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Out of Context Theater For Retail Hell

RIFEROUSHello, and welcome to Out of Context Theater. 

Today we will perform for you the latest and greatest out of context phrases heard in the real halls of retail.  Sit back, and let us entertain you.


Wonder at the exclamation, "I've been trying to get him to use corn cobs!"


Share the joy of "I got rid of eight feet".


Sympathize with the lament of older customers, who just want "a good piece of meat one time a year".


Ponder this modern world epiphany:  "If I was unpacking the butter, I'd just have to make some smartalec Facebook status about it." 


Be tittilated by "I don't care if you take my clothes and lock me in a dungeon with a guy for a year..."


Feel the pain and apprehension of "They just set your fucking uterus on fire."


And finally, examine the nature of your relationships with "Do you know any fucktards?"


Tune in next time, when we will regale you with such gems as "Just throw a towel down."


Stay classy RHU!




Hey Rick, thanks for your irsenett in this subject. I am sorry you have had a bad experience in the modern churches of today, but join the club, so have I. This doctrine of hell is not a religious thing but something Jesus was crystal clear about. The context of your example in Luke 9 is that the time for judgment is in the future, Jesus came the first time to be Savior. And Savior from what and for who? Exactly what He said in the verses I posted in the blog. In fact, Jesus said in Mark 9 that He came to give His life a ransom for MANY(not all). Another great reference is that of the Rich Man and Lazarus in Luke 16. Jesus describes hell pretty well and those who are there are in agony . But, as the one in hell is told, a warning is not necessary for those who dismiss Moses(the Law) and the prophets(Scripture). If they ignore this, then even someone coming back from the dead will not believe.That is where I fear you are Rick. Please do not ignore the Law on your heart convicting you of sin. And the clear warning in scripture of the existence of hell. Jesus died to be your Savior. You do not want to stand before God on judgment day(when you die) based on your own righteousness. Only the righteousness of Christ is sufficient to be justified before a perfectly holy and just God. Jesus died for you, while you were still a sinner. Do not reject this, as today is the day of salvation.Thanks and God bless

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