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Bad Valentine's Day Gifts

Gay or straight, this is definitely a Valentine fail.



...and so is cheap-ass candy hearts that taste like chalk.




 Only if it comes with razor blades.



Probably not a good idea.


Whatever a bitch smells like can't be good.



If if your lover loves beer, they will probably hit you with this one.



Even as a joke this is the fastest way not to get sex on VD.





Hooter's wings on Valentine's = Break Up



It sprays poisonous gas too.



The pink gun supporting Breast Cancer may seem like a good idea to make your Valentine swoon, but when she aims it at your balls, you'll regret not going with your first instinct: anything from the jewelry store.









Aww, I wouldn't mind a puppy. But, you know, the owner couldn't have spent 5 minutes making a nicer, more professional looking poster?


I read the pitbull one as "pibull pops" as opposed to "pitbull pups" at first...and I was thinking...what the hell are those? doggy shaped suckers?
And what sorta neighborhood needs reservations to get into White Castle? Nothin says lovin like an evening fulla the shits.


*Hides head in Shame* That whitecastle is the one near my hometown, I recognize the area code adn it's only one in that area.


I would quite like a puppy or a shiny new gun. Though it would probably be a bad idea for me to have a pitbull and gun while living in the same state as my ex husband.

Bored at the Bookstore

Actually, the cactus would be the kind of plant the hubby would buy for me... I have a legendary "black thumb" (can kill delicate plants with a mere look); he'd think, "Here's one even SHE couldn't murder!" The only plants I have managed to keep alive are philodendrons, spider plants, snake plants, a jade plant, and, surprisingly enough, a Venus Fly Trap. See a trend there? Yup. All those plants are tough as nails! *G*


LOL Photoslave


I do like the cactus and the beer flowers. And my SO would like the gun, a pitty or the Hooters discount. I think I might be a redneck...


I could go for the gun, or the hooters!
Last year, my friend bought a cactus for his (legally blind) girlfriend. They recently got engaged. Go figure.
Not all women like jewelry.


Hey! Don't be hating on pitbull puppies! Although it sounds like a backyard breeder with a term like [g]atormouth. I never could understand WTF that was supposed to mean. If I actually had use for a pitbull (they aren't really tall enough), I'd have one. They are extremely intelligent and IF SOCIALIZED AND WELL TRAINED, are as gentle and even-tempered as any other dog. It's only in the last 70 years or so that they have been bred to fight each other and become the badly bred status symbol of drug dealers everywhere.

Book Baby

Gator Mouth is Pttie blood line. The term is usually thrown around by back yard breeders.

Pit bulls are awesome dogs! I can attest to this. I have owned bull breeds for thirty years.

Mick Waukee

Wrong kind of "buds".


I would so love the gun! I guess I'm just odd, my last gun was a gift from my husband!

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