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Entitledbitchstory Hey all, it's Miz Jill.

It's been a while since I last posted, and I'm glad to announce that I am no longer getting bounced back and forth from misses and juniors. The girl who was our full time juniors person took went to another department to be a lead, so that means that juniors is mine, and I couldn't be happier.

I now am working by myself most of the time (though I get help when I need it, seeing as how it's back to school time), I am in charge of a nice small department, and it's seldom insanely busy. I have to say, though, the best part is not having to deal with the drama over in misses, and no longer having to work with the department Houdini (now you see her, and then you don't, for hours on end, and no one knows where the hell she is). I also like that the juniors girl is somewhere else now, as she constantly made cheap shots at me about how she's the only person who ever did anything, when I would do just as much, and she'd talk on her phone and read, while taking credit for work that others did.

But that's not why I'm here today.

Juniors has it's own brand of headaches, lots of snotty teenagers, NAT's, and middle aged women thinking they can, and should wear clothing meant for 14 year olds (I myself still shop in the department even though I'm 28, but I'm talking about the 50 year old women who are buying booty shorts and wearing skin tight leggings as pants), and completely negligent young mothers who have screaming, climbing hellspawn, but it's not so bad, it's all pretty much to be expected over there.

But a couple of days ago, I had to deal with this one woman who I wanted to punch until she was a red and purple pulp.  OCTOCAROL 029

There's this lady that comes in once and a while, and she's obsessed with finding these camis that she got one of a few months back. She's kind of a pain in the ass, as the first time she came back to look for them, I caught her going through the customer hold room looking for one, and couldn't grasp the concept of "those are on hold for other customers", and anyways, it was a fluke that we had a couple of them in the first place, they came from another store in a huge transfer we got to bulk up our clearance, but she's insistent that she get more of these damn things.

Well, I haven't seen her in a couple of months, and it took me a minute to remember who she was, until she pulled up her shirt to show me said cami, which apparently, she wears every day in lieu of a bra (she's short, round, and pushing 60, so it was not the prettiest sight), I tell her that we haven't gotten any in, and probably won't, as they're a style from last summer, but she's still pushing me to find two for her in the alternate universe of our store to store system, okay, sure, I'll look, and make a few calls. I ask her for her name and number, and that I'll get back to her once I can track some down. Oh no, this won't do, of course, she doesn't have an answering machine, so she'll just wait.

This is where it gets REALLY annoying. RHSEPT 209

The thing about the woman is that she is excessively chatty. When she was saying that she wanted more of that style of cami, it took her about 20 minutes of incessant chattering to finally ask me if I could look on the store to store system.

So, as I'm going through the computer to see which stores might have this 3.99 shirt, she's just yammering away about anything and everything, until she says "I see you around all the time, so this is where you work, you live on ______ street, right" I do, so I tell her that, and she proceeds to ask me if I know mr so and so and mrs what's her face and so on, I tell her no.

My neighborhood is the kind of neighborhood where there's super nice old victorian houses alongside run down duplexes, and the people she's asking me about are of the victorian house set, and I'm of the crappy apartment building set. But anyways, it turns out she lives in one of the houses that's owned by the same rental company I rent from, so I tell her which building I live in, and she starts going on and on about what a terrible and depressing building mine is, and the one she lives in is so much nicer. Yeah.

To try to stand up for myself, I mention that the rent is somewhat affordable, and that they allow pets in my building. I have a dog, and it's incredibly difficult to find a place that will allow a dog that I can afford. That's when she says:

"I think the rental company should make all the tenants get rid of their pets, and if they don't, they should get an order to have them put down, or the tenant should get evicted."


I'm going out of my way to look for a clearance shirt for you, and you tell me in a super nice way that I should put my healthy, energetic, year old dog down because you think that all dogs in general are a nuisance? You don't even live in my building! My neighbors are fine with my dog, and there are at least 4 other people in my neighborhood with outdoor dogs that bark, should they all be put to sleep too?

I'm biting my tongue at the time, saying only that I love my dog more than anything, and that no one else seems to mind, and she continues to lecture me about how smelly and bothersome dogs are and that I should think of other people in the neighborhood before I do something so selfish as owning a dog (she's doing this in a fakey nicey nice way, by the way). I'm still looking for the shirt, when all I want to do is tell her to get the fuck out of my department, and go up to lingerie and get a REAL bra, instead of squeezing her deflated bean bags into a tank top meant for skinny teenage girls.

Well, she finally changes the subject, which would have been a relief, until she says this gem.

"I didn't know you worked here! I thought you were a streetwalker for the longest time! What a relief!"

What? RHSEPT 231

Okay, you just told me I should put my dog to sleep (which you didn't know about until I told you), and now you're telling me you thought I was a prostitute? I mean, yeah, I'm often walking to and from work in my work clothes, but I'm not really dressed slutty, unless you count knee length skirts and high heels as absolutely whorish.

At this point I want her the hell out of there, and I found some stores that supposedly have the shirt, so I tell her that I need to call around, and to come back in a little bit to check to see what I find, she leaves and I call the stores. After calling 4 stores, and finding that none of them have it, she comes back.

With hidden pleasure, I tell her that I couldn't find any stores that have it. She prattles on and on about how awful that is, that she really wants them, and I tell her that there's nothing I can do, because no other store has them, and how we're not going to get any more in, as it's a style we don't carry. Then, after all of the shit I have just gone through with her she says this:

"Oh, okay, I came in last week, and the other girl looked for me, I just wanted to see if someone else would have more luck."

What. The. Fuck.

I just did all of that, took all those insults, and you basically already KNEW I wasn't going to find anything?.

I can't even describe how bad my head hurts when I think of it.

I hope she gets eaten alive by wild dogs....that'll show her.

--Miz Jill



These people just have nothing else to do, have they? Geezuz...


So she thinks you're a hooker, you should kill your dog, and she sort of knows where you live? Not a good combination. Pray she doesn't knock on your door one evening...


Yeah. This is the kind of person that would call the police on a service dog for nuisance barking not knowing that it is a dog for a hard of hearing person and it is alerting the handler. If she owned a business, I could totally see her trying to bar a SD from the business and getting a huge lawsuit filed against her, never once believing that she did anything wrong.

As for the hooker thing... what a piece of work. Obviously on the way to dementia.

Green Grin

My God. If this woman was my neighbour I think I'd move. What a nutjob.

Soft Ice Girl

Ugh, I would have asked her to leave the second she suggested I put my dog down. What a bitch. I admire how you restrained yourself.


Christ, what a bitch. You deserve a medal for your patience. *hands over medal*

Master Anakin

Next time you see her in the store, go on the PA system and "announce" that you'll release the hounds in 5 minutes.

Music Girl

I would never have admitted where I lived - much less any other personal information - especially to someone so crazy.


Please. If everyone that lived in that apartment had to put down their dogs, that bitch would've been dead long ago.


I would have simply pretended to call the other stores. Screw her, Some people don't have anything better to do than waste time.


"I think the rental company should make all the tenants get rid of their pets, and if they don't, they should get an order to have them put down, or the tenant should get evicted."


I commend you for your Zen-like patience dealing with this sufferer of Foot-in-Mouth Disease. Most of us have/have had retail slave positions where we're supposed to just smile and take the abuse, but just how much can one person take?

I hope she doesn't go out of her way to harass you any further, with her now knowing where you live. It's bad enough former coworkers of mine have been bothered about their jobs, waiting in line for food elsewhere!

Lab Rat

Collect all the feces that your dog passes in the next week and arrange it nicely on her doorstep. Or, if they have security cameras, fedex it to her. Or send her some cookies with something gross baked into them. She's such a piece of work that I can't think of any punishment too harsh for her.


Creepy stalker alert!

Customer Service Slut

I would have told her to get the fuck out of the store. I have no idea how you managed to restrain yourself.


Some good 'ol Liquid Ass would be great for this old wench. Fuck that old doughball. "Ass" her.


Two things I would've done:

1> Tell her to leave the store for sexually harassing you, after the hooker bit.

If not, then;

2> Tell her that a store that is really far away has some, so that she drives way out of her way only to find out that they don't (lol).


I flat out refuse to tell any crusty where I live. Some of them ask, they'll say something along the lines of, "Hey I saw walking over on _______ street." I'm like, "Oh that is nice." If they don't get the hint, and ask, "So, do you live on that street?" Even if I do I'm like, "Nope."

Miz Jill

To be honest, I wasn't even thinking when I told her that I lived on the street. We have a ton of nice little old ladies that have been around forever, and it's no issue telling them what street you live on, and a lot of the time you get awesome stories about what the neighborhood used to be like 50 years ago. Yeah, it was pretty damn stupid of me to assume that this would be the case. I'm just happy that my building has a security door and that my dog is only outside when my boyfriend and I have her out on a leash.

NC Tony

After the comment about how all pets should be put down, I would've said, "Well, what do you know, it appears they don't make that anymore. So no other stores have them and won't anymore, because as I said, they don't make them anymore. So sorry. Now if you'll excuse me, I have other customers to help."


This is when you want to own a 150lb ex police dog, retired for a minor injury, but still capable of eating stalkers. If this woman should ever approach you while you have your dog for any reason, get a protection order. Period. She has already made it clear that she does not like dogs and perhaps might be a danger to dogs.

Su Chan

...and this is why the computer will never say they have anything in stock for this woman. No matter what she asks for.

Miz Jill

Su Chan, I actually typed in "hates my dog that she's never seen" into the notes section of the search window, knowing it wouldn't screw with the results..I'm wondering if it's been logged along with my coworker number, because if that's the case, I'm gonna do that every time that lady comes in and asks for something


What a bitch!!


Sweet baby Jesus, the hell'sa'matter with such a bitch?? I'm with Humor Me on this one...she ever goes anywhere near you or your dog, ever, get a restraining order. Or, hey, maybe get more dogs? With big teeth? I mean, clearly, they're for protection from this insane woman...also? Major props for not slapping the shit out of the woman for calling you a hooker. I'd have lost my job that day...and yet, not a single fuck would have been given.

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