Christmas Lights Box Has Odd Message
T-Shirt Sponge Escapes From Retail Hell



What the hell did she do? Shove it up her vagina???

heavy melvanova

That's actually pretty impressive. What was it, a case of soda or canned soup or something. She must have some pretty good thigh muscles ... !!


Yuck I wouldn't want to be the loss prevention person handling the items she slipped under her skirt. Grossss.

Bored at the Bookstore

Good grief. Someone please tell me she had some kind of harness or sling or something to help hold that in place.... I mean, her gait hardly even changed! Yeeps.

Queer Geek

Holy shit! Frankenpussy exists!

Bitch Boy

Probably some kind of custom creation consisting of a heavy duty garter belt and hook...

Denim Bitch

O my! All that and court for some eggs? Hardly the most expensive item in the store.

NC Tony

I've seen footage of another woman doing the same thing on "TruTV Presents: World's Dumbest Criminals". Do people not realize we live in a time where there are cameras EVERYWHERE? The best part is even when these people are told by the police "We have you on video stealing." they still try to deny that they did anything wrong. Once they get caught they suddenly clam up and ask for a lawyer.


Nc Tony - I know the one you're talking about! I thought this was it before I even pressed play lol

Next time just use a really big purse, less gross.

Joi Cardinal

Like no one will notice her waddle out?
That wasn't meant to be a criticism of her weight, just an observation that I personally couldn't walk very far with a cell phone tucked between my thighs, much less what she swiped.
Loved the perp's technique! Did you catch the way she pretended to see something on the floor
so that she could squat and cover what she wanted with her skirt? That's technigue!

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