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Tale of Restaurant Karma: Luck Runs Out For Diner Dashing N.A.T.s

Storytime15 Hello, It's Angie.

I work in retail at a furniture store as my main job but a about year ago I decided to torture myself some more and took a part time job working at a small seafood restaurant. Today I was thinking about an incident that happened there.

A family of four comes in, two kids about eleven and twelve and what I guess you could call their parents (druggies I guess, but what do I know) I know right off they are going to be trouble.

First thing that clues me in is they ask to be seated at a table closest to the door. Big red flag, they are going to dine and dash. I have everyone in the restaurant watching them and inform the manager. The manager tells me to go ahead and wait on them, what else can we do? 

They order expensive seafood platters, drinks, steaks and fancy desserts. The check is around $150, but what does that matter? I don't even get the check to the table, I look over and they are gone. I didn't see it but some co-workers told me they sent the kids out to the car first, waited a few minutes and then bolted.

This is the funny part of this story: They left their car keys on the table.

We watch, as the manager calls the police, them scramble and frantically look through their pockets for the keys. They see us all watching and the manager on the phone. They all scurry out of the car, run across the street to a strip mall and go into a McDonalds.


The cops show up and bring them back over to the restaurant. They try and say that each of them thought the other one took care of the check.

The manager tells them, OK just pay the check now and we won't press charges. OOPS..Guess what? They don't have any money.

While this is going on the police have their Ids and are running their names. They put the man in cuffs and into the cruiser he goes. He's going to jail regardless, must be a warrant or something. The woman makes a few calls on her cell and about a half hour later an older woman shows up and pays the check with her credit card. She looks unhappy but really doesn't say anything, she just sighs and signs the credit card slip, even writes in a tip. I am guessing it was grandma. We give yucky mom her car keys and off they go.

The very sad part of this story is that there were two children involved in this, that part was not funny to me at all. It's one thing to scam and steal but to bring your kids along? Hopefully it was a lesson to the parents, but as the manager pointed out, the kids didn't look to upset or scared when the police were there. You just know they have been through this type of thing before.

Everyone, please stay safe over the long weekend!


Barista Hell: Bad Managers and A Hurricane Inspire Strength To Make A Change


Hey guys!

LaughingBarista again here with an update.

I quit!

That's right you guys, I fucking quit. After five years of bullshit, hard time and nasty custys, I am done.

This has been a long time coming for me and because of that, I applied for a few jobs. One of which was a nannying position for two adorable kids which would pay me a dollar short of twice of what I'm making at that donut hellhole I work at. I went on an interview today and got the job. I start next Tuesday!

All of this was provoked by this weekend.

On Wednesday (the day before my days off), I stayed an extra TWO hours past my schedule time doing things for the manager (mostly cleaning, but also organizing stuff and getting a bunch of things ready for her the next day). I get to work on Saturday and all seems fine. Then she sits with me on my break and spends my entire break berating me, telling me how I've been doing a terrible job lately and how she doesn't understand why things have changed. She said that "You're the same LaughingBarista but your work ethic is different."

I'm sorry, but someone who has terrible work ethic won't stay two hours PAST their scheduled time to do things that they aren't required to do for the manager just to be nice.

New Freddy 050a

I was honestly shocked. I try so hard to help her and she still claims it's just not enough. She even said "Your job is easy. You don't have it nearly as bad as I do. I have so much more work to do and I only ask you to do a little bit and you still can't do it. I really need you to do more."

This is beyond ridiculous because I do EVERYTHING that she does and I get paid $4 an hour less than she does. It's ridiculous that she would even insinuate this, let alone say it to my face. At this point I got upset and had to excuse myself before I quit on the spot.

About an hour later she came up to me and she asked me if I was ok. I told her no, that I really wanted to quit and that I was probably going to. She said not to do that, that she needs me and that she knows I do so much for her (contradictory, no?).

Then she said if I quit she'd never talk to me again (this is where I thought to myself "You need to quit and ASAP"). I told her I couldn't make any promises and that I wasn't sure. To her credit, she was very comforting and felt bad that I was so upset.

After calming down for a bit, we decided to call the owners and ask them what our plan of action was for Hurricane Irene (we were in its path and it was expected to hit later that night/early morning). He told us that we were in no way closing and that we must open, regardless of conditions and that it was no excuse for everyone not to be there.

I was supposed to open but my mom refused to let me go. She told me that it would be ridiculous to drive out in that weather (the weather wasn't as bad as my mom thought it was but it wasn't great for obvious reasons). I told manager this and she said that was fine because there was someone who lived down the road who could open for me. I told her I'd get there once the weather let up and I got there around 9AM.

Jason 024

First of all, I could not believe how fucking crazy it was that day. The line was out of the fucking door. People were crazy and ordering items worth upwards of $60 (AT A COFFEE PLACE!).

Then, around 11AM, the power went out and stayed out until 6PM. We called the owner after an hour or two and his response? "Oh, just stay there and sell all of the donuts, bagels, muffins and iced drinks you can!" We all thought this was ridiculous but we did it.

Customers were ridiculous. After making multiple announcements and three different signs placed on each door which must be opened to enter that said "We do not have power. Therefore, we cannot make you ANY hot drinks. This includes coffee, tea and lattes. Sorry for the inconvenience" people still asked for ALL of those things. We have NO power, so how can we make you new, hot coffee? Oh, that's right, we can't. Idiots.

It was because of this that I really decided to try hard for this new job. They are the SAME exact way in the winter and will expect you to get there, even if there is two feet of snow on your driveway. I didn't want to deal with that stress anymore.

I must say, it feels really good and I hope that everything goes well with my new job.

Until next time!


Mexistore Basket Head Mannequin

From Mick: A stunning cross between female gaucho clothing mannequins and flower baskets, comes this mexistore creation from 4th street a block away from an excellent hometown pizza place.


Super Hell Time At Old Slavery

TSHIRTSPONGE Hey guys. It's T-shirt Sponge.

Ive been away for awhile, but that's because after Fourth of July, I thought I was gonna light a firework off in someones ass. EVERYONE was horrible to me that day.

But today was worse than anyytthhhinnnggg.


Beginning with last night, the store was DESTROYED. We had so much business it was ridiculous. It was as busy as the holidays. Shit was just RIPPED apart. Like if dinosaurs roamed aimlessly through the store, thrashing their tails around, it would probably have been less messy.

But anyway, cleaned that shit up until almost midnight. Came back in this morning for the hell on Earth that is Supercash. Dear fucking Jesus, what idiot in corporate came up with this genius ass idea, I don't know, but if he still has a job, there is no justice in this world. PLEASE SOMEONE fucking explain to me WHY when passing out the coupons two weeks ago, we were allowed to give out 3 PER TRANSACTION and now that it has come time to redeem, customers can only use ONE PER TRANSACTION....

....WHAT STUPID FUCKING COCKWHORE THOUGHT THAT WAS A GOOD IDEA?!?! Who sat down at his desk that morning and was like "DERP! GOT AN IDEAR!"?!?!


Oh and did I mention there's ALSO a 30% off coupon floating around at the same time? And the Supercash can't be combined with any other offer, is not good on licensed brands, jewelery, or ANY of the football or college clothing, WHICH IS THE MAJOR SALE RIGHT NOW?!!? Yeah. Yeah, there's fucking that.
And of course, no one thought this was important information, so when we were passing them out, we were like "SURE, you can use them all at the same time! It would be stupid if you couldn't!"

So we have people coming up with EXACTLY the right amount of clothing (because you have to spend a certain amount for each coupon to work) with like 6 motherfucking coupons and then we have to tell them that we have to stand there and split it into seperate transactions.

And if you don't do it perfectly, the prices don't work out, bitchez can't be usin all they coupons, and then everybody's pissed.

I hit my wall about a half hour before my shift ended, when I rang some lady up, couldn't use her last coupon, she sneered at me, walked two registers down to a different person, and had her return it, get a manager, and re-ring it all so she could get an extra 10$ off. Of course, then I had to hear about it, and I was like, "Dude, I don't even CARE."

Carolanne 009 SIGH.
On a seperate note, anyone think its RIDICULOUS AS FUCK that people think your head is full of fucking walnuts because you work in a store? Do they really think that all the people handling the money are so stupid that we're just going to bang our heads into the counter if we're not given careful instruction?

Some lady told me today that a hoodie was ringing up wrong, that it had been priced differently(NOTE: she had TWO), so I radioed a manager, got a quick answer, and said "Ok, sorry, I'll change it for you," and she goes "And this one too" and holds up the second hoodie before I had a chance to do anything.

.....No, fucking really? Thank you so much for pointing out that identical item for me, because as an employee of this store I surely either would not have recognized it as the same one OR would have passed it up and changed the price on only one because I am literally stupider than shit.

Are you fucking serious?
Starting to count down the days til college graduation. Only two years to go XD


--T-Shirt Sponge