T-Shirt Sponge Escapes From Retail Hell
Fitting Room Hell: Entitled Custy Demands To Use Handicap Room



honesty's a bitch huh? haha

Bitch Boy

So... this is hosted in New Jersey? *ducks*

Joi Cardinal

I want the Good Ol' Day: Dancing to the Dead until Dawn, eating a huge breakfast cooked for me by someone, then crashing for hours.

Delusional Convenience Store Clerk

They do get the perk of going to whatever retail outlet is open at whatever god forsaken hour they may be roaming the world & take the night's frustrations out on unsuspecting retail slaves though!

Myself, particularly.


No one said it would be good dubstep Alvis. I have trouble believing such a thing exists, but to each his own.

Joe the Cigar Guy

And ALL the guys reek of Drakkar Noir!

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