Pizza Restaurant Hell: Fired For Being Sick
Written Up Without Literacy



That's from PostSecret originally. So I don't know if his friend got fired for posting it elsewhere or what...


Yeah I saw that on Postsecret too.


Yeah, because skinny people never eat more than fat people (says fat-arse Tanz while she watches her skinny partner stuffing his face with more food at lunch than I eat in an entire day).

Hotel Whore

Lol, for my family of fatties at least, we eat the breadsticks in front of us and then ask for more and then don't eat them and take them home instead. She wouldn't save a trip on us, lol.

Card Creature

Don't be fooled by weight. My Dungeons and Dragons buddies have asked me if I have a "stomach of holding" with all the food I eat, and I'm a twig. I'll be asking for extra bread sticks.


Yeah, I'm a 102 pound racehorse exercise rider, and I can pack away more food than some grown men. I always ask for more breadsticks. Carbs are my friend!


Why is that offensive. I say thoughtful, I am a Fattie, and I am not ashamed. :)


Fat people know better than to eat anything more than a salad in public. The stares and general public shaming aren't worth it.

What a world to live in...

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