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Hellspawn N.A.T. Gets Told By Awesome Manager At The Magic Kingdom

MousemasteredSo, today was fun.

I literally opened EVERY location in the land of tomorrow (not that it wasn't fun) and had a pretty good time.

The following story involves that rarest of breeds: a manager with a backbone.

See, recently, we got a new manager in our little section of the kingdom, who has been with the company for several years and has previously worked at table service restaurants at some of the swankier hotels.

To be honest, this guy is an awesome manager that I got along with pretty much as soon as I met him. He's just as dorky as I am, he's pretty upbeat, he constantly looks for ways to make things more efficient without trying to overstep his bounds. He's a pretty cool guy.

Now, today, at the hot dog stand, I find out after I went on a potty break that there was a... well, an unruly guest one of the registers next to mine.

I hear from the cashier, A, about how the guest came up and told her that our custodians had thrown away three trays of her food, and she wanted it replaced. That, to both me and her, immediately sent up a red flag.


So, A asks her for a receipt for the order. The girl says that her sister took in on a ride with her. Again, red flag.

She asks the girl how the meal was paid for. The guest says she doesn't know because her dad paid for it. She didn't have a receipt, she didn't know how the meal was paid for, and she expects us to replace three trays worth of food just because she said so???

A said no. The girl threw a FIT and A immediately went and called for a manager. Fortunately for A, and me (I was next to the register when the following happened), Cool Guy Manager (CGM) is the one who steps to the window to address the situation.

So, he walks up and the following happens:

Cool Manger: Yes, I'm the manager here. How may I help you?

ANAT (attempted NAT): Yes, I was here, and the cleaners threw away three trays worth of food, and the girl that

was here earlier was giving me a hard time about getting it replaced. I've been waiting here for hours, and in line for twenty minutes, and my brothers and sisters are starving and we just want the food replaced.

Cool Manager: Okay, do you have a receipt? RHSEPT 561

ANAT: No, my sister has it on the ride.

Cool Manager: Okay, do you know which register your ordered from?

ANAT: No, my dad did it.

Cool Manager: Okay, well, I need some information so we can replace your order properly, so, which ride is your sister on? Or, perhaps you can go getyour dad?

ANAT: Really? Can I speak to the REAL manager?

Cool Manager: I am the manager, and I'd be happy to help you.

ANAT: But it's JUST FOOD. My brothers and sisters are starving, I thought this was Disney where dreams come true and magic happens, and our food got thrown away and we need it replaced and we've already had a long wait and a hard time with the other girl, so will you just replace it?


Cool Manager: At this point, without a receipt, no, I can not.

HOLY SHIT A MANAGER ACTUALLY TOLD A GUEST AT DISNEY NO! FUCKING AMAZING. The poor ANAT stomped off with a huff, Cool Guy Manager shrugged, and the whole thing was over. I walked over to it after it was over and gave him a high five for handling the situation in a very calm and professional matter while still refusing to let a girl scam out of god knows how many dollars worth of food.

May you all be blessed with similar managers. Until next time, have a magical day!



RHUer Thank You

Carolanne2 072Hi again, Cookie Girl here.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who responded to my panic on Monday, including Freeman who posted it so quickly. My manager hasn't been in at all this week, which is pretty much normal for us, so I made my position clear to my supervisor, who is much easier to deal with than him anyway.

So far, all seems okay, and I haven't paid anything. I'll be keeping an eye on my next paycheck, but since my last day is Tuesday, I'm not going to worry too much about a confrontation.

So thanks again to all of you for your support and advice, you're all fantastic people. Cross your fingers for me that I get the apprenticeship I'm applying for and can leave the retail world!

With much heartfelt thanks,

--Cookie Girl