the gate) and had the nerve to ask if I could open the gate to let their friends in. With the biggest shit eating grin i could muster I said, "Sorry sir, since WE ARE CLOSED we're not allowed to let people in but you can met your friends at a side entrance." They looked at me for two seconds, went "Oh" and left.


Good grief, where do I start? There was the lady who came over to check out exactly at closing time with an overflowing cart of clothes and bought about half of them, which was still like $200. By the time she left it was about 9:15, but the real kicker is that she left the cart right where it was with the other clothes in it, probably at least another $200 worth of clothes. And that night it was only me and another girl and a manager, and of course it was a night that we happened to be busy with other stuff. Didn't get out until 10:30 that night, when we'd be planning to be out by 9:45.

Or the time that we had some of our regular shoplifters hanging around in clearance with five minutes to close and my manager went back to let them know that we were indeed closing in five minutes and the woman shrieked "YOU ARE SO RUDE! THIS IS TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! I WANT A NUMBER I CAN CALL TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THIS!" Right, whatever. You're just pissed because you got interrupted while you were stealing our stuff.

Then there's the fact that nobody seems to know that we close at 5 on Sundays so it'll be 5:05 and there's still at least ten people in the store that we have to gently herd out.

I Don't Believe In Magic

I have two. One is actual closing time, one is an early closing for an evacuation. For the evacuation, one of my regulars came in just before we were starting to evacuate the building. I tell her sorry, that something has happened upstairs, and we have to evacuate, she asks me, "What time should I come back then?" That one just floored me.

For the actual closing time one, a lady came in about five minutes or so after we closed and purchased something. She was quick about it at least. No problems, but then she tells me that she knows we're closed, but she needs to look for some clothing upstairs, so if I wouldn't mind keeping the register open for her until she comes back. I told her that I do mind, and I would not be holding it open for her, and that the register upstairs were already closed. She went upstairs anyway, and I saw her before I was leaving with clothes in her hand, trying to find a place to pay, about twenty minutes past closing.


/me raises guilty hand

At one shop I used to frequent, they had two evenings they were open late. I got confused about what they were one evening, and wandered in about five minutes before they closed -- and started browsing. After about 15 minutes (making it 10 minutes after they closed), one of the sales folks came up to me and asked if there was anything they could help me with as they had closed for the evening already. What else could I do? I said, "oops", apologized, grabbed something I didn't need but could use, paid cash, and GTFO.

/me hangs head in embarrassment


I could always close without problems. Yet I had one closing problem as a customer.. It was 15 minutes till closing time and they would not fucking let me in!!! There was a woman standing at the doors, and told me they would close in 15 minutes. I told her that I was aware of that as I could read the sign, and I sure would not need 15 minutes to buy some spaghetti, meat and sauce. Then she told me that I should think of the cashiers who not only needed to close the counter, but clean the floors etc, and they would have to stay later if they worked until closing time.
WTF, lady? It is not my problem! If you print on the door 8-20, then you fucking have to let customers in until that time!
I let it go for the day and ate a pizza instead, but the next day I complained to the flabberghasted manager who assured me that no, his people were paid until clocking out, and nom they were not supposed to close 15 minutes early. It never happened again so far and I hope that the bitch got hell from him.


Far too many closing time stories to share. Frequently during the Christmas season our store closes at midnight and we're not customer free until 12:30 (I don't typically get out of work until 2am those nights). Or the woman who knew we were closed, checked out on my register, and then went back to look at more while I was waiting by the doors to kick her out.

I am however, a firm believer in the store being open until the posted hours (with the exception of natural disasters, snow storms, and bomb threats).

And a story about DQ not doing so:

It was mid-winter, but not a terribly cold day. My roommates and I decided to go and get some ice cream after dinner. (yes, it's winter but we lived in WI. Cold outside isn't gonna make the ice cream taste any less delicious). It was about 6:30 or so. Dairy Queen closed at 8 or 9, as was printed on their doors. However, apparently the kids working that night decided to close early and wouldn't let us in or serve us at the drive through. We were annoyed.


We always get people who complain at closing time, especially on weekends when we close at 6 Saturday and then 5 Sunday and most of are customers are from the city and used to longer hours. If it's really busy we do a 15 mins warning announcement but normally just a 10, then a 5, and finally a close. Every once in awhile we'll have to do an after closing announcement and we'll do it in an overly sweet and perky voice. Some staff also don't let customers in the fitting rooms so close to closing so we can clean them and don't have any surprises. We're sneaky though because our clock on the wall is 5 mins fast so we don't stress if people are in at close. But we cannot wait for people because we are expected to be done at close and clocked out right away or we get written up because we'll be over our hours.


For me (as a crusty!) it's restaurants. I've been in many a one finishing dinner with friends and suddenly there's this funny noise, and we look up and around, and realize...

That all the other tables have chairs upon them, the lights outside have been off for some time, and there's a waitperson hustling about with a running vacuum cleaner...

Apologies offered to those in Food Service Hell for putting up with us.



when it was five minutes past closing, we make a final call for staff to check their areas and make sure no one is still in the store, as this happens some lady walks in with her 2 kids, grabs a cart and heads towards me. I tell her that I’m sorry but the stores closed, she says she has to do a return and that's it, i'm not thrilled but my manager approves it and I have to do the return. half way through the return she asked if a sweater she put on hold a month ago or so was still being held for her. we don't hold items longer than a day and customer service is closed has been now for several hours. I explain that we don't hold items for that length of time and that the item was most likely put on the floor, she then asks if she can look for it....."are you kidding? i'm not being paid at this point so i'm pretty pissed I have to put up with this woman" I explain that i'm sorry our stores closed and we have to shut our tills down. she then runs, yes runs to the clothing department, leaving her 2 young children at the front tills, one of which was proceeding to unwrap a lollipop. my manager kindly tells the child they shouldn't open things they didn’t pay for. all this while we wait for the lady to hurry back, she ends up taking so long my manager tells her she has to finish the return so we can close the store, she explains that she will be away for 2 weeks and that she wants the sweater before she goes...."i'm sorry but our store is closed and it was open for 12 hours...if you can't make it in that time, too bloody bad" she finally comes to the till finish the return. but before she leaves she notices her child has opened the candy from earlier, she asked the kid if they opened it and the kid said no..."lie"....are you sure she says? I didn't open it the kid reply’s, the lady turns to me and says my kid didn't open this and leaves it on the counter.....
are you joking? she was a plague, I wanted to smack her head on the counter and tell her to get out.....unfortunately i need this job to pay rent

Security Bitch

I hate being in that situation, when someone walks away during a transaction to layer the butter in their popcorn or get something to add on, and the person behind them gets all huffy when I can't help them yet. if only people who walk away from the register would turn to the people behind them and say "excuse me, I'll be right back" so they're regarded as the bad guy, not the cashier.

Queer Geek

Big Fancy has this unwritten rule where the custy decides when they want to leave the store even after store hours. I had a really rude custy hold us up an hour and a half after closing with the lights turned off, the music shut down, and no one in the store except a manager, the customer, one employee, me, another coworker, and security. This would be fine if the custy was dropping thousands of dollars but it barely was $100. You've gotta be shitting me! $100 for an hour and a half of wasted time?

Former Hoarders Slave

One day at Hoarders, last summer, we were experiencing a sweltering heat wave and our shopping center was losing power due to the A/C use. we had to close early. Unfortunately, we were closing at the same time my shift ended, so rather than walk away at exactly 6 like I usually could, I became an unwilling closer and had to stay at least 20 mins late while my mom waited in the car, with no idea what was taking so damn long. I think she was pressed for time too, so I felt awful.

That same summer, working at my college's bookstore getting ready for the "rush period" where everyone scrambles into our tiny store to get their textbooks, the manager needed people to stay late to get stuff done. I understood the need for overtime work, and had I been living on campus or driving myself home I would have obliged, happy for the extra money. But no. I was living at home, 20-30 mins south of where the university's located, didn't have a car, and my dad was picking me up on his way home from work. the way the plan was set up, I didn't exactly have the independence to just stick around an extra 2-3 hours. She gave the whole staff an earful about how we were expected to work late if we needed to, and being unable to for any reason was completely unacceptable. Fuck. That. Shit.


Cartman has a story!!! At my store, I was the cart guy on duty and a custy comes to the lanes at about 5 minutes until close...not a huge deal...except that she has about $300 worth of random crap, mostly super cheap clearance. Well, long story short, its about 10:15 when she finally gets out the door, but she has 2 carts full of stuff! Guess who got to help her to the! So, we get to her car and I tell her to have a nice evening...she yells at me to help her load her crap! She didn't ask, no, she DEMANDED I help her. Eventually I get back in because the managers are all waving me inside so we can get out, meanwhile I'm making motions at them pulling my hair out because this lady is being a bitch. This is important to the story.

Well, after this whole debacle, custy realizes she has lost her purse, probably in the back of her vehicle underneath one of the piles of crap she's bought...but does she even think that for a second? NOPE! She decides to start asking everyone who comes out the door if they've seen her purse...or me. Thats right...she was blaming ME for her purse going missing. Actually the next day she brought the police with her and accused me of stealing her purse, to my face. I politely said "ma'am, I never touched your personal belongings, I'm going to continue doing my job and I will only answer to my employer, if they ask for me."

The police watched the camera, probably laughed at my antics in the lot, and did not see any evidence of thievery...because my hands were visibly pulling my hair out in frustration. Not to mention that someone would have seen a purse on my person when I came back in...I had nothing on to hide it with!

Stupid people. Dumb bitch never apologized for slandering my good name a) to my bosses and b) to my face. I refuse to help anyone out to their car after we close, thanks to that incident.



You're my hero!
I had that same thing happen to me this past Christmas Eve.
I got pinned down by a sour old broad who came in 5 minutes before closing and wanted me to help her find a gift for her granddaughter and didn't like any of my suggestions of course.
Halfway through trying to satisfy her picky ass another woman reached through the closed front gate saying "excuse me!" I called another associate (OA) over to deal with her. After I got rid of Grandma Last Minute, OA told me that the other woman had a question about the return policy, remarkably didn't ask to come in to make the return right there...but then asked if were were open on Christmas day (We're a kids clothing botique, not a grocery store or any type of place you might think would be open on Christmas)

That was my first and hopefully last Christmas in retail, and I ended it by getting drunk and listening to Christmas songs by Kevin Bloody Williams.

Green Grin

Closing time is a suggestion to people. I've lost track of how many times I've had to work past my shift or cut into my cleaning time because of time impaired idiots.

When I worked at Slaveway my supervisor had just opened the out door so we could leave after closing the store when this woman pushes her way in. We tell her we're closed. She tells us she just needs some yogurt. Well then bitch, come back in 7 hours when the store reopens and buy some yogurt then because the tills are cashed out and I'm clocked out. Go to 7-11 if you need some that badly; it's probably next to the overpriced banana.

At my current store there is a woman who I usually only see at night, entering the store about 15 minutes before we close. She typically comes up right at closing and then will demand price checks on each of her items and produce expired coupons. She would be far less annoying if she would just come in an hour earlier. Everyone who price checks for me is out the door as soon as we close and my price adjusting supervisors are trying to finish cashing out for the night.

Best management closing time fuckery was the idiot who threatened to fire me if I didn't work stay for an extra hour past closing on New Years Eve for a total of 90 minutes past the end of my 8 1/2 shift that he decided he didn't need to pay me overtime for. I was seriously broke and needed to job so I sucked it up but after I found out he wasn't going to pay overtime I just about snapped. I threatened to report him to the labour board and corporate if he didn't give me the overtime I had earned. I think he fucked with the time sheets somehow because the extra money showed up on my paycheck but my overtime still showed as 0.

Mel the Library Slave

When I was a relatively new library slave (I shelve returned materials), a man came up to me right after the final "we are closed" announcement and asked me to help him find something. When I politely said "I'm sorry, we're closed now," he launched into a rant that I remember included the phrases "You HAVE to help me. This is bad PR!"

I hadn't had a bad custy experience yet, so I was standing there with a sort of animal-in-the-headlights look on my face, wondering what the heck to do. Luckily, one of the librarians came to my rescue and led him off to find whatever he was looking for. The other librarian then said to me that she saw him wandering around for at least fifteen minutes before we closed. Seriously, dude? You couldn't have asked for help then?

I doubt he was able to check out the thing(s) he wanted anyway, since the circulation clerks shut down the checkout machines ASAP when closing time came around.


Oh dear god...
My store closes at 9. We had a woman once who took until 9:30 to finally decide on what she wanted. Which was almost kinda sorta okay because she was getting $200 worth of stuff and had tons of coupons that can't all be used on the same transaction...
Sonofabitch if she doesn't come back THE VERY NEXT DAY and returns $80 of it. The stuff she kept? All the free-item-with-purchase-of-XYZ. I asked my boss if I could punch this lady in the vagina the next time she comes in.


For me, working as a waitress, the most irritating thing is people who come in at 9:50, knowing that we close at 10, and want to order salads, apps, entrees, coffee and desert.
Now-don't get me wrong I understand that we are open to ten, but for me its the people who KNOW. We have regulars who will come in saying oh we know you close in 5 min we will be fast-but then are anything but fast. and I've been guilty of walking into a place close to closing, but when you come in every single night and talk with me, know about my school schedule, that I'm supposed to leave at 10:30 at the latest, and yet you walk in and take over an hour to have your meal? We clean up around you-vacuum, and put things away, you sit there and watch us clean up, and yet don't realize that we are closed??

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