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RHU Advice: Blaming Coworker From Hell

Blogskull16Hey RHU

Long time reader, first time poster and all that jazz. I'm a checkout chick as my main role but I dabble in pricing and lotto aswell. I have a problem.

A coworker at work is always saying that I don't do my job right when it comes to the pricing area. I'm forever getting blamed for stuff and I'm the one getting into trouble if something isn't done right.

I've been ignoring it but now it's getting personal. Now I'm getting blamed for stuff that not only happen when I'm not there, but also getting blamed for things happening in her personal life.

I'm contemplating leaving but I know I have to have another job first. I'm tired of her constantly putting me down. I've tried to talk to her, but she doesn't seem to listen to me.

Any help?



RHUer Needs Advice On Dealing With Backstabbing Coworkers

A3Knitty Kitty here, and I'm losing my faith in humanity.

I absolutely love my job. I couldn't have asked for a more amazing place to belong. Nothing can piss me off enough to quit, because that's how much I love that job.

But some people are really trying to make me hate it. My union rep is a woman who is probably pushing 60, and she's our go-to for situations before getting management involved, especially in minor disputes.  She's ordinarily a pretty sunny woman. Except when it comes to me.

In the time since I started (She also trained myself and the other people hired with me), she has never once had anything positive to say about me or my work. It's always been corrections, even when I'm following protocol to the letter.

One one occasion, I came into work after having worked a porter shift the night before, and was told that there were "several complaints about my bagging".

Ihad not bagged a single order that night, as I was running carts since it was busy.

The most recent was the biggest blow to the skull though.

I went into work the other day and was greeted not with a "hello" or a smile, but a pained grimace and a "I've had several complaints about you challenging the authority of the people working front end. You have to remember that no matter who is in charge, whether it be x, y, or z, that they are in charge and there's no fighting them."

My jaw hit the floor and tears burned in my eyes.  I had no clue who I'd somehow wronged, and what I had done to deserve her coming down on me like that.

B1If someone were to watch the security tapes, they would see that any time I am not ringing, I am cleaning, straightening, or [when asked] doing returns.

The only time our rep seems to get complaints about me are when I work with a certain girl, who seems to not like me just because we exist in the same space. I'm not too sure what I've done to her, so I'd like to think it's nothing. The other persons in charge seem to really like me, and I can count them as friendly people.

What do I do RHU?

I love my job, and I would be absolutely crushed if I were to lose it over one girl having an issue with me.

I've done nothing but try to outperform the oldbies, going the extra mile to make sure my customers leave with everything packed up safely to take home.

I'm scared to death to return to work later this week, because I'm scared she's going to have something else to say to me.

--Knitty Kitty


Black Friday Sales Up 7 Percent Over 2010 - Corporations Ignore Employee Pleading For Different Hours and Shoppers Support It


The Custys have spoken and as usual greed wins out over compassion for people. Shoppers are like a herd of cattle and they will follow whatever the store corporations set up. And now that there is a 7% increase after making everyone work on Thanksgiving, you can bet your burnt turkey ass everyone will be open next year, and most likely all day.

You overworked retail slaves don't need Thanksgiving, you can eat your bird at 8 am then go to work, you can work all night when you're not used to it and crash your car into a canal, that's your job. You signed up for it. We are the customers and we want to shop after our big, leisure, enjoyable Thanksgiving dinners. Now ring us up and don't forget my 20% Black Friday coupon!

It's the continuing deterioration of a beloved holiday for many. Since the corporations have already conquered opening stores and making their employees work horribly long hours on thanksgiving, I think turkey day should just be named Black Thanksgiving, because it has now become a dark, exhausting day for thousands in a America. Happy Black Thanksgiving!



Info from Huff Po:

The holiday shopping season got off to a strong start on Black Friday, with retail sales up 7 percent over last year, according to the most recent survey. Now stores just have to keep buyers coming back without the promise of door-buster savings.

Buyers spent $11.4 billion at retail stores and malls, up nearly $1 billion from last year, according to a Saturday report from ShopperTrak. It was the largest amount ever spent on the day that marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season, and the biggest year-over-year increase since 2007. Chicago-based ShopperTrak gathers data from 25,000 outlets across the U.S., including individual stores and shopping centers.

The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn. broke its Black Friday record for shoppers, thanks to a decision to open at midnight for the first time. Around 210,000 visitors came to the mall on Friday, up from 200,000 last year, according to mall spokeswoman Bridget Jewell.

Online shopping was strong as well, with a 24.3 percent increase in online spending on Black Friday, according to IBM, which tracks sales at 500 online retailers.

Bill Martin, who founded ShopperTrak, said he was surprised by the strong showing. He had expected the weak economy to dent consumer confidence and keep more shoppers out of the stores, or at least from spending much. Instead, he said, they responded to a blanket of promotions, from 60- and 70-percent off deals to door-buster savings on electronics.

"I'm pleased to see it. You can't have a great season without having a good Black Friday," Martin told The Associated Press in an interview.

Sales were also up 4 percent each in the two weeks leading up to Black Friday, as retailers started their promotions earlier than usual or extended their hours.

Still, he suspects things will quiet down this weekend, as promotions end and the buying frenzy subsides. ShopperTrak is expecting holiday sales to be up 3.3 percent this season. Retailers generally rely on sales between Thanksgiving and Christmas to make up 20 percent of their annual take.

There weren't many shoppers at Pioneer Place Mall in Portland, Ore., on Saturday.