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Random Act of Holiday Kindness: Cashier Uses Personal Discount To Help Custy

C14Kiwiberry here again!

I know it's been quite a while since my last post, but in my new position with Whole Paycheck, I mostly spend my time with Team Members and not custys (thank the dear sweet baby Jesus). This, however, is another story from the other side of the counter, brought to us by my very dear BF.

He braved the very mouth of retail hell yesterday to finish up some last minute Christmas shopping. To hear him later tell the story, he spent more time waiting in traffic at the mall than it actually took him to procure those last minute items.

While at a very popular book retailer, he realized he was about $0.20 short of his total. Being someone who tries to live as off the grid as possible, he does not have a credit or debit card and so was limited to the cash he had on him.

He asked the kindly retail slave manning the register to take one of the books for his mom off, because he was short of cash for the overall total.

Now, you might be expecting to hear next that the lovely gentleman took twenty cents from his own pocket to cover the difference. At least, that's what I was expecting. I've done the very same thing countless times at other jobs.

However, this particular kindly sir gave DBF a warm smile, said "No problem, man, I got you covered" and punched in his employee discount!

Now, I'm sure that if there had been a manager or supervisor around, this retail slave would've been in a world of trouble, but after the financial year we've had, and the absolute headache-inducing abomination of trying to satisfy all of our family's demands to see us this holiday season, this was exactly the lift that he (and I) needed to bring us back into the holiday spirit. Goodwill towards man, indeed.

So thank you, bookstore slave. You made our day and our holiday. :)





There's hope for mankind after all. It pays not to be an asshole to us slaves. That's great to hear after surviving xmas shopping and watching an endless trail of douche bags yell at workers, make messes, and just being douches.

Here's to hoping everyone at RHU has a nice Holiday!


I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but that was a very stupid (though very kind) move. It would have been better to have just taken 0.20 cents out of his pocket for the guy.

Using the employee discount could cost him his job. Giving an unauthorized discount to a special customer is a loss prevention issue called Sweethearting...usually it's a family member or friend, but management would probably still count this even though he didn't know the guy personally.

Not to mention asshole custies who come across this entry will, instead of seeing it as someone who took a big personal risk out of kindness, take it as proof that retail slaves lie when they say they can't give their employee discount to anyone.


Yeah, that should be 20 cents, not 0.20 cents.


I know, it was a risky move on his part. If it were me, I definitely wouldn't have made the same decision. It was just kind of refreshing to see someone throwing his shackles to the wind to help a fellow sojourner out. Not a choice I myself would have made, but this particular slave has more cojones than I.


Again, I am not condoning this action. Participating in it has a high likelihood of jeopardizing your employment.

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How nice! Hope it doesn't come back to bite him in the butt.

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