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Cell Phone Store Hell: Custy Freaks Out Over Repair

DouchebagCaper, here.

I'm back and with another job(which I actually LOVE), after being fired from the restaurant. 

I work at a mobile phone store. While it has a lot of arsehole customers, my manager and coworkers are the most awesome people ever - and on top of that, this job doesn't require any bending over backwards for customers. I was told from day one, that we don't have to take abuse, we don't have to accept it and apologize while the - if a customer becomes abusive, we can tell them right off and kick them out. In fact, we can tell them off just for getting snitty with us (of course, we save the telling off for the worst customers, who are just difficult, but I LOVE being able to do so!) Of course, this brings me to my first tale of a crazy custy. 

*Note, they aren't all this crazy. There are a lot of jerks, but this guy was quite the gem. 

Guy comes in to pick up his phone that was repaired. I give him his phone, he gives back the loaner phone and he leaves. I wipe the phone, as policy, and then put it back out in the cupboards. About 30 minutes later, he calls flipping out because his contacts were erased from his phone. The conversation goes like this:

Him: My contacts aren't in my phone. Where the hell are they?

Me: Well, when your phone is sent out for repair, the service centre wipes your phone  - which is why we tell people to back up their contacts.

Jason2 092aHim: I didn't agree to have my phone wiped, and no one told me that.

Me: Actually, when you give us the phone to be sent away, you're agreeing to just that. It says it on the paper we give you. 

Him: I had hundreds of contacts on that phone. Are they still on the loaner ?

Me: No, I factory cleared it, as policy. Sorry.

Him: I didn't agree to that either ! Get me a manager. You just lost me millions of dollars.

So I give the phone to coworker, since manger wasn't there. She basically reiterates what I said, he then screams that someone's getting fired over this, and coworker slams the phone down. 

Then about 30 minutes later he comes, throws a phone across the counter at me (it didn't hit me, but it was done in a hostile type way.) and demands I transfer his contacts over.

I can't do it because for one, the phone he wants me to do the transfer from is ancient. Two, our machine was down that day. He starts flipping out and screaming, calling us names and causing a scene. Coworker tells him to calm the hell down or we'll have him removed but he starts saying "Do it. Do it. Call security" thinking she wouldn't actually do it.

We call security, who had him removed from the mall and get this - had him banned! They had to threaten to get the cops over before he would leave, but he's banned none the less. As they were walking out of the mall, he was still screaming about his lost millions. 

He called about 4 more times that day, pretending to be other people who "witnessed" this event (there was only one other guy in store at the time, and I know it wasn't him calling) and every time he did it, he was told to basically screw off and don't call back. 

So, that was my crazy custy story. I do have a bunch of other stories of not so crazy, but rude customers which I will share as time goes on :)



RHU Advice: Should Lazy Coworker Be Ratted Out?

B4Haaaaiii chaps, Kittycatnip here!

Seeing as I now work in a well-known superstore here in the UK, I figured I'd be better off calling myself TillTart on here, which is what all my buddies call me too....Wondered if I could ask you lot a question about a co-worker who is just driving me round the twist.

First - some background.

I got this job back in May after a long and demoralizing search. Jobs in my area are like golddust and while this isn't what I want to do for the rest of my life, I'm smart enough to realize its excellent pay and the benefits are huge - discounted holidays, free trips, cut-price shopping, insurance; everything.

Since I started, I've had 3 bosses. One retired, her replacement got moved to another department after a couple months so right now we have a lady I will call Marmite, as half the staff love her and the rest hate her. Considering how I've only been there a few months, I was surprised when Marmite pulled me aside one shift and asked if I would like a promotion over this Christmas season. The powers that be have decided my store, here in a town with a population of 5000, most of which are over 70, will be going 24 hours the week before Christmas. And they want ME to supervise the night shift. I would, of course, get extra money so I, of course, said yes. So the past couple weeks I've been shadowing some Team Leaders, making sure I know how to fix the little problems that crop up.

Now - this coworker I have a problem with. I will call him Feckless. He was hired, along with a dappy girl, back in September to make up for 10 people leaving to go to university (whats that? 2 people to replace 10 leavers? Good logic!). Both are under 18. This is important to note as they are not allowed to sell alcohol TO ANYONE without first getting approval from a staff member who is over 18. Dappygirl is very good at asking for approval as soon as she notices alcohol in the trolley, thereby reducing delay and any embarrassment that may be felt by her or the customer.


However, Feckless doesn't give a flying fuck. He's already had a talking-to from Marmite about approving alcohol when he isn't old enough. But I think today takes the biscuit. It's a slow shift, we only have a few people coming in with 4 checkouts open but spread out so we look busy (?). I was on the till facing Feckless' back, but I can see his customers and 99% of what they're buying.

And I watched him approve 9 customers in a row who were buying alcohol. 7 were quite obviously old enough to buy it, but 2 I personally would have carded. (In the UK, you need to be 18 to buy booze but my store has a Think 25 policy where if we feel you look younger than 25, we have to ask for ID. Most of the time it's taken as a complement). I quietly got up and mentioned it to the TL I'll call Squee. Squee says he will talk to feckless about it but for the remainder of my shift I didn't see Squee talk to Feckless nor did I see him approve any alcohol sales through his lane.

So my question to you guys is - should I go higher, to Marmite or even the GM, about Feckless jeopardizing the store?

The laws regarding alcohol sales are harsh here, if a store is caught selling alcohol to minors, the staff member who sold it could be fined, the store manager also gets a fine and the store could losE its license to sell alcohol.

So it's not like he's just fucking his own life up. Our store manager is awesome and I don't want to see him in trouble. Feckless' attitude in general just stinks - he often turns up 10 or 15 minutes late, generally acts like he doesn't want to be there and is blindingly rude to the customers - ignoring them until he absolutely has to ask for their money.

Add to that he has a habit of wearing his work trousers halfway down his ass. I had to applaud a couple of American customers I had who happened to turn around as Feckless bent over and showed the world his buttcrack. The Americans immediately went "HOLY JESUS PUT IT AWAY, Lawd gimme a penny or something to stick down there..." - hilarious.

So what do you think? Worth the hassle or not?

--TillTart x