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Awesome Manager Puts Life Before Store

TeraLet me tell you guys how cool and understanding my boss is.

I’m gonna start off and explain that I have a menstrual bleeding disorder. I can lose WAY too much blood at once and on Tuesday, that happened. I got to my mom’s, like I always do before work, and I collapsed on the couch. The room was spinning. But, being the good little worker I am, I just asked for a ride to work because I knew I was too dizzy to drive.

Yes, RHU, I was still going to go to work while possibly bleeding to death. (Yes, I know I’m exaggerating, I wasn’t to the ‘death’ part yet)

Mom said to call in, and just stay home and recover, but I was terrified I’d get in trouble, because it was 2:30. I was supposed to be there and be clocking in right that moment. That’s BEYOND a late call-in, and an automatic write-up. I mean, I can AFFORD a write-up, but I hate getting them. So she snags my phone from me and calls in for me. Manager answered and I guess mom explained the situation, that I wasn’t coming in.

Then she wanted to speak to me.

I was crying, I said I was so sorry I wasn’t there right then, if they needed me, I’d still go in, and all I was told was ‘You listen to me Terah, and you listen good. STOP WORRYING about the store. You get your butt to the E.R RIGHT NOW, okay?’

I meekly said ‘Okay’ and hung up. I had to wait for mom to get dressed, and I fell asleep at some point, but we made it to the E.R. They got me in and out in 3 hours, and down here, that’s pretty damn fast.

I was on Birth Control to straighten out my periods, and turns out the Birth Control I was on was causing it. We switched it out and I went home with a couple holes in my arm and still a little dizzy but walking.

Yesterday, I had to call the Manager and let her know I was okay, because she was worried. When I went to roll over and get up OH MY FUCKING GOD THE PAIN IN MY LUMBAR REGION WAS SO BAD YOU HAVE NO IDEA! I couldn’t even stand STRAIGHT! I hobbled to get my phone, called, and was crying from it. Told her I just couldn’t come in because of the pain, but if they needed me, I’d load up on Excedrin and haul my ass up there.

Again she told me to stop worrying about the store and lay down and rest.

I DID tell her, though, if they needed me today to call me in, because it’s my normal day off, and I’d missed two anyway. As I’m writing this, it’s 1:10, and still no call. But I’m wondering if it’s because no one has called in sick (or, in Whore’s case, because she wants to go party and get high) or if it’s because my Manager wants to give me another day to rest.

We’ll see.




Captain No-Babies

I'm glad that you have a manager who cares about you as a person and not a number! Feel better soon! I hope everything works itself out with your health:) But your awesome manager was right, it's definitely better for you to be alive than slaving away for some bitchy people.

Lady Red

Wow , you have one awesome manager . I hope you feel better soon too , and your health things work themselves out so you can get back to doing whatever you have to.


it's 9 right now and I'm still home. Looks like everyone showed up, because Stumpy the Ghost Hunter sent me a text saying she was loving being the Cleaner (extra person), and that tells me all registers are manned.


Terah, your manager is AMAZING! I called in with a sprained back (couldn't move, let alone stand for 8 hours) and got my hours cut to 0. And I know your pain, sweety. I have PCOS and my BC was causing the same problem. Except I let it go on for 6 weeks. The only reason I went to the ER was cuz I passed out while biking with my church group. Hope you get everything with your health straightened out soon!


I'm glad that your manager is so understanding, but it makes me really sad that behavior like this is UNUSUAL.

Bored at the Bookstore

Hip, hip hurray for the we some manager! And for you, who are devoted enough to attempt to go in to work when you should be, at best, flat on your back on a gurney! Take care of yourself... Please.

Bored at the Bookstore

*Correction* Make that "awesome manager", please. Sorry. iPad keyboard still flummoxes me every now and then.


Damn, wish my manager was that nice :.<;


I too know the joys of having an awesome manager. When I sprained my ankle over the summer and got stranded in my mother's city, my manager told me to put my foot up and get better soon. If I tell her I'm feeling dizzy, I immediately get sent to the back to wait it out and if customers get gripy with us for no good reason, she stands up for us (if there is a good reason, she says to all of us to double check in case of future mistakes, and never makes one person feel like they're to blame for everything). She is fantastic to us.


You're very fortunate to have a very understanding manager. I'm sure it helps that your manager is female and can relate to the bleeding issue.
Hope you feel better soon!
Furthermore I find it bemusing that you went into the ER for a blood loss issue and they drew blood...I suppose it's nessicarry but also seems to be an exacerbation of the issue.

Former Healthcare Slave

Hope you feel better soon. I'm glad your manager is so understanding. It is rather sad that this is not the norm!

Drug Store Diva

I had a real bad case of pink eye last year that caused the entire side of my face to swell up. When I called to tell them the doctor told me no work for 3 days they were pissed. I was highly infectious, had to do eye drops every 2 hours (even overnight...had to set my alarm for every two hours so I'd wake up to do drops), and all they could say was "put a patch on it".

They tried to write me up, but I refused to sign it because I had the doctor note, and the district manager was in the store that day and told them they could not write somebody up for not working when they had a doctor note.


Shut up: You'd seriously be surprised. When I first started having issues, I had a manager that demanded I come in when I was bleeding so heavily that they were testing me to see if I needed a transfusion. They also had me on morphine.

Terah: Your manager sounds awesome. Bow down and thank the Titans and Dragons, and hopefully this doesn't ever come back and bite you.


That sounds like some of my managers as well. I have one that is just happy if we get there in one piece on snowy days before the roads have been plowed. (another one has yelled at me for being late when I clocked in at 9am for a 9am shift, go figure).

I also recently just go over a bout of laryngitis (hit the day after black Friday- lost my voice for 5 days) so I had to call in sick for my Sunday shift. Well, my dad called in for me. My manager answered the call and when my dad said he was calling in for me their first reaction was to ask if I was okay (and apparently she sounded really worried about me) and just told me to rest up.


The company I work for, as a whole, is awesome like that. Ive worked under 6 different store managers in 4 stores and only once did anyone have a problem with me calling in. When my brother passed away, I called to tell them I wouldn't be in for an indefinite amount of time, and not only did my manager tear up with me, he told me to just call when I was ready to come back. Then after I was back for a week, and I realized I needed more time, they told me to not even worry about finishing my shifts for that schedule and go.

Believe me, I'm thankful everytime I read a story about terrible managers/coworkers etc.

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