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Bookstore Slave's Holiday Blessings For Custys and Retail Slaves

BookstoreslaveHello RHUers, well I thought I would send a few blessings to custys and retail slaves alike for putting up with the insanity that is the holidays.

To Custys:

Bless you, mother of the little NAT who stuffed your purse full of stolen goods. Bless you for spotting these before leaving the mall. Bless you for returning and handing them back to us. And bless you for making the lesson stick by informing your little NAT that Santa will be very displeased this holiday season!

Bless you custy, for running after another custy who forgot his wallet at the counter. I'm sure it saved him a panic attack and the headache of trying to prevent identity theft or a return trip into the insanity.

Bless you, warm hearted custy who stepped in and said "[Product]? Hey I just saw those. I can show you right now and you don't have to wait in line at the info desk!"

To Retail Slaves:

Bless you for your quick thinking as an unhappy child cried over not getting the toy right that second. The thoughtful expression sent those tears away promptly when he heard: "Hey kiddo, maybe Santa will bring it!" Mom mouthed a thank you and so does everyone else at the clever way you encouraged patience.

Bless you for the patience you pile on as insanity and bah-humbug-ness that spills in this holiday season.

Bless you for the extra effort you add on, even though you're not paid nearly enough for your efforts.

Xmas2009 164Bless you knowing Retail Slave: knowledgeable in the mysterious ways of technology and explaining its works to those of us hoping we got all the parts we need on the first run. (and for making sure we remember the damn batteries!)

Bless you Retail Slave, for putting up with Jingle Bell Rock... for 8+ hours straight... every... goddamn... day... from Halloween to Christmas... (And thank you for not going postal, though you were sorely tempted.)

Bless you wonderful Smoothie Shop barista, for the occasional free smoothies. Yes I am a regular here, and no I don't ask for free stuff or discounts. Thank you for the lovely surprise anyway!

Bless you friendly train conductor, for all the little things you do every week as I ride that 40 minute piece of track; from the greeting to making sure I know my stop is next to the smile as I disembark, you are the one who makes my trip pleasantly memorable.

May all your customers be nice,

--Bookstore Slave



Hellbound Alleee

Maybe instead of blessing the slave for putting up with that song. we should write to corporate as customers.


I have to add...bless the retail slaves at the local stores the day before Christmas Eve. The lines were long and the stores were crazy, but every worker I encountered was cheerful and efficient and just kept me in the Christmas spirit! What a lovely shopping experience!

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