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Kiliana Nightwolf

How can he even walk like that?


I've wondered the same about ones hiked much higher than that. *splat*

Former Healthcare Slave

Seriously, at that point why even bother putting pants on.


How old is he? 12?

Buddy the Elf...What's your favorite colour?

Former Healthcare Slave - I have always joked they need to abandon pants and just get legwarmers :)


He looks like an idiot!

I wonder if he goes around during the day wondering why people are snickering behind him.

Mel the Library Slave

Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground...

What? Somebody had to post it.



I don't get it -- is that supposed to be comfortable, or something?


I know it's no shirt, no shoes, no service, but isn't there a indecent exposure law around here somewhere?

Also, anybody else notice that he actually HAS a belt one, and it's the only thing keeping his pants strapped to his knees?

heavy melvanova

Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground...
What? Somebody had to post it.
Posted by: Mel the Library Slave

OK, now that is spooky .. I was thinking of the Pants on the Ground song, I am also a Mel, and I'm a librarian ... my evil twin is loose! Or am I the evil twin ... ?


Two midgets walk into a bar riding piggyback...
G. Carlin

Joe the Cigar Guy

Maybe he's got a REALLY long torso.


As Dennis Leary said in one of his comedy routines regarding young people these days: You know shit about shit and pull up your pants!



It's pretty appropriate considering it was guys like this one that song was written about!


That's it. I'm going to pass out cards with the origin of low pants to offenders. Let's see how many of them want to drag their pants around like that when they find out that it's the symbol of the catcher in prison.

heavy melvanova

Framer - I know! It just kills me to think that these tough thug wannabes are pretty much saying to the world "Here's my ass, wanna go for a ride?"


But that doesn't excuse these idiots from walking around with their pants around their ankles and the rapper and fashion industry to continually produce enabling clothing like extra long shirts and athletic type clothes so loose you could fit a family of badgers in it. When people stop promoting it, people stop buying it. When people stop buying it, manufacturers will finally go on to something those of us with common sense can deal with. Obviously, we aren't winning.

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