Custy's Appreciation Takes The Grinch Out of Holiday Retail Hell
Waiting On The Crazy Cat Lady



Anyone want to check and see what's in that mid pack? No! LOWER!

NC Tony

Coming up next, a SyFy original movie Mannequin Bear.

Queer Geek

@ NC Tony

More like Mannequin Bear vs Dummy Dinosaur starring some hasbeen child star from the 80's.

NC Tony

Along with Gary Busey and Eric Roberts! And a shit load of really bad CGI.


80's-has-been being Corey Feldman. Duh.

And after going down the off-topic road, I might as well just thank all of the RHU for a great year. This is the only reliable Custy-centered site I visit, err... daily.

Where I'm from, we have similar sites, but they never get new stories and even less comments. And the commenters are always on the customer's side. And oh, yeah, those sites would never allow you call someone a fuck-cunt ass-born bitch-face (just an example).

And they don't really get grammar. Because it's apparently not important on the internet. I've complained about it (some of the published stories are horrible to read so I suggested that the moderators would proof read them and correct obvious mistakes), but they all shit on my face for it.

It's a very hostile environment, all in all.
So a complete opposite of RHU that has become one of the sites that pop out when I write "r" on my address bar.

And that bear fucking rocks.

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