Black Friday Tales: Customer's Random Act of Kindness Never Forgotten
Foot-Inspired Shoes: Would You Wear These?





*winces* Ooh, harsh.


Love the obvious photoshop.

Delusional Convenience Store Clerk

Yeah, the 'shop was not so great.

Queer Geek

Obviously there is problem with working in a place like that. I would take the hint and not apply.

Joe the Cigar Guy

"Please disregard the bloody wood-chipper out back."

Office Drone

Hubby and I used to live near a place that did gorgeous blended juices and smoothies, served by efficient and friendly staff. One day it just vanished - no warning, no closing down sign. It was just there one day and gone the next. A few weeks later it reopened, but with all new staff. Then vanished again a few months later and never reopened. No idea what happened.


@Office Drone: They had to move Headquarters to another building because Chuck no longer has the Intersect. Morgan does.

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