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heavy melvanova

I didn't know Frodo had his own line of footwear ...

Red Rider

Feet freak me out so I find the feet shoes kind of creepy. Also, if you're going to make shoes that look like feet, they could at least be nice-looking feet.

Convenience Store Jockey

Where can i get a pair?

Cherry IScream

This looks like it should be on the cover of a cheap horror film.
"The Shoemaker", coming to screens near you.


Why bother with those when I can just go barefoot?


Ick, I hate the feeling of things between my toes.I absolutely can't stand the feeling of toe socks, toe shoes would be torture.


Are they real? I doubt it, probably just another take on Magritte's work.

I have some toe-socks that I wear, but I like the ninja socks beters ( the two 'toe' japanese sock ), but I've heard that toe-shoes are not that uncomfortable.


Buy a pair of these shoes in case your own feet are just too darn attractive looking?

Retail Renegade

love em, these are way cooler then the new bare foot running shows at the stores right now.


Well these already exist: so why not a more "fashionable" set?

FTR, there ain't no way in HELL I'd wear any of them. The toes freak me out.


Sorry, carotte ~~ don't know where you got your info, but point shoes are quite uncomfortable, even for an experienced dancer. Not uncommon for a dancer new to pointe to bleed through her shoes.


Tripichik, I don't think Carotte's referring to pointe shoes, but rather to Vibram shoes that have individual spaces for each toe.

Music Girl

I've actually seen the toe-shoes at various outdoorsy-type stores in my area(though never ones that actually look like feet...). They're
becoming quite popular.
Apparently a lot of runners really like them, as they help the foot move more freely/naturally.


It puts the lotion on its skin...


Yeah, the Vibram Five-Fingers... people I know wear them and really like them. I'm gonna buy some sometime. But I don't like how feetlike these are. I hope they're not real shoes and just some realistic fake o.O

Hellbound Alleee

Looks like a really good photoshop challenge.


These are definitely photoshopped (the toes are too small for actual toes to fit into them), but I'm probably going to try a pair of the Vibrams. Word of caution. LOTS of fake Vibrams out there, cheaply made. If the price sound too good to be true, it probably is.


My middle daughter has had Vibrams and swears by them.

I wouldn't mind trying them, but I don't think they would work for me because of all of the arthritis in my feet. I don't think my ankle brace would work well in them either.

THOSE shoes would be great for a troll Halloween costume. All you need is a little brown and sickly yellow nail polish.

John McDonald

What Red Rider said...
I'd rather show my own toes than that horible pidi-not.

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