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Good news everyone!

You just read that in Professor Farnsworth's voice!

But seriously.....

I have quit Old Slavery!

That's right, I officially cast off the shackles of retail slave oppression!!!!!

My last day was Dec. 23! I didn't even have to work Xmas Eve :D.

Why you ask?

Other than the fact that I value my life and sanity, I do have a pretty serious medical condition, mostly a bad allergy, combined with chronic sinusitis and the dusty underbelly of a clothing store just wasn't right for me. I wasn't going under the knife again just so I could keep changing Supermodelquins :)

I found a new job, just seasonal - TAX SEASONal. H&R Chock - The Chock stands for Chock Full of Fucking Acronynms, they use them for ERRRYTHING! I'm going to be a receptionist, starting in January, so basically smiling and answering phones. They warned us about how crazy it gets but really....there's no scaring me now.

In all honesty, I'm going to miss the Slavery dearly. When you get past the crazies and the BS, I loved my job and *coughmostcough* of my coworkers. The company actually has this really cool policy where I get to stay employed, but off the schedule for 90 days, and at the end, if I work 1 shift, the 90 days starts over. So I can keep my job (and my DISCOUNT!) in case I need to come back :) Much love <3

My last day was SO CRAZY! Xmas week was busy as fuck, you guys. I had to process a bin as tall as I m (which I guess isn't saying A LOT, but still), and the ENTIRE WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE FITTING ROOM was PACKED full of accessories that needed to go back. Like just stuffed in every bin, basket, or bag we could find. I wish I could have gotten a picture, but I forgot my phone :\. It was madness.

OldslaverygobackhellLuckily, a coworker got a picture of the fitting room, stuff that needed to be processed and go back, at the end of the day the 23rd. Keep in mind, there's no mirror in this picture that they're leaning against, it's a ROOM behind these clothes. Full of MORE CLOTHES. >.> I felt so bad for them.

All in all, a successful holiday I think.
Hope you all survived :) I hope I still have some interesting stories for you in the months to come.


--T-Shirt Sponge




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