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Cashier Has Homer-esque Moment


Today I want to tell you a funny story about a somewhat dim-witted cashier.

I was waiting in line at a supermarket and witnessed the following:

The cashier, a man in his early twenties, was ringing up a customer, and there is a big packaged thing the person wants to buy, obviously not regular merchandise (this supermarket only sells food and household stuff permanently, but has different non-food stuff every week).

Cashier: Oh, that´s a strange thing. Where is it from?

Custy: Over there.

Cashier: Was there a number on it?

Custy: Uh.. no?

Cashier: See, I cannot determine its price. (Examines the thing thoroughly, then flips through a handbook, two minutes later he runs over to the non-food section)

Cashier: Hm, it seems to be the last one, so I cannot determine the code number. I suppose it is from last week.

Custy: Now what do we do?

Cashier: I don´t know. (Contemplates for ten more seconds, then shouts at another cashier) Mister Herpderp, how do I process this?

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Mister Herpderp: Have you searched for the code?

Cashier: Yes, not there.

Herpderp: Is it listed in the book?

Cashier: No.

Herpderp: Is there a price sticker on it?

Cashier: No, nothing like that.

(Note that the whole kawabanga has been going on for a swell five minutes now)

Herpderp: Well, I don´t know. And scanning it does not work?

Cashier: Oh! I don´t know.


Cashier (turns red): Ten ninety-nine please.

--Soft Ice Girl




Nowhere Girl

I've done that.


Brain farts, we've all had them. XD



Haah... I once spent ten minutes looking for my lighter. While using said lighter as a light source.


I too have totally done this. In front of a long lineup of staring customers. While wearing my manager nametag.

And WMDKitty, you rock. I LOLed.


Thank you, Queenofcrows!

The kicker?

I was dead sober at the time.

Fortune Cookie

WMDKitty, I know what you did there. I was calling my mom on my cell to let her know that I cannot fidn it and if I left it at her house...


Ever lose your glasses.... I'll just leave it at that.

Green Grin

I have done this more than once. Tomato clamshell not scanning? Let's not notice the PLU printed on them. Special item not scanning? Oops, I forgot about my cheat sheet of codes for the special items in this week. Repeat ad nauseam.

All of the comments remind me of this webcomic.

And I can totally relate. I lose my glasses while wearing them on a regular basis. Also all the times I freak out when something isn't in my pocket. Usually because it is in the other pocket. Or my hand.


@Humor_Me: Oh yes. Usually after I put them somewhere that I 'won't forget.'

I was also trying to get a picture with a VA and was desperately searching for my camera...that was around my wrist.


Aww, bless. Happens to the best of us.


I've done that. Not specifically with a lighter, but I've had moments when I panicked for a second because I thought I lost something important only to realize said important object was in my hand!


I've gotten in the shower with my glasses still on, I've lost them while wearing them, I've looked for my phone while talking on it, etc. I am brain fart central.


I've gotten in the shower with my glasses still on, I've lost them while wearing them, I've looked for my phone while talking on it, etc. I am brain fart central.

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