Letter To Lunch-Stealing Coworker
RHUer Needs Advice On Last Paycheck and Application Follow Up By Phone



.... Were the words "Excuse me, where is your rest room?" some how not in her vocabulary, despite the fact she is clearly an adult? And she makes it all look so fucking casual, like it's something all the 30-somethings are trying. WTF?!?!?

Dear *insert diety here*! What poot worker had to go clean up after this thing? That's a hazmat nightmare! What poor fool had to process her in check out wondering what the horrible smell was coming from?

And my hope for humanity goes two sizes too small once again.

Jinny Eigel

Dear ghod I wish I could convince myself this is a fake...

Jinny Eigel

sad thing is if she is ever identified she will most likely sue the store, kinda like that video of the women who fell into the mall fountain while texting. She will say "I was mortified, and the emotional damage is worth $$$$"

The Last Archimedean

She should be banned from all public stores for life.

grateful mom

Jinny, rest assured, it is a fake!
Check back later: I'm going to research this one, and I'll add the url for my blog entry then.
Now I won't say I've never had the urge to poo on someone's floor, but IMO that's loony bin behavior.


I want to believe this is fake, too. Sadly, a lot of us have our own stories of finding these little "presents" in our workplaces.

At a place I used to work at, I heard recently that they found an adult-sized poo on the floor of the men's wear dept.. and the bathrooms were *right* next to it !


That's just foul. Some people have no class, unfortunately.
And the sad thing is, I bet they're breeding.


Amanita: It's usually the nasty ones that are.

Cherry IScream

My god...
While this is completely vile and disgusting, I can't help but admire the efficiency going on here. Trousers down, squat and go.
That is some professional public pooping.
And that worries me, because it implies this bitch has practise.


@ Cherry, yeah, you noticed that too? Ugh...people...I can't even COMPREHEND what goes through someone's mind when someone does this sort of thing...seriously, what can possibly go through their head, what is the logical reasoning...no matter the stupidity, there's a chain of thoughts that lead a person to decide to do something, whether they realize it or not.....I'm morbidly intrigued/horrified as to what they could be..


Cannot...unsee...(real or fake, doesn't matter)!


At a store where I worked, they kept finding that someone was piling lady's clothes in a fitting room and smearing feces all over them. Every day. It took them 2-weeks to catch the guy. It was crazy!


I think the lady had already dumped in her pants and was just looking for a quiet place to flip and unload. I don't think anyone can go that fast. Not without liquid diarrhea, and that looks pretty solid (sorry for the graphic description, but I have had jobs cleaning up after animals most of my life). In that case, she was more than capable of getting to a restroom. Absolutely no class.

Joe the Cigar Guy

Her sainted mother must be so proud.

Queer Geek



If that is real, that is one nasty sick bitch. Fuckin gross!

By the way at the store I used to work at, we had one guy come in and somehow sneak into our back room and lay a dump behind our box crusher. After a couple of times he stopped, never could catch him, but they did have him on camera, still no idea why he did it. Some people are just fucked up.


I'd like to believe this is fake too, but unfortunately I'm just not convinced.
From the way she's walking, it's obvious the tape has been sped up, so it took more than a second. Still very efficient, which does mean she has practice at it, but not unrealistically quick.

However, whomever said this is loony-bin behavior is right! I mean a normal person would be mortified if they were somehow forced to take a shit in public, they wouldn't just do it and walk away like nothing happened.

Lady Red

That is disgusting, that person should be ashamed and banned from every store. I hope that is fake , but sadly I would not be surprised if it was real.

Some people have no decency.

another retail slave

yeah, this looks very professional, down to the little buttshake at the end to knock off any stray dingleberries. she lets it go so fast and efficiently, it probably doesnt leave any skid marks. no need for tp! gag, this is beyond gross....but some ppl have all sorts of weird fetishes attached to poop and pooping. she may even have known it was gonna get caught on camera, cause you cant see her face...unless there is footage of her in another part of the store.


Just...WHY!? Why does she think this is acceptable!? Look at the way she's dressed. She's dressed casual/nice and carries herself with a general high worth. Was she raised like this? WTF!? -Head explodes-


Not only are the nasty people breeding, but unfortunately some of them do so as publicly as this lady poops.

Thank God for "retail" meds!

I work at a Navy Exchange.Our associates have cleaned feces off of our Mens fitting room walls. Did I mentioned it appeared to be smeared with fingers? Would expect more from custys on a Military Installation.

I am also convinced our custy's wait to explode and " nasty up" our restrooms just for fun. I mean really.... How does a female spray the wall behind the toilet with feces? Makes me dry heave!!

Mick Waukee

Ditto what Queer Geek said.
I don't know about people like the squatter,
but I'm pretty sure the Fark.com "pro-tip" for this one would be don't do anything anywhere anytime anyhow in public. It's no longer the 60s, and the cameras WILL get you.

Durango Deli Slave

When I worked at a bookstore, we used to have an issue with people writing all over the walls. Our solution? Paint the walls black! Ha! Now no one can... oh wait, they decided to write on the wall with their own sh*t instead of a pen.

Cleaning it off was disgusting, as you can imagine. But one of my co-workers put up a wonderful sign on the door the next day, "Attention customers! Writing on the walls with poo makes baby Jesus cry."


Hmmmm, I think this would make a good screen saver.....


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Paul-ine Ryan

Note the man or woman - can't tell by this video - took a good dump right next to the toilet paper display.

Maybe a college dare in drag. If only it was a Walmart being crapped on.


Dirty bitch ever heard of toilet, if I was that security guard I'd make you eat your own shit. It's obvious you wasn't toilet trained as a kid just taught to shit wherever and whenever you want.

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