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Retail Heaven Experience: The Way Things Should Be But Never Are

OCTOCAROL 044 OMG, guys!

Art & Amaretto here!

I have now experienced Retail Nirvana, the Way Things Should Be But Never Are.

Yesterday we started registration for fall classes. This is usually a zoo. Yet, somehow, during the entire course of the day:

* No one tried to argue with us about pricing.

* No one tried to argue with us about scheduling.

* Everyone cheerfully had their payment method ready.

* No one objected to providing basic contact information.

* Everyone was polite and chatted with us like we were human beings.

* Not a single person tried to get us to make an exception for their Talented Little Angel.

* Nobody at the counter got huffy if we had to answer the phone, and no one on the phone got huffy if we asked to call them right back.

* WE MADE A SHITLOAD OF MONEY! (Well, by our admittedly low standards, but still.)

Take heart, RHU-ers! Custys are capable of acting like evolved beings! I CAN DIE HAPPY I HAVE SEEN THE PROMISED LAND!

--<3 A&A




Holy cannoli...what is the secret?? I must know! ...'Course, I doubt it'd work at a Sam's Club...they're not so much zoos as screaming pits of hell. Still, it'd be fun to try!

Fellow Slave

*round of massive applause and cheers*

Celebrate the little things, 'cause goodness knows a good day sometimes seems few and far between.

And for that little addition to the goodness place in your heart of happy feelings and belief in the best of human interactions, keep it well.

Too many pits of despair and misery on RHU. We have to cherish the happy times.


Anyone else expecting Rod Serling to show up, now?

Arch Guy

Is this Punk'd? Where's Ashton Kutcher and the cameras?


You DO know it was all a dream and you're going to wake up, right?

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