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From Anonymous Retail Slave:

Just a funny story I gotta tell everyone about. 

My friend was working POS and I was in Jewelry (totally not paying attention) C was checking out a lady and she bagged her items up. 

The customer tells her that she does not need a bag she likes to save trees. 

We use plastic bags. 

C tells her that we use plastic bags and the lady says:

"Yes, I like to save plastic trees too."

Has anyone seen a plastic tree in the wild? Would love to know where are bags are coming from.

Well keep saving those plastic trees!

--love the kids ur parents told u about!

Hellspawn Creators: When Good Kids Turn Bad Because of Their Parents

HELLSPAWNTALES Hey there, E again but this time!

I've come up with a name for myself.  I shall henceforth be known as WildcatWaitress - a tribute to my schooling! So today I have a story as a customer.

Some random backstory:

I am currently laid up with a fractured foot.  The doctor only made me take a week off from work, and that was only to get used to the balance/weight of the walking boot I am in.  At first that sounded fun! I week off sure awesome!  That was at noon on Monday.  By 830pm Monday night, I was ready to go back to work! (I really do LOVELOVELOVE my job).

Lucky for me the bosses and their sons (who all help run the restaurant) have been really great about helping me get my shifts covered.  But anyway, I'm 21, and female.  I am also a bit of a "tomboy", though in recent years have started to become more "girlie".  If I have one "girlie" that I LOVE it is getting my nails done.  Any time I have sustainable income (aka a job) I start getting my nails done, a manicure and pedicure every 2 weeks (I also save part of my pay checks to keep it up should I loose my job!).

Though it is something I do because I enjoy it, to me it is also important for work.  My hands are in front of customers ALL DAY, putting down drinks and plates, picking them up handing straws, checks etc. so having clean well groomed hands is something I consider important.

These two pieces bring us to today.  I got my nails done last week, but wasn't happy with the color (but was still going to wait the week-i cant justify spending the money!), but with being stuck at home on my foot I've been going stir crazy, I also needed some time out of that mother loving walking boot! So I decided to spring for an extra mani/pedi to get me out of the house and relax a bit!

When I got to my nail place, there is a woman there with her sister, and two young girls.  Now the girls are playing fairly nicely.  Running around a bit, but not screaming and trying to stay out of the way.  So not quite hellspawn, or heavenspawn..maybe..purgatoryspawn?? It was mildly annoying but really not that bad.  Until.

Hellpics 055

One of the girls tripped as she stopped short to avoid tripping one of the manicurists.  (yes, the girl stopped so fast she fell in order to avoid getting in the way).  After that the mother decided that she was going to start yelling at the girls any time they moved.  And that jut made it worse.  One of the girls looked to be about 7 the other about 4, and after being told by their mother "if you move again you won't get to come next time" anytime the younger one would move, the older one would start yelling at her to sit down and stop or mommy will get mad.

It was one of those mixed situations.  The girls weren't really being that bad to begin with, but their mother scolding them actually led to them being more of an annoyance then they were originally.

Has anyone else seen this happen? Kids who are behaving, or not being outrageously bad getting turned into hellspawn by parents??


PS! Happy Best Month EVER!  I love October, because I love Halloween and can't wait to celebrate it at work where we get to work in costume that night!! My awesome new nails-orange and black :-D

Update On Returning To Retail

Numismaticnerd NumismaticNerd here once again with good news!

As a very short update from my previous post, I will be doing my orientation for working at Huge Raptor next Thursday, the 6th.

I didn't yet get a chance to ask about lockers at the store, and my friend who works there thought I said 'Walkers' as in people who walk through the store helping.

Oh well, I'll find out when I get there. I've already said that school is the most important to me right now, and my front end supervisor actually has a friend who graduated from the same school, so she knows the craziness of that school's schedules. I just need to ask about possibly changing my schedule to fit better into the bus's schedule, so I'm not late from school to work, or worse from work to school.

Thanks for all suggestions for the hike to the store, it turns out that I think if the bus driver is nice enough, s/he'll stop at a non-stop for me, which means I only have a small hill, not a HUGE one.

The only thing that so far I don't like is (I know it's a hot-button issue, and I have my flame retardant suit ready) that the store is unionized. Most unions take some of the dues money and end up donating it to the opposite end of the political spectrum than I am.

The best parts about the store/company are: EXCELLENT sushi, fresh made every few hours, and also I personally know someone who is in the training tapes (he's an assistant store manager at another location, and was my dad's best man at their wedding, now he's VERY good friends with my mom since my dad's passing three years ago)

Is it bad that I namedrop him, since so many people know and will recognize 'the captain' as he's partially known on the training videos?

Anywho, thanks for reading, and again thanks for all the suggestions with my last post.

Wish me luck for this next adventure

--Numismatic Nerd

PS: If anyone wants a Zorua with Snarl, bred from the event Zoroark mentioned in my last post, I suggest you facebook me. I'll be putting the same offer on the RHU facebook page once this is posted, so you know who I am. (I do NOT do custom natures though)