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Bored at the Bookstore

That was written by a supervisor?????? How can we even be sure said super can manage to read a clock to tell if "erinhatfeild" was late or not? How does an illiterate get promoted to a managerial position anyway? One would assume that a candidate for boss-hood would be required to have basic reading and writing abilities. But obviously, one would then be wrong, huh? Hope they don't let Idiot Super write up the menu boards...

Duke of URL

This simple piece of paper can be used to track down this otherwise anonymous person. See, Firehouse Subs is a Southeastern sub sandwich chain "founded by firemen" as they say in their ads. A quick google search will reveal the location of the store listed on the sheet, by number. It's then a simple matter to find an "Erinhatfield" who lives in that city or nearby.

Fortunately for the obliviot who wrote this affront to the English language, his or her name isn't on the sheet.


Hell, I work in a bookstore and the manager's spelling and grammar is so bad, the ASM actually let me fix the typos on my annual review myself before it went into my file. There are truly frightening numbers of people out there who are incapable of communicating in written form... and no, I have no idea how they got promoted. :-P

Queer Geek

Well I've learned that most managerial positions don't require the person to be edjamacated.

Common Nonsense

The letters my store manager puts up in McHell's break room are . . . not fantastic. She can at least spell, though.


Forget the language problems, I'm having trouble figuring out what ERINHATFEILD got a warning for. As far as I can tell the mysterious manager is upset that when ERINHATFEILD calls in and says she's running late, she shows up late. It's like he thinks phoning in should cause a tear in the space-time continuum so she arrives on time.

Music Girl

@GreenGrin, I think the problem is that she has a continuous problem of showing up late, and even when she does call in to let them know, she's 30 minutes late after that.


@Music Girl -- I pretty much assumed that extra 30 minutes was the time it took, after hanging up the phone, to get her stuff together, get out the door, and get to work. Totally legit.

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