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The Kid

It might actually be more depressing than that. My friend is chinese and he helps his parents run their small resturant. These "jokers" keep calling and asking stupid questions like "have you seen my cat? You sure? I bet he was tasty, huh?" or the same with dogs.
It's just racism from stupid small town hicks.


I was thinking the same thing, Kid.

Racism ftw?


@ The kid. Tell you friend to respond by saying: Yes, the cat was tasty, but not nearly as tasty as your mom's pussy.


Is this photoshopped?

Writer With A Day Job

This is a shoop. I can tell from the pixels and from having seen quite a few shoops in my time.


It's kind of stupid how this racist post made it onto the blog right below one that decries misogyny. It's only okay if it's funny? Wtf.


@Ael -- I think this is a case of the shop owners themselves taking the piss. Or they've gotten one too many prank calls and are fed up with it.


@WMDKitty - It's very obviously photoshopped. It's been circling the internet for years.


As sad as this is, I just got into an argument with one of my narrow-minded friends on FB because she says she is getting her two dogs microchipped SPECIFICALLY because she claims she doesn't want them to end up in a Chinese restaurant. She says that it was on the radio, so I said to post a link to a story and I'd apologize. That post was removed, ironically. I found a link to snopes, but because the restaurant in her area had closed down due to the "rumor", she will not change her mind. http://www.snopes.com/horrors/food/chinese.asp

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