Cell Phone Store Hell: Custy Freaks Out Over Repair
Awesome Manager Puts Life Before Store



um i'm sorry but i dont get it lol could you explain please?


Apparently you and I are the only ones who see it. I don't know if that's funny or just... weird and a little scary.

Drug Store Diva

I see it.


Well Jesus, I suppose I'm a perv. Can't you people see the penis?


If you don't see it, you're too innocent for this site.


i don't get it. are the 2 cookies together supposed to look like a penis and testicles? i mean, i GUESS i can see that--if the view is from underneath, the testicles are oddly off-center, and the left one is freakishly bigger than the right one (like a herniated testicle maybe??). it definitely takes some imagination and i wouldn't look twice in the grocery store.

Soft Ice Girl

What iwbiek says.


I noticed it before even reading the captions lol. I can only ponder about what that says about me.


I saw it instantly... and what has been seen cannot be unseen, no matter how much you drink...


I wish I could unsee that.


I agree with iwbiek. That's supposed to be a penis? What the hell is wrong with your dick to make it look like THAT? I'm reminded of the line from There's Something About Mary, "how can the beans be above the frank?!"

Queer Geek

No wonder it says,
I C All Mens' Eats!


Perhaps all us people who DID see the penis should start a help group? Perverts Anonymous, perhaps?

Book Wench

I too saw the schlong.

I blame Reddit.

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