Retail Hell Memories: Software Store District Manager Caves To A Bogus Return From a Surprising Custy
Two Terrifying Tales From Department Store Hell: The Bloody Pants From Hell and The Case of The Mysterious Stench



whow, I could actualy see why something like that happened. Maybe the store had to build an handicap bathroom and had nowhere to do it than an old breakroom or dining room corner. Or they had to instal a baby changing table and only had a dining table..


Some 10 years ago I was living in northern Spain and used to go to a department store, located in a shopping mall, that possibly didn't have a break room at all. Or I have no idea, really, but I always assumed this because I'd go to the customer toilet and almost invariably see members of the staff smoking and even EATING, seated on the toilet in one of the cubicles, with the door open. Very hygienic and comfortable, I'm sure...

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