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Drugstore Hell: Nightmare EBT Custy

HOLIDAYHELLFrom Drug Store Diva:

A first for me today.

A customer got me so angry and upset I had to spend about 15 minutes in the office in tears to calm down enough to get back on the register.

To start off, I went in to work yesterday and was informed that the store is going to be open until midnight from yesterday until the 23rd, and that as the closing checker I'd be staying until midnight.

Nice way to give advance notice. It will be a nice waste of money however as I rang out maybe 10 people between ten and midnight, and half of that were other employees. The company spent more being open than we made.

Tonight started off the usual, not quite as busy as our typical Saturday but steady. It was just after my lunch break and a woman came up with a 2-liter bottle of cola and a package of medical tape. She was yapping on her phone and digging in her purse trying to find her EBT card. She did manage to find a second to say she was going to use EBT food for the cola and EBT cash for the tape.

Xmas2009 165

I scan both items, give her a total. She spends another 10 minutes digging for her card, finally finds it and starts to hand me the card.

I point out the EFTPOS machine and she gives me a dirty look like "Hello, you expect ME to scan my own EBT card" I knew right then she was another over-entitled EBT crusty.

She scans the card backward, says "it don't swipe" and hands it to me.

I turn it the right way and swipe it. She muttered something I didn't understand and I wasn't going to have her repeat it.

When the cash amount comes up, she swipes the card again and gets to the screen to verify the amount. She THEN decides to question the price of the tape.

She seemed to think it was cheaper than it was. Unfortunately our registers are set up that once you have started paying for the transaction, no other changes can be made to it.

I told her this, and at the time she would have to pay that amount then get a refund from the manager afterward. This set her off with a litany of yelling and complaining, accusing me of being a "racist white bitch" and accusing me of purposefully overcharging her because she's black.

Xmas2009 179I didn't even give her a chance to continue before I flat out told her I would be calling the manager to void the transaction and she can go elsewhere to make her purchase because I was not going to stand for her abuse.

The manager voided the transaction and want back to what she was doing and I started ringing up the next customer in line. Entitled EBT stood there yelling and saying I had no business being in customer service because I was the rudest person she ever known (believe me, she hasn't seen my rudest).

I looked at her and said "I'm not dealing with you anymore", called the manager back and walked away.

The manager later told me that the woman threatened to call corporate saying I called her a "Lazy black bitch", but manager said if she did, my co-workers from tonight would back me up since I didn't do anything like that.

What I wish I could have said..."The next time you come in that door, if I'm standing here, you better just turn around and walk back out because I will not wait on you."

One of my coworkers tonight offered to be the midnight closer tonight so I could leave at the usual time, but that didn't happen...because the floor person (who left at 10:30) didn't do her facing and I got stuck with it, by the time I finished it was 11:45.

Might as well stay until midnight.

--Drug Store Diva




Oh man, that's bringing up bad memories for me.

It's truly traumatic the first time a customer pulls an 'out of the blue race card.'

I cried in the office as well.

Sorry, it happened to you.

Drug Store Diva

This wasn't the first time somebody's pulled the race card, but to accuse me of being racist and raising the price just because of her skin color...she had me so flustered I would have asked for a break anyway to compose myself.

There was a rumor going around that I was going to get a write up for "poor customer service" but it never happened. I think the closer who was there when it happened told the store AM our side (she'd only heard from the customer who of course told a bunch of lies) and they decided not to do the write up. I also told the person who told me the rumor that if they tried to write me up, I was walking out and never coming back...and I never got it.

It hasn't been too bad in the past week. I had to close tonight (CHristmas Eve), but I get tomorrow off, so it's done for me :)


I can relate to this story more than I care to.. One time I had a custy who was literally TRYING ON makeup (like actually putting it on her lips and what not) and then deciding she didn't want it...and it was a whole bunch so I had to ask her which ones she just used because our store needs to defect them out. She got really mad and pulled out the race card..I told her point blank, no, I would ask the same of anyone who did what you just did because no one wants makeup that has been on someone else's lips. She continued to call me a racist and a whole bunch of other lovely names, then I figured out the game when she tried to quick change me.

Some people's children. Who raised these custys anyhow?!


God I hate the race card. I hate it. Stop using it.

Joe the Cigar Guy

Racism exists, no question, but to accuse someone because you don't want to wait (or you just want something for nothing) is inexcusable.

Michael Sergei

Totally gonna sound racist, but I had a guess she was black.


@Michael Sergei: I'll say this regarding your comment: We had so many black bitches as customers in the deli department of the store where I used to work that my favorite coworker--who was herself a woman of color--once stated that she was no longer going to wait on other black folk. Now THAT'S bad.

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